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3 Apps to Survive the Holiday Travel Season

Airline Apps:

Download the Apps of the airlines you fly frequently. Not only can they provide you the latest info of your flights, but you can rebook your personal flights, make chair adjustments, cover updates, volunteer to be bumped and attain customer support immediately when things gets wrong.

Nowadays, for extra customer supports, the airlines have got active in re-booking, you can easily rebook your flight before the departure. Though there are some terms and condition for this but still its a win-win situation for us.


If you like to access the most recent information on your journeys, the FlightAware App lets you to monitor flights online, you can check a live map of a flight and also check on these pesky delays, cancellations and gate adjustments. The App could be a lifesaver when you’ve got a tight link.

Additionally, it is helpful when picking family and friends up in the airport.


Because I am a Marvel & Star Wars Fan and being a disney-living-child. I went ahead and downloaded the Disney+ App without even checking prices of it.

The Disney+ App has cool features like unlimited downloads, behind the scenes of movies produced by Disney and its other production houses. Extra-footage of famous films Avengers: Endgame. You can be the first one to access the Bluray print of latest launched films and many more.

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