How to type in stylish and fancy fonts in Android

type in stylish and fancy fonts


Whether you are messaging your friends through WhatsApp, Hike or anything else, you may wonder that can the typing experience can reach to whole another level. A lot of people are bored or tired of their typing formats and fonts, that’s natural it happens with everybody. People also faces problems with spelling mistakes while typing on any social messaging platform.

The solution of the problem is here in this post, today I’ve looked over internet and found out an awesome App called FancyKey Keyboard. The App basically provides you a customized keyboard for your Android Smartphone with cool Fonts, personalized themes, emoticons, auto correct input and predictions, you can literally type in stylish and fancy fonts.

This App will definitely change the way of texting in any social media platform. With all it’s customized features and easy to use interface you would love it and definitely love to give this App a try. Highly Recommended – How To Edit Your WhatsApp Send & Received Messages.

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Features of Fancykey Keyboard – 

1. More than 30 funky fonts.

2. More than 1600 emojis and emoticons.

3. More than 50 typing sounds.

4. Many typing effects.

5. More than 30 languages.

6. Advanced Auto Correct and Auto Suggest engine.

7. You can also add your image in keyboard.

8.  Different themes.

9. Only of 13 MB.

And Many More…

Below are the steps to follow to type in stylish and fancy fonts.


Steps to type in stylish and fancy fonts- 

1. First of all Download & Install FancyKey Keyboard App – Click here to Download.

2. Then Go to Setting > Language and Input > then you will an option of FancyKey Keyboard tick on that and your own customized Keyboard would be activated.

type in stylish and fancy fonts

3. Now, whenever you will type anything new customized keyboard will appear. On the top of the keyboard an option looking like capital “F” would appear, you have to click on that option and other options of different fonts and themes would appear and after that you can choose your desired font and enjoy.

type in stylish and fancy fonts

4. That’s it you’re done. Now you can easily type in stylish and fancy fonts.

So, hence was the post to type in stylish and fancy fonts on android. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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