About Shubham Kshatriya: History of HackerzTrickz

You came here to know about me? huh…

Well, it’s my pleasure that you want to know more about the HackerzTrickz and the admin (Shubham Kshatriya).

I am Shubham Kshatriya, the man behind HackerzTrickz. The journey of my Blogging career and starting this site was really too hard for me. When I was 13 or 14 years old, it became my dream to create a website where I will be sharing my knowledge with the world.

However, it was not easy as I was not having much knowledge about SEO, hosting, programming etc and even I was not having a proper internet connection, so all the things were a mess.

But finally on April 2015, I got the decent internet connection and without wasting much time, I started searching for tutorials for creating a site, I still remember I used to spend about 12-14 hours a day on my PC.

After the hardwork of few weeks, I came across Blogger.com where I created HackerzTrickz, and now you may be wondering that why I chose this name.

To be honest, I had some different names in my mind but just like all the hot girls there, all the domains were already taken and finally after checking hundreds of names I registered the name “HackerzTrickz” on 5th August 2015.

After registering the domain and setting up the theme, I created my first post which was about getting “Unlimited recharge from the Gaana App”, now it is no longer available.

Let me tell you, just because I was active in few Facebook and WhatsApp tech group, that post received the whopping 550 pageviews on the very first day. I was shocked by the response and it motivated me to post more articles.

Hence from that day, I am working hard and trying my best to keep updating HackerzTrickz with useful tech stuffs.

Currently, we are receiving more than 500K pageviews per month.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Future Plans:

Publishing more and more quality articles and having my blog in the list of top 5000 blogs of India. HackerzTrickz will be a brand in upcoming years and all these things will be possible just because of your support guys.

I will be expanding my team, and we will try our best to cover most of the tech.

Lastly, I would like to THANK YOU for showing interest about me and visiting my blog.

If you still have any doubt then feel free to comment 🙂