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How to Add Great Special Effects to Videos in Android

add special effects to videos in Android

Add special effects to videos in Android ?

Editing videos are very common these days, but there is something new out there which is going to change this experience forever. It is going to make it so fun that it will put traditional video editing to shame. The new concept which is gaining lots of popularity these days is to add special effects to videos in Android.

You can add all kinds of cool VFX shown in the movie like throwing fireballs, playing with stars, changing color patterns, throwing laser beam from your eyes and a lot more. Adding these visual effects can add great value to your videos.

As an amateur to this field you can learn many new things and if you just use these Apps for fun purposes then also you can learn a lot, have fun, and enhance your skills to the next level. I’m going to mention the best and my favorite Apps for the task and those Apps are filled with loads of effects, filters and colors to suit your need. They are loaded with all kind of necessary features. They are simply the best.

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I am not going to mention the tutorials of the App as they are too easy to use.

Here is the list of the Applications.

Best Apps to add special effects to videos in Android –

#1 Like App

add special effects to videos in Android

Like App is one of the highest rated App for adding special effects to the videos in Android. In Like you can add hundreds of different types of music and Visual Effects. The BOOM Effect is the specialty of the App. It has 12 kinds of different explosion effects to make your videos a blockbuster. From fantasy effects to magic arrows to mesmerizing sound effects.

Other awesome effects are Ice Butterfly, Heart, Frozen, Laser etc. You can turn your videos into 3D by adding 3Dmagic effects like Minify, Zoom, Rocket etc.

Coming to the sound effects, you can add tremendous value to your video by adding your favorite track in the videos by lip-syncing and even creating your own music.

Some Best Edited Videos By Like –

You can save and share the final product with Like Community to get maximum likes and feedback on your videos. The best part is that Like suits everyone because it supports 23 different languages. This is undoubtedly one of the best App to add special effects to videos in Android.

#2 Funimate

add special effects to videos in Android

Funimate is another very popular Video editing App with over 5 million downloads on Google Playstore. Creating awesome videos is not a big deal on Funimate as the App is so easy to use. You can add cool effects, music, lip-sync and can create your best videos.

You can add 20 types of different effects to your video with Emojis, stickers and text.

As the App is feature rich, it also provides you the editing touch with the ability to merge different videos and cut and trim a single video at any moment. You can add your favorite track to the video or create your own short music piece, and even you can create your music story on the App to share it directly to all social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

Funimate Tutorial –

The rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Playstore shows how good the App is.

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#3 FX Guru

add special effects to videos in Android

FX Guru lets you add hardcore visual effects in your videos by offering Hollywood style horror and Sci-Fi effects. Your creativity can unleash the monster inside the App and you can create some damn good visuals to impress everyone around you.

The App uses Motion Match technology to create realistic looking world-class special effects which make you feel that you’re aren’t editing a homemade video but a professional movie.

A collection of over 90 types of special effects like disaster, Horror, Sci-Fi, destruction, animals, Moving Vehicles, and a lot more makes you feel like a Pro. Your only limit while using this App is your imagination.

Best FX Guru Edited Videos –

Apart from effects, the feature of HD recording can make your videos bright, sharp and over the edge to leave to groundbreaking effects. This App is designed for people who want to look beyond innocence and create something really classy using their wildest imaginations.

#4 Reverse Movie FX

Reverese FX App

Reverse FX is a not a very complex App. It runs on a very simple trick that alone is enough to stun anyone. What it does is that it reveres your video to make it run completely backward.


So was I before I saw the magic with my naked eyes. For Example shoot a video of someone walking or running on a street, or a video where a person is jumping or drinking juice.

After finishing your video shooting, you just have to press the “Start” button and the video will be reversed, and the person will start walking backward, drinking juice would like spitting the juice back in the glass. That’s the magic of Reverse Movie App.

Amazing Reversed Video Tricks –

Best Illustrations –

  • Throwing an Item.
  • Spitting Juice.
  • Spilling Juice.
  • Throwing Money.

And whatever and wherever your imagination takes you.

You can also add your favorite music track in your reversed video to add some extra flavors to it. For the awesome tweaks with the videos it deserves its name in the list of best Apps to add special effects to videos in android.

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Ending The Article –

At the verge of the end of the article, All I want to say that all the Apps are top-notch on the task of editing videos and adding great visual effects. So you can choose anyone or try all of them to get your favorite one.

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