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Android Users’ Security At Risk; Pre-Installed Apps Riddled With Security Holes

New smartphones includes pre-installed Apps that sometimes users don’t like and such type of Apps are known as Bloatwares. These Apps aren’t possible to uninstall, they’re also clunky and, even if not upgraded, could become a virus.

A new report claims these pre-installed programs on Android smartphones are riddled with security holes that could put users at risk.

Security company Kryptowire developed a program that can automatically scan a huge variety of Android smartphone for potential signals of security defects.

While the vast majority of those Apps (and their developers) aren’t that popular, a number of those big titles in the smartphone sector make appearances, such as Sony, ASUS, and Samsung etc.

The security company amazingly detected vulnerabilities of all kinds.

Including adware Apps which may be made to install other Apps, and some Apps which may can manipulate your personal data such as documents, audio and other media files. Some of these installed Apps also mess with device’s system configurations.

A few of those discovered vulnerabilities can only be triggered by other programs which are pre-installed from the smartphone.

This restricts the assault only to people from the distribution chain. But, there are many others which will be easily actuated by any App the user may have downloaded.

The security company has an entire collection of vulnerabilities categorized by manufacturer and type, that could place Android users to danger without their knowledge.

Kryptowire found 146 vulnerabilities out of its latest study. Google is aware of the potential attack path, according to Wired. The search engine giant started the program Build Test Suite (BTS) which automatically detect any suspicious App installed by OEMs.

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