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Best Anime Character Creator

Well, this article is different, very different. Today I am going to talk about something unique and for which people are demanding new content. Today I am gonna highlight about cartoon designing of your own face, and you may be thinking that I am kidding right now, but I am serious.

Cartooning ourselves is the latest trend over youth, and people are trying to make their own cartoons. From last decade people are frequently witnessing trends running around the world, some of them last and some of them degrade soon after they come into existence.

Cartoons are not new to us they’re very prominent part of the lives of people these days.

There are many traditional platforms to do that, most important is Photoshop, but I will like to tell you guys that from those traditional platforms you won’t be able to make your cartoon.

It is very challenging and complicated to make your cartoon from Photoshop.

You need to have lots of skill and should be an expert to be able to operate Photoshop perfectly and even making simple photos on Photoshop kills lots of time, and it’s not easy, simply a headache. It doesn’t have as many as features of a different body part as compared to the counterparts which will be mentioned on this website. Either way, you have to learn Photoshop before starting doing anything, and that is also a lengthy process. So, choosing other option becomes more than necessary.

So after lots of research on the internet, I have found out top 5 anime character creator websites which can make this job very easy, efficient and smooth and that also free of any cost.

All the sites which are mentioned below are completely free, and you can access each and every feature, go as much deep as you want but it will always be free

These anime character creator websites are a complete guide to make your cartoon and are far better than Photoshop. Highly Recommended – Search Mobile Number In Truecaller Online Without Using The App.


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The best Anime character creator websites –

1. Cartoonify –

Cartoonify is really the best application to create to a cartoon on the internet. It is simply the most efficient way to create cartoons.

Cartoonify is a very simple website which is very easy to use, and there are more than 300 graphic styles to make tour cartoon character as special as you are.

Everything is already available on Cartoonify like the backgrounds, colors, hairstyles, facial expressions, size and more interesting graphical content. You have to just choose from different options and cartooned face would be ready within few minutes.

Steps to Create Anime in Cartoonify –

1. First of all, open Cartoonify website – Click here to Redirect.

2. Now you have to choose the gender, and you can create a male character or a female character as well.

anime character creator

3. When you will select the gender, it will load its character creator box.

4. Now you can see the creator box, simply create your character.

anime character creator

5. When you are finished with your character, just click on “Download” option to download your character image.

anime character creator

6. That’s it you are done. You have successfully created cartoon character in Cartoonify.

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2. Avatar Face Maker – Manga Creator

anime character creator

Avatar face maker is also a great application to do the same task as it has almost same features like Cartoonify.

You can make a cartoon face which exactly looks like your actual face. You have to just select your eyes, lips, nose, hair style, and different parts of the body and can easily create a cartooned face of yourself.

As you can see in image mentioned above, it is not any rocket science to create your own cartoon.

3. Pick A Face

Pick A Face is similar to Cartoonify. It is a free web anime character creator. Making Cartoon character of yourself is fun as playing games in it.

Create custom cartoons in just a few minutes, open this site > create your account > click on “Create Avatar” and create the character you like.

Simple but very innovative at the same time. This is the only Application from the whole list which can be also used for playing games.

anime character creator


anime character creator

It is just an fantastic website to convert your ordinary photo into character. You just have to upload your photo and boom it will convert that picture into a cartoon. It is simple very different from the mentioned Applications and websites.

It doesn’t completely transforms your photos into cartoon but is known adding emotions, characters, small features and most important thing cuteness to your photos

This website even changes your Face emotions to different moods like happy, sad, surprised etc, isn’t that cool! This is one of my favorite website to this task.

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5. Build Your Wild Self

Now it’s time to end our list with a great website named “Build Your Wild Self”. The above 4 websites only make your cartoon character but Build Your Wild Self is different from all.

You can create your cartoon weird with combination human and animal, insect and birds.

This sounds freaky but its really awesome. You can create your character with a spooky combination of animals and human like half human and half animal just like below example.

That’s why it is the best anime maker. You can make photos of yourself which are extraordinary in terms of creativity, Imagine changing yourself into your favorite animal tat also by adding your features. Sounds crazy but it’s still very cool.

anime character creator

Here, was the list of top 5 anime character creator website to create a cartoon character of yours. So try them out and have fun. You may find many lookalikes on the Internet, but trust me guys, the websites which I have mentioned in the list are the best.

Ending the Article –

As the ending is concerned, I will like to tell you that usually I don’t post such kind of articles more often, but I was sure this content is going to be loved by you because as I earlier stated that cartoon face creating is trending very rapidly among youth.

It took my attention so I thought sharing the useful ways so you can also create such kind of faces can be really handy for you.

Hence, this way I can tell you that you can use all these applications to make your own cartooned face. All the methods are completely working and very easy to use.

So, hence was the post of top 5 anime character creator websites. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.
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