Download App Cloner Premium Apk 2021: Latest Version


Download App Cloner Premium Apk

App cloner Apk 2020 is an awesome tool that makes our lives a lot easier, it is a very interesting application that allows a user to create and install multiple copies of pre-installed applications. This application helps a user to use more than one WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc accounts simultaneously on their phone.

App Cloner has some very exciting features like splash screen, dark mode, start sound, etc we will talk about them in detail later in this article.

This application has a free version as well as the paid version, the free version lacks many exciting and useful features that are there in the paid version, so if you’re going to install App Cloner then I will recommend you to go for the premium version.

Today I will be giving you a brief review of App Cloner Premium Apk 2020 and tell you about some of its awesome features, pros and cons so please keep reading till the end.

App Cloner Premium

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Why Download App Cloner Application?

There are many applications in the market alike App Cloner that do the task of cloning pre-installed applications. Then why should we choose App Cloner among the other?

It is because App Cloner is the best application for cloning apps, it has some of the best features that are not available in other cloning applications.

App Cloner allows a user to make multiple clones of a single application whereas other cloning applications allow only one clone for an application. In App Cloner, the user can manually customize the number, name, color, shape of the icon of the cloned application.

With the privacy option, App Cloner allows a user to set passwords, fingerprint and additional privacy features to the cloned application. App Cloner allows a user to grant reading and writing authority to the cloned application accordingly, this protects your data from the companies which may misuse your data.


Download App cloner Apk

Version Info:

App Name App Cloner Premium APK
Developers Applisto
Category Tools
Operating System Android 4.0 or Above
Version 1.5.31
File Size 15.3 MB

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How to Download and Install Premium App Cloner?

App Cloner is a very useful application with some magnificent features that will make your cloning experience great. But if you want to enjoy all the features of App Cloner then you have to purchase its premium version.

The procedure of downloading and installing App Cloner Premium Apk can be quite complex for some people, but don’t worry I will be guiding you step by step to get the premium version of App Cloner.


Step 1: Download the free version of App Cloner from their official website or by clicking below.

Step 2: Install the free version of the App Cloner.

Step 3: Now download the App Cloner Premium plugin from the play store.

Step 4: Open the Premium plugin of App Cloner and make the purchase

  • Note – When you download the premium plugin of App Cloner don’t remove its free version, keep both the application else you won’t be able to purchase the premium version. Or we have already uploaded the premium version of the App, you can directly use it.

Step 5: After you have successfully made the purchase, two of the applications will convert to a single application and you will be able to enjoy the premium features of the App Cloner application.

Features of Premium App Cloner:

App Cloner Premium Apk has several amazing features, these features make the App Cloner one of the best cloning applications in the market, some of its features are listed below:-

• Splash screen display option This is a new display feature for premium App Cloner, this feature helps a user to add customized bootup animation when an application it clicked, it also helps you to adjust the background color, opacity, and padding of the animation.

• Start sound media option – Just like the splash screen display option, start sound media option is also a new feature for the premium App cloner which allows a user to add start-up sound to an application.

• Allow dark mode display option – This new feature helps to convert most of the light theme application to dark theme application.

• ‘GPS joystick’ option – App Cloner Premium has a special GPS joystick that enables a user to spoof their location and helps using many other location spoofing applications.

• Persistent app option with accessibility services – This feature helps a cloned application to stay in memory and prevents the battery drainage, the user needs to enable this feature manually after the first install in the accessibility section.

• Change Android ID – App Cloner premium has this feature which helps the user to change the android id, IMEI number, mac address, wifi address, etc for a particular application.

• Customization of Icons – With App Cloner Premium you can easily customize the icon of the cloned application, one can change the color, name, image of the icon.

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Pros and Cons of App Cloner Application

App Cloner is an awesome application and one of the most used applications for cloning, it is full of exciting features that you won’t see in any other cloning application. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of App Cloner application -:


• App Cloner allows a user to create multiple numbers of clones of a single application whereas other cloning applications limit the number of clones.

• It allows a user of changes the IMEI number, mac address, wifi address, etc of the cloned application.

• This application protects the user from privacy breach by providing extra protection like password and fingerprint lock to the application.


• Although the app cloner is a paid application, it does not support the cloning of all the applications.

• Where most of the cloning applications provide free cloning feature, we have to pay to use app cloner.

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Ending the Article:

App Cloner works like a charm and its additional features add us spice to the experience of the user.

There are many cloning applications but App Cloner is the first choice of the users, if you want to enjoy all the outstanding features of the App Cloner then I will recommend you to go for the App Cloner Premium Apk, where you can enjoy all the features of the application.

In this article, I tried to give you a brief description and introduce you to some of the elite features of the App Cloner Application.

If I missed out something relevant to App Cloner feel free to write down I the comment section, I’ll reply to all your queries soon.

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