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27 Best Android Apps for hacking 2016

Android Apps for hacking
Android is the only open source platform available for Smartphones which is popular among everybody and holds majority of Smartphone users. So, as I said it is an open source platform so, it becomes the basic and most easy target for hackers to snoop the data. Well, from hacking I don’t mean anything serious it’s just basic hacking which won’t harm anybody in any scenario. Hacking will be made very easy for you guys in this post as, I’m gonna mention Best Android Apps for hacking.
This post contains 27 Apps, each and everyone can be used for different purposes. As we are talking about the best Android Apps for hacking, each and every App is different in it’s own manner and make you efficient in many ways. Highly Recommended – How To Play PSP Games In Android.
Below are the Best Android Apps for hacking.

1. Hackode –

Android Apps for hacking

Hackode – The hacker’s Toolbox is an application for penetration tester, Ethical hackers, IT administrator and Cyber security professional to perform different tasks like reconnaissance, scanning performing exploits etc.

2. Androrat –Android Apps for hacking

Androrat is a client/server application developed in Java Android for the client side and in Java/Swing for the Server. The name Androrat is a mix of Android and RAT [Remote Access Tool].

3. APKInspector –

Android Apps for hacking

APKinspector is a powerful GUI tool for analysts to analyse the Android applications. The goal of this project is to aide analysts and reverse engineers to visualize compiled Android packages and their corresponding DEX code.

4. DroidBox –Android Apps for hacking

DroidBox is developed to offer dynamic analysis of Android applications.

5. Burp Suite –

Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire testing process, from initial mapping and analysis of an application’s attack surface, through to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities.

6. zANTI –

Android Apps for hacking

zANTI is a comprehensive network diagnostics toolkit that enables complex audits and penetration tests at the push of a button. It provides cloud-based reporting that walks you through simple guidelines to ensure network safety.

7. Droid Sheep –

Android Apps for hacking

DroidSheep can be easily used by anybody who has an Android device and only the provider of the web service can protect the users. So Anybody can test the security of his account by himself and can decide whether to keep on using the web service.

10. Arpspoof –

Arpspoof is a tool for network auditing originally written by Dug Song as a part of his dsniff package. This app redirects traffic on the local network by forging ARP replies and sending them to either a specific target or all the hosts on the local network paths.

11. Shark for Root –

Android Apps for hacking

Traffic sniffer, works on 3G and WiFi (works on FroYo tethered mode too). To open dump use WireShark or similar software, for preview dump on phone use Shark Reader. Based on tcpdump.

12. Nmap [Network Mapper] for Android –

Android Apps for hacking

Nmap (network mapper) is one the best among different network scanner (port finder) tool, Nmap mainly developed for Unix OS but now it is available on Windows and Android as well. Nmap for android is a Nmap apps for your phone! Once your scan finishes you can e-mail the results. This application is not a official apps but it looks good.

13. SSHDroid –

Android Apps for hacking

Android Secure Shell: Secure shell or SSH is the best protocol that provides an extra layer of security while you are connecting with your remote machine.SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android. This application will let you to connect to your device from a PC and execute commands [like “terminal” and “adb shell”].

14. Droid Pentest –

Android Apps for hacking

Droid Pentest help you to find all android apps for penetration testing and hacking so you can make complete penetration test platform . It is one of the Best Android Hacking app 2015.

15. Droidsniff –

Android Apps for hacking
Image Credit – XDA-Developers
DroidSniff is an Android app for Security analysis in wireless networks and capturing facebook, twitter, linkedin and other accounts. It is one the best hacking apps but was only developed for security purposes.

16.  Eviloperator –

Android Apps for hacking

This App connect two friends into a phone conversation making them think they called each other! Record the call and share the recording to third person. The App is developed by PrankDial.

17.  Faceniff –

If your Facebook account is at risk, just like a Firesheep [for firefox hacking] there is a FaceNiff for hijacking the session of famous social networking websites includes facebook and twitter. FaceNiff is developed by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz who created Firesheep before but faceniff is for Android.

18. Fing Network tools –

Android Apps for hacking

This app find out which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, in just a few seconds.Fast and accurate, Fing is a professional App for network analysis.

19. Shark –

This App is mainly designed to track activities of other devices. It is basically designed for office staff to have a track on office or team members.

20. Sharkreader –

Android Apps for hacking

This Application for reading pcap files.Possible unstability/errors. This is a very useful android hacking app 2015 to trace back the android errors.

21. SMSCombo –

SMS Combo allows you to send a simple SMS by touching a single button. You can send multiple SMS by touching the button many times in a row. Wanna send a message tomultiple contacts to invite them to a party? Select them with select button or type contacts by separating them with white space, write the message and send.

22. SSLstrip –

SSLStrip for Android(Root) is the popular app for mobile with about 10000+ downloads, install and experience this app on your phone.

23. USBCleaver –

The main moto of  the USB Cleaver is to silently recover information from a target Windows 2000 or higher computer, including password hashes.

24. WhatsApp sniffer –

If you want to download private chats, audios and videos of your friends WhatsApp who uses your WiFi Connection this app is best choice must try it.

25. Wibr plus –

Android Apps for hacking

WIBR+ is advanced application for testing of security of the WPA/WPA2 PSK WiFi networks.This app detects wireless penitrations on a network.

26. Wifi Analyzer –

Android Apps for hacking

Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.

27. Wifi Kill –

Android Apps for hacking

With this app you can disable internet connection for a device on the same network. So if someone is abusing the internet you can just remove that person from the service. You can also block him/her from your WiFi forever.
So, thus was the best Android Apps for hacking from my point of view. If you know any other App then comment freely.

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