Best Overclocking Softwares for CPU, GPU & RAM 2021


So the techy term Overclocking 一 is the process of increasing the system clock rate at speeds above manufacturer certified settings.

In easy words, the clock is a symbol of processor speed that refers to how frequently the processor is running and overclocking is the process of increasing the clock beyond the rate (speed) it was designed to run. Today, I will be sharing some of the best overclocking softwares 2020 for you to enjoy this immortal glitch.

It has some benefits and advantages, such as increasing system performance, increasing the smoothness of a computer while running heavy software, and more.

Though, it is essential to note that overclocking is a complicated process that can lead to overheating, which can damage the system processor and graphics cards.

Therefore, I recommend you to carefully observe the temperature and use the correct overclocking software for your system to avoid some severe damage. So let’s move on to our main subject and kill all your greedy queries.

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Before you begin with overclocking your system, have a look at these points below:

• Low down the temperature: A very important thing to do before overclocking your system is to cool down your cabinet. For this, you can install more fans or should not maximize the ability of your system.

• Proceed it in a cooler atmosphere: If you are in a room that is hot then please don’t perform overclocking to the fullest. You can switch to the air conditioner room where the temperature of the ambient is low.

• Check your system’s ability: Every hardware is different and has different capabilities and so don’t push your hardware too much. Have a look at the maximum capability and push it in that criteria only.

• Power Supply: Make sure that you have a good power supply and that it is not fluctuating because in that case your system might get damage and overclocking is the process that needs stable power supply else you won’t get the desired results.

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Here are some of the best Overclocking Softwares:

Before mentioning these, I would like you to believe and trust us and also know that all the mentioned software are entirely trustworthy and genuine, which means you can use it carefreely.

1. AMD Overdrive:

download overdriver

AMD Overdrive is an unbeatable overclocking software which offers maximize the capability of your CPU and memory to the fullest.

With a super simple user interface that anyone can use, it provides superb speed to your system, especially for those who are on the AMD processor. It displays real-time system information about the CPU voltage and speed.

It offers automatic overclocking for people who are not so geeked in tech or especially in this subject and also an adjustable tuning option for you to be the boss of your own machine.

They have also dropped an option to run a stability test on your system and check its overall condition and stability of your system. Due to the ease of using it and the powerful and satisfying results, it is one of the best overclocking software on the internet.

2. MSI Afterburner:

download msi afterburner

Another user-friendly overclocking software that we call as MSI Afterburner. It is better and more satisfying than its super cool name as it offers direct and accurate control over your graphics card and the graphics processing unit.

Many of the cool features of this software, my favorite one is how precisely it can display all the details of the hardware. Also popular because it is compatible with almost all the graphics cards.

If you are new to it and don’t have any experience, then this piece is for you as it offers a super easy and simple user interface, which eventually makes it easy for even a kid to control and use it.

On the home, you can find real-time processor speed, voltage, and hardware temperature. Download it and stop your search here as it is effective and easy to use.

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3. CPU -Z & GPU-Z:

If you are thinking of overclocking your system, processor, and GPU to the fullest extent, then CPU -Z is the best option for you.

download cpu-z

CPU-Z runs an in-depth fetch, which results in precise information about your system, including the processor, motherboard, and GPU. It is totally free, and it allows real-time monitoring of all the hardware components.

Like CPU-Z, GPU-Z is compatible with most of the graphics cards like NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel GPU. GPU-Z’s main subject is the graphics card, and it lets you monitor memory clocks, hardware temperature, GPU clocks, and also other things that are relevant to the graphics card.

download gpu-z

Both the software has a simple and user-friendly interface which makes it pervasive in nature.

Download CPU-Z from HERE

Download GPU-Z from HERE

4. NVIDIA Inspector:

download nvidia inspector

You must have gotten the idea of the features of this software by its name, right? NVIDIA Inspector is designed to inspect, which means to check on things and here graphics unit processor.

It is developed by NVIDIA and is compatible with their units only.

So this software displays your current data or information about your GPU and allows you to set frequencies and the fan speed according to your requirements.

It is superbly small in size, and for the people who are new to overclocking and tech stuff can use the automatic mode for smooth and easy running.

Although it has some cool features, this software by NVIDIA has a drawback too, that is, it cannot measure the stability or temperature of the system.

5. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility:

download Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Amazing overclocking software for people who are new in overclocking or tech, and for the people who know much about overclocking, Intel has left no ground for other competitors to cover.

The primary function of this software is overclocking, and apart from that, it also does monitoring and performance tuning. This is the best overclocking software if you have an Intel processor or hardware as it specialized for Intel consumers only.

This software, also known as Intel XTU, not only monitors your system, but it processes the system to its fullest extent, and also, after overclocking, it displays the changes occurred in speed and everything.

This premium overclocking software also lets you make changes in voltage, graphics, and processor according to your will, which is brilliant as it is all coming from the supreme manufacturer “Intel”.

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Ending the Article:

These were some of the most effective and the best overclocking softwares you can trust and use without any doubt.

We also shared some important points which you must check right now and before overclocking your system.

I hope this article satisfied you with your query, and I wish you all the speed you need in your system, and if you have any queries or questions regarding the particular subject, then please make a comment below, and I will be back to it with a positive answer.

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