Best ROM Sites to Download Latest ROMs for Free (Safe and Trusted)


    Best ROM Sites to Download Latest ROMs for Free (Safe and Trusted)

    Today I’m going to share with you the Best ROM Sites to Download Latest ROMs for Free (Safe and Trusted).

    When the first on screen video game hit the world in the 1950s, up on time many gaming consoles like Atari 2600, Wii U, SEGA Saturn, Dreamcast, Nintendo Switch have started evolving from Megabytes to Gigabytes.

    Do you remember those cassette games and consoles used at an early age? If you’re a gamer then those days might be a wonderful memory for you.

    Year by year new concepts, inventories and a huge response from gamers all over the world have made the gaming industry one of the most important and innovative sectors in tech. 

    Today, we’re in the world of cloud gaming and the next generations may experience virtual reality. Even though the interest in playing popular old games such as Super Mario, Pokemon, Pac-Man, Contra, GTA and many more can never be forgotten.

    Are you missing those games? Wanna play them again. Well, here below we’ve listed some trustworthy ROM sites that allow you to download games and console emulator software for free. Check them out and recapture your olden days in a secure way.

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    20 Best ROM Sites:

    1. Gamulator:


    One of the best ROM sites for downloading ROMs and emulator software. It has a massive collection of vintage ROMs like Mame, GBA, N64, NDS, SNES, GBC and many more. It also provides emulator software to run the downloaded games.

    The interface of Gamulator looks bulky with annoying ads and loads of content. But the process of finding ROMs, emulators is quite easy. All you have to do is keyword your favourites in the search or click on the menu option and browse based on tags/ROMS.

    Almost all genres of different ROM games are available in Gamulator. When it comes to emulators those are compatible with Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and Xbox etc. The site supports 4 languages: English, Portuguese, Francis and Espanol.

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    If you’re searching for where to get ROMs, visit for downloading ROMs and respective emulators for Nintendo, PS1, PS2, PSP, Wii, GameCube without any hassles. A wide range of ROMs games are available in for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

    To download ROM games in, type your keywords or click on ROMs in the menu and select your favourite console to download the games available in it. For emulators select OS and hit the download button.

    The interface of looks clean and intuitive with an ad-free homepage. But some pop-ups will generate while navigating between pages.

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    3. ROM Hustler:

    ROM Hustler

    Another best site for ROMs. ROM Hustler is the finest ROM source on the web i.e packed with tonnes of ROM games for various consoles like Atari 5200, PSP, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast and a lot more.

    The site has almost 400+ pages with over 40000+ ROMs. From A to Z every ROM game is available in ROM Hustler. Visit the site, search for the desired ROM based on consoles and hit on the download link.

    It also provides a few screenshots for each and every ROM game. With a classic interface the site ROM Hustler looks clean and attractive like Gamulator.

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    4. TheOldComputer:


    The best place to download ROMs and emulator software for free. TheOldComputer has over 5,85,000 ROMs for more than 550+ consoles and a community with 160,000 members. Find any of the ROMS simply by typing keywords in the search or filter the content based on ROMs.

    It consists of 3 modes: guest, registered and unlimited. If you opt for a purchase, it will provide access to almost all ROMs available on the site with unlimited download speed.

    You can also listen to retro radio in stereo quality from over 6 different channels within the site 24/7.

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    5. Retrostic:


    One of the trusted ROM sites that delivers every archived retro game in the form of ROM or ISO. Retrostic provides direct download links with no .exe files, malware or annoying advertisements and pop-ups.

    With over 400+ emulators, 80,000 ROMS for 50+ consoles, it is entertaining every user who loves playing vintage games. To find the required files, type the keywords or click on the ROM Hacks and filter the content by console, game title, genre and category.

    When done, tap on the download link to save it on your device. If you can’t find what you’re searching for, send a request message and you’ll be notified via email when it is available.

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    6. CoolROM:


    Browse tens of thousands of retro games, latest emulators and download for your Android or iOS device in a secure process. You don’t need to worry about how to find a perfect ROM and compatible emulator required to access it.

    Simply browse based on top rated/downloaded, genre, featured and region etc. If you’re new to mobile emulation, view step-by-step tutorials on the site and proceed to download. When done, unpack the ROM archive files using a ZArchiver and run them.

    The homepage of CoolROM hides all the files in accordions, click on the plus symbol to view the ROMs and emulators present in it. It also provides screenshots for every game. The only drawback with the site CoolROM is multiple ads on every page.

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    7. ROMsMania:


    Another best place to download ROMs and emulators for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS for free of cost. Visit the site today and view top 100 ROMs games downloaded by users. The website looks clean and intuitive with an ad-free interface.

    The great feature in ROMsMania is online play i.e search and play any of your favourite vintage games directly from the browser. To find ROMs games, Enter the keyword/ROM title in the search box or open the menu and browse based on consoles.

    After finding your favorites, click on the download button to save it on your device.

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    8. Emuparadise:


    A right place to download ROMs, ISOs, Games, Comics, Gaming Music and popular emulator softwares for free. It provides all downloading facilities without any sidetracks. To browse your favorites, use the search bar or select category.

    Once you enter into the ROMs, ISOs and Games section, click on the advanced ROM browser and apply filters based on systems, genres, starting letter, region, ratings and top downloads.

    It also provides videos, screenshots and additional details like overview, required emulators etc. The interface of Emuparadise looks bulky with tonnes of content and a few annoying ads.

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    9. Emulator Zone:

    Emulator Zone

    In the segment of trusted ROM sites, it is a perfect place for safe ROMs. Visit Emulator zone to download all Nintendo consoles like Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo and popular Sony PlayStation ROMs such as PSP, PlayStation, PlayStation 2,3 and many are available for free of cost.

    It doesn’t contain any games, the site Emulator Zone only emulator softwares. To find a perfect emulator, dive to the bottom of the homepage and pick what you’re looking for. Up on the next select platform and click on the download link.

    The only drawbacks with Emulator Zone are ads and pop-ups.

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    10. Vimm’s Lair:

    Vimm's Lair

    The choice of gamers since 1977. It has a complete package of emulators and ROMs  games released every year. The homepage of Vimm’s Lair contains only text in the middle. To find the content present in it, take a look at the sidebar and click on the Emulation Lair to download emulators.

    For games, tap on the vault and choose either consoles or handhelds. Finally, select your favourite game and hit the download button or directly play with JSNES. If you face any difficulties, apply filters, use advanced search to filter the content by systems, publisher, year of release, ratings or browse based on starting letters of alphabets.

    The interface of Vimm’s Lair with red and black colour combination looks brighter with bold text. The best thing is ads will be generated at corners of the pages and no pop-ups will force open.

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    11. CustomROMs:


    Download and Play any is your favourite ROMs games on your Windows PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices for free of cost. The site CustomROMs database has thousands of ROMs games and emulator software like Dolphin, Stella, PSP 2600, PlayGuy, Nestopia, PSX and many more.

    To browse your favorites, type keywords or tap on the menu and choose ROMs. Select a console and find your game title either manually or apply filters like genre, region etc. When done, click on the Download ROM button.

    Your download will automatically start within 5 seconds. If you have any problems, try using another link or refresh the page and do it again.

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    12. ROMulation:


    If you’re searching for the best ROM sites with an ad-free interface, then ROMulation is the right choice for you. It only provides free access to a limited number of files. To experience all of its 25,000+ awesome console ROMS games, opt for purchase for $9.99 per month or $19.99 for three months.

    Then you’ll get unlimited access to every file hosted in ROMulation with faster download speeds. Easily find your favorites based on platforms or keyword titles. When done, click on the download button and it will start automatically.

    ROMulation has only limited ROMs like Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Saturn and others.

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    13. CDRomance:


    For downloading home console systems ROMs, handheld devices ROMs and cartridge based home console ROMs, the site CDRomance is one of the malware free trustworthy ROM sites available today. It has over 15+ different consoles and 13,000+ games to choose from.

    The best thing is that it displays every detail related to the ROM game such as region, genre, release date, publisher name, user rating and the console required to access that game.

    It also provides multiple screenshots which can be enlarged for a better viewing experience. You can also sort the content by applying filters like languages, regions, latest, most voted, genres, top downloads and by titles etc.

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    14. WowROMs:


    Another best place to download ROMs, ISOs, Games and emulators without any hassles. In order to use the site, first you have to accept cookies and privacy policy to get personalized recommendations. WowROMs has popular ROMs for Atari, SEGA, Nintendo, PlayStation and Sony Consoles along with the compatible emulators to run them.

    From Pokemon to legendary hits, everything is available on WowROMs for free of cost. To find your favourites, head to the menu and click on ROMs. Select console and browse by most downloaded, top rated, letters or type keywords.

    When done, hit the Download ROM button and your download will start automatically within 5 seconds. To know how to play the game, click on How to Play to watch a video.

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    15. ROMs World:

    ROMs World

    Recapture your olden days by downloading ROMs for various platforms like Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Gameboy Advance, PlayStation, Atari 2600 and many more. The homepage of ROMs World is categorized with featured, latest uploads, favorites and staff picks.

    So find ROMs games simply by typing the keywords or choose the platform and sort the content by latest releases, popularity and average rating etc.

    To know about the game, scroll down the page and check every detail such as author name, required emulator, description of the game and so on. Also watch a sample video within the site to know how to play the game and how it really looks.

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    16. ROMs Universe:

    ROMs Universe

    A perfect place to find ROMs, ISOs and other retro game files for different platforms. ROMs Universe has a long list of emulators and ROMs for almost every device. At present there are 109 ROM systems and 63 emulators readily available in the site.

    From classic to hard-core games, download everything you want with a few clicks. To do it, search for ROMs based on consoles and choose the games you’d like to download.

    ROMs Universe also provides access to play games online i.e select your favourite game and tap on play online. Wait for a few seconds to load the emulator, after that begin the game.

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    17. RoyalROMs:


    Whatever you’d like to play, once visit RoyalROMs and download all your favourite ROMs games played at an early age without any payments. If you’d like to start your retro gaming journey again, type the keywords or dive to the menu and tap on ROMs.

    There you’ll see tabular data filled with titles, consoles, genres, region, ratings etc. Finally choose a ROMs game and hit the download button. Your download will begin automatically. To know about it, view the description, genre within the site.

    If you didn’t know what kind of emulator is required to access the game you downloaded, above the download link check for the required console title and go for it.

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    18. ROMNation:


    An astonishing site that contains ROMs of many games and consoles like GameBoy, Atari2600, Mame, Genesis, Colecovision, GameBoyColor etc. Recently the site came up with a new UI design and minor improvements.

    To download ROMs, use search or click on the menu and choose your favorites. After that apply filters by letters, popularity and rating, year etc. Once you find the required one, tap on the download button and your download will start automatically.

    To make it easier, select a console and repeat the further process like as said. For an ad-free experience, register into ROMNation and enjoy. The interface of the site looks clean, intuitive and easy to navigate between pages.

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    19. ROMsGames:


    Capture the best classic NES games played by most users. The site ROMsGames has over 350 NES games, full colour NES manuals, NES ROMs, original NES game box photos, NES game music, Classic Nintendo game info (8-bit NES) and everything related to it.

    With black on green context, the interface of ROMsGames looks eye-catching and intuitive. To download all your favourite ROMs games, head to the menu and click on Games. Choose the game from the list based on genres and click on the title to download it.

    The best thing is no ads will be displayed on pages, but a few pop-ups will force open.

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    20. ROMSie:


    Last but not least, download a wide variety of gaming system ROMs and emulators for almost all consoles without leaving a trace in the dark. ROMSie has been serving its users since 2004. It has almost all types of retro ROMs for different gaming systems.

    When you click on the ROM option, the list of all ROM consoles will be displayed. Select a ROM and click on the title. Finally, choose your favourite game and hit the download button. Your file will download automatically within five seconds.

    ROMSie doesn’t provide any filters to optimize the results. Also ads and pop-ups are some drawbacks with this site.

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    Ending the Article:

    This is all about the best ROM sites of 2021 that will provide a wide range of ROMs for all your favourite vintage games and software.

    Recapture every gameplay you experienced when you were a kid by downloading ROMs for various platforms like Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Gameboy Advance, PlayStation and many more to enjoy your favourite 90s games and tools.

    All the good ROM sites listed above are free to use and safe to download. If you’re searching for trustworthy ROM sites, find all your favourite in one place. Hope you got all the information regarding safe ROM sites.

    Share this with your friends and keep visiting regularly for more topics. If you face any difficulties while downloading ROMs games or emulators from any of the sites listed above, reach us through the comment section below.

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