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Did you know that a single new software idea can change your life? Just take a look at the lives of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma.

They had a great software idea and they became billionaires. It’s not easy but you can try to follow their path. Your software idea can be a simple Android application, a new webapp or a social network.

In order to implement your idea, you need to have great programming skills. If you are good at software development then the world is open to you.

If you’re not, then you’ll have to spend some time learning how to create software. One of the best ways to learn software development is to read professional programmers’ blogs.

Developers love to share what they know and you can always learn the newest tricks from them. Therefore we’re starting a new series of articles about the best software developers and the best software development blogs in the world. – Good Coders Code, Great Coders Reuse:

The first developer we’re covering is Peter Krumins, founder of blog that is considered to be the best software development blog in the world.

best software development blog

I am proud to introduce Peter’s blog to you. You must have heard this name previously if you are developing software. This blog is completely maintained by Peter and he is very good at programming, hacking and computer security.

This blog is full of knowledge on software development and he always shares all the programming tips on his blog.

If you go to the programming projects section in catonmat you’ll realize the knowledge and power of Peter. You will be completely struck by many great projects on that page.

Many of the projects go back 10 years but some of the most recent projects are all currently active.

Key information about Peter Krumins:

  • Peter is very good at coding and he loves to code. I’ve no idea how he codes that much and his daily schedule will make you say OMG.
  • He got interviewed on many top coding networks such as Fogcreek’s, Code Project and Perl Tricks.
  • He is the CEO of Browserling, which is the most popular cross-browser testing platform that he completely coded on his own.
  • He is an author of four programming books and currently, he is focusing completely on Browserling as he is scaling it up to the next level.
  • Peter’s always open to helping people and his suggestions will be beneficial to you.

I really love his content because he provides in-depth knowledge and straight to the answer. Some of the tricks on his blog are really time savers and he redefines the usage of bash functions in his latest blog post.

I am already one of his 100k subscriber’s list. His writings will help you a lot and his recent book on Bash one-liners has got great content with good examples.

What Can You Learn on

What Can You Learn on

His blog catonmat deals with many tools, languages and tips. I am listing out few of them to provide you with brief insights into his blog.

He writes from coding to marketing and all of the above, he also shares his experience as a software developer. He writes the best tips on how to beat the bugs that you’ve to deal with while developing software.

Here are the topics he can help you out with ease.

  • Linux systems programming, networking and firewalls – Throw him any question on Linux systems and you can expect an answer. His proficiency in Linux operating system is commendable.
  • UNIX shell programming including Awk, Sed, Bash and Perl – He also has written books on Perl one-liners and only a professional can be an author of a book. By this you can estimate his skill set and knowledge.
  • Software debugging – This is what he mostly deals with and all the software debugging is like a cakewalk for Peter.
  • Writing windows apps using Win32 API – You will find very little guidance and support in this field, Peter is one of the top resources who codes Windows Apps.
  • Writing web apps and crawlers – His product Browserling is the best example of his web app skills. He also writes web crawlers that crawl billions of pages.
  • Software security and penetration testing – Software security needs a lot of attention when you are writing code because hackers are everywhere and you need to build a secure product to keep it safe.
  • Search engine optimization – The whole world is run by Google and Google depends on SEO to display results. Peter sometimes writes amazing guides on SEO in his blogs about how to rank number one.

If you get some time then go through his books and you will understand his knowledge of programming and software development skills.

I personally recommend Perl one liners book because it’s really useful for programmers to code in a simple way. This book got 1.2 million reads, which is abnormal for a software development book.

He also provides consultations on almost all technical topics related to software development.

You can take his consultation and save your precious time. It’s worth spending on great advice and Peter is obviously the best. You can contact him directly through the contact form on his blog.

Ending the Article:

Developing software is not a pretty easy thing and it has got a process to follow. For newbies, it might look very easy but consider choosing an experienced mentor to succeed in software development.

You might be very good at technology and remember that the technology aspect is one of the modules in software development.

There are many things to take care of like devops, marketing, positioning and design. That’s the reason I am recommending a mentor Peter, who has already developed much software.

I have been following his blog for the past 2 years and all his posts are direct to the point and pure gold. I am in love with his content and ideas. Hope, catonmat will help you in your software development process. Happy software development.

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