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Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 Review | Windows 10 64 Bit Version

In this article we are going to talk about Bitdefender Internet Security 2018. This security suite is packed with lots of exciting security features like security through webcam protection, multi-layer ransomware protection of essential files and much more and we will discuss all the features in detail later in the post. It supports systems with Windows 7(SP1) and above, with a minimum of 1GB RAM.

It is available in various packages, and users can buy these packages according to their requirements and packages are starting from £24.99 per year. For more info about the pricing of the packs, please visit the product link above. A free trial is also available so that users can try it out for free for 30 days.

Exploring Bitdefender Internet Security 2018

It is latest Internet security suite from Bitdefender, which is packed with some latest features which can protect us from the latest internet threats. Now let us discuss some of its features in detail with our readers.

1) Complete System Protection: This security software provides complete protection to the system from various malicious software like viruses, trojans, etc. It also offers complete protection to system files from the latest ransomware through several avenues like multilayer protection from ransomware, the safe file option, etc.

2) Advanced Threat Defense: Through this, it monitors all the install apps and takes immediate action if it scans any suspicious activity hence it can also protect the system from various Adware attacks.

3) Webcam Protection: This is the new feature which comes with the latest 2018 suit. It prevents unauthorized access to the system Webcam without the user’s consent.

4) Full Internet security: It is packed with some internet security features which can make the users’ browsing experience smooth.

  • Anti-Phishing and Anti-Fraud features help its users to detect potentially harmful links. And it automatically blocks suspicious links which can harm the system.
  • The dedicated browser is also there which can be used for secure online transactions.
  • The firewall comes with latest techniques and protects the system from the hands of hackers.
  • It also provides Social Network Protection, hence it can protect your social media accounts too.
  • Parental Advisor option is also there through which parents can monitor and control their children’s online activities.

5) Performance: There are some other features also which provide excellent performance:

  • Autopilot mode: Due to this, it works smoothly in the background and takes action on its own without disturbing the users.
  • Bitdefender Photon: This feature makes Bitdefender adapt system configuration and works accordingly to provide best user experience.
  • Global Protective Network: GPN is used due to which all the having scanning is done of the cloud because of which our system works smoothly.
  • Battery Mode: This features acts as a battery saver mode and can help in extending the battery life.

6) Password manager, Risk Checker, File Shredder, etc. are some other features which also included in this internet security suite. Please visit this link for more idea about the features of it in details.

Interface of 2018 version –

Let us give a quick view of the interface of this latest security suite with the help of some snaps which we took while using it on our Windows 10 system.

bitdefender internet security 2018 review

1) Have a look at the home screen of the internet security suite.

2) Have a look at below protection features snap.

bitdefender internet security 2018 review

3) In below snap, we are performing a quick scan of the system have a look.

bitdefender internet security 2018 review

4) Have a look at below snap too.

bitdefender internet security 2018 review

5) In setting option, you will get following options.

bitdefender internet security 2018 review

Wrapping Up –

Let us end the post here with some pros and cons which we noticed while using it for several days on our system.

Pros –

1) It is very affordable if we compare it with other internet security suits.

2) It is packed with some latest protection techniques which protect our system efficiently from most recent internet threats.

3) The Global Protective Network is used in it because of It works smoothly in the background and doesn’t affect the working of the system.

4) The regular updates provided by the company are also big plus point. The regular updates bring latest features and protection against latest internet security threats.

Cons –

Sorry, we didn’t find any con as everything is just perfect with this suit. Its price, its working everything.

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