BitSnoop Proxy 2021: 15+ Working BitSnoop Proxy & Mirror Sites


    15+ Working BitSnoop Proxy & Mirror Sites

    Today I’m going to share with you the BitSnoop Proxy, 15+ Working BitSnoop Proxy & Mirror Sites.

    BitSnoop is one of the top ranked torrent websites on the internet. With over 20 million+ verified torrents aggregated from 300+ sources, it displays results based on seeds and peers ratio.

    Browse and unlimitedly download high quality movies, popular tv shows, trending songs, applications, video games for pc/Xbox, ebooks and others for free of cost. No registration or sign-in is required to use the services offered by BitSnoop.

    Whatever torrent file you need, keyword the title in BitSnoop advanced search engine and use the magnetic link to begin instant download. It’s a clean interface, safety links and huge database attracted tens of thousands of torrent lovers from all over the world. 

    However, now the website is in trouble. Several countries have banned it’s access in their region and kept BitSnoop under the radar.

    Many tried to unblock it but failed. If you are searching for a way to access BitSnoop in your country, then BitSnoop proxy and mirror will help you to bypass the ban and let you access its content safely and securely.

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    What is BitSnoop?

    What is BitSnoop

    It is a popular torrent indexer that instantly scans and provides unlocked torrent file links from hundreds of websites. It’s database has a huge amount of digital content in the form of BitTorrents.

    From movies to applications, download everything available in BitSnoop without paying a single rupee.

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    What are BitSnoop Proxy and Mirror Sites:

    What are BitSnoop Proxy and Mirror Sites

    Proxy or mirror sites are mere clones of the original website and act as an intermediary server by diverting geo-restrictions imposed by ISPs in your country. Except for domain names, they host the same index, library and database. Proxies are operated by the site staff itself and are safe to use.

    Therefore, if you’re using a BitSnoop proxy server, traffic flows through it to the address you requested and returns back from the same one. 

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    What Happened to BitSnoop?

    What Happened to BitSnoop

    Like Pirate Bay, 1337x, TorrentRoom, Kick Ass Torrents and RARBG, the website BitSnoop also went offline in several countries. Till now the exact reason is not yet revealed by the owners.

    Might be media companies, governments and internet organizations force to close the website due to pirated material. We too don’t know when this hub of torrents gets back online.

    However, we have a few working BitSnoop proxy and mirror sites to access the content present in it. Take a look at the table below and use the BitSnoop unblock links to download torrent files like in previous days.

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    10 Best BitSnoop Proxy and Mirror Sites:

    The BitSnoop proxy and mirror sites listed below will unban the original website and allow you to search torrent files without any restrictions. All you have to do is, just click on any of the links and you’ll be automatically redirected to a BitSnoop proxy site in your browser.

    Navigate to any of the BitSnoop proxy and mirror sites listed in the table to access the parent website without any VPN services, software and applications. Moreover, all the aforementioned proxies will load faster and are safe to use.

    In case any of the proxy/mirror sites didn’t work, enable a VPN service or use private browsers like DuckDuckGo to unblock 

    Note: This article is only for educational purposes. We do not support or encourage any of the piracy sites through our medium.

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    How to Download Torrent Files in BitSnoop Safely and Securely?

    How to Download Torrent Files in BitSnoop Safely and Securely

    The links available in BitSnoop are verified by its staff for safety and reliability. If you’re interested in using the website for downloading torrents, check the process detailed below on how to download torrents on BitSnoop anonymously.

    1. First, turn on the VPN to hide your IP address and location.
    2. Install and launch a private browser like DuckDuckGo for anonymous downloads.
    3. Now, click any of the BitSnoop proxy/mirror sites specified in the table.
    4. On the homepage of BitSnoop, search for your file through keywords or dive using categories.
    5. Once you find the file, hit on either magnetic link or download as a BitTorrent file.
    6. When it is saved, tap on the downloaded file and open it via a torrent client like Utorrent or TorrDroid etc.

    At last, your file will start downloading in the Utorrent application. If you do like this your identity will be hidden and no one can track your IP address.

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    Best Torrent Sites like BitSnoop:

    1. Pirate Bay:

    Pirate Bay

    I think you know about it. Like BitSnoop, download movies, ebooks, applications, video games, tv shows, music and others for free of cost. It’s privacy-simplified search engine instantly detects torrent files from hundreds of websites.

    Search, contribute magnet links and download any of the torrent files without any hassles. No registration or sign-up is required to use Pirate Bay. 

    If you login to the site, you’ll also get access to upload a torrent file. Most users love this unique feature in Pirate Bay. Similar to BitSnoop, downloading torrents files in Pirate Bay doesn’t take much time.

    To do it, visit the site from here and search for your files through keywords or categories and hit the magnetic link to add the task in torrent downloader. A few drawbacks with Pirate Bay are annoying ads and force opening pop-ups in every page.

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    2. LimeTorrents:


    Browse and unlimitedly download movies, music, anime, video games, apps, tv shows and others for free of cost. No registration or sign-up is required to use the services offered by LimeTorrents.

    It clearly specifies every file size, quality, upload status, available peers, leechers and movie summary etc. A clean, attractive and user-friendly interface gives you a better browsing experience compared to other torrent websites.

    The only problem with this site is you can’t find a file if you don’t know the name of it. The best thing is subtitles for movies, tv shows and anime will be automatically downloaded along with the main task.

    Like BitSnoop, use the magnetic link and download any of the torrent files without any hassles.

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    3. RARBG:


    Its massive database has loads of torrent files in every category. Organized and intuitive interface helps you to navigate between pages easily. Even if you don’t know the title of your file, advanced content filters will help you.

    Like BitSnoop and others, the site RARBG is also blocked in several countries for providing pirated content. Even today the website is not accessible in the UK, Portugal, Australia, Denmark and many more.

    Therefore to use RARBG, install a VPN service and enable it. Browse and download movies, tv shows, software, games, music and others for free. Also watch movie trailers within the site. No external sources are required.

    The best thing is availability of 1080p and 4k prints. It’s up to you, if you have data experience your favourite shows in high resolution that details everything in crystal clear. Also check the video via screenshots and proceed.

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    4. 1337X:


    With over millions of torrents and user-friendly features 1337x is day by day replacing it’s position and attracting torrent lovers all over the world. Download movies, tv shows, anime, video games, applications, documentaries, music and others for free if cost.

    It’s advanced search engine instantly displays your results with everything detailed. Moreover, no ads and pop-ups will be displayed in the entire site. 1337x interface, well arranged categories are one of the reasons for its popularity.

    Like Pirate Bay, 1337x also allows you to upload torrents online.

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    5. ETTV:


    One of the best BitSnoop alternatives that is loaded with millions of movies, tv shows, software, music, video games, anime, books and many others. It has over thousands of pages and each contains bulk amounts of torrents from various categories.

    To browse all of its pages it might take years of time. If you’d like to experience crystal clear videos on your device, the site ETTV will fulfill your dream.

    From 1080p to 4k resolution, download any of your favourite shows hassle free. Moreover, you don’t need to sign-in for downloading torrents in ETTV. Just visit the website and click use the magnetic links.

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    Is BitSnoop Safe?

    Is BitSnoop Safe

    Yes, it is 100% safe to use. All the torrents present in BitSnoop are verified by its staff and they’re free from malware and viruses. No suspicious ads and pop-ups. Google also declared that it is safe. 

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    Ending the Article:

    All the aforementioned BitSnoop proxy and mirror sites are the best we’ve found on the internet. So whenever you look for a torrent file, use the BitSnoop mirror sites to access content in the primary website without any restrictions.

    If you feel this article helpful, share it with your friends and bookmark this page. If you’re a tech lover, keep visiting regularly for more interesting updates.

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