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Bluestacks Easy Tool Download

Today I’m going to show you how to download Bluestacks Easy Tool for free.

We are living in a generation, which can not rely on a single minute without their mobile phone. But using a mobile phone all the time is also tough work. Sometimes people wish to access their smartphone on their personal computer.

And due to the increase in demand, developers have created emulator applications like Bluestacks which can easily synchronize your android mobile phone to your personal laptop or desktop.

If we talk about smartphone users, the majority of the people use Android-based mobile phones, which is a Linux based operating system.

There are millions of applications on the Google Play Store, that run on the Android OS platform. In this scenario having the BS easy tool makes your device more powerful.

Before understanding the features and working of Bluestacks easy tool. We need to understand what is Bluestacks? and why is rooting of Bluestacks required using Bluestacks Easy Tool?

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What is Bluestacks?Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an android emulator which is developed for running android based applications on window computers.

The increasing demand for using a mobile phone on the computer has directly enhanced the growth of using Bluestacks and similar applications. 

Many android users generally use Bluestacks to run any utility software which is available on the Android operating system.

The majority of the users use it to run the games available on Google Play Store on computers, by doing so the users get a smooth gaming experience which they can not get on the mobile because some games can be played well with the use of a mouse and keyboard.

Bluestacks developers themselves give a tagline for this tool “The fastest Android gaming platform for PC”. 

Why is rooting of Bluestacks required using Bluestacks easy tool?

Rooting of Bluestacks is required because it permits access to that application on PC which requires rooting permission.

But when it comes to root Bluestacks, the users face a lot of problems. This crisis increased the need for Bluestacks easy tool and other similar applications.

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Features of Bluestacks Easy Tool:

Bluestacks easy tool is developed by Indonesian programmers for the key purpose of rooting Bluestacks android emulator application.

It is also equipped with numerous interesting features such as backing up data, SD card & registry and many more.

Important features:

  • Easily Root Bluestacks in just a few clicks
  • Customize Bluetacks
  • Mod Bluestacks
  • Backup
  • Patch for Xposed Installer
  • Create Manual Scripts for Bluestacks

Minimum requirements of the Latest Bluestacks 5 version:

If you want to download Bluestacks, you must have a computer with these minimum requirements.

Operating SystemWindows 7 or above
ProcessorIntel or AMD Processor
RAMMinimum 2GB
HDDMinimum 5GB
InternetTo access online games and related stuff
DriversYou must have updated graphic drivers

Advantages of Bluestacks 5 over the earlier version:

Less RAM UsageIt occupies 40% less RAM than any other platform for providing a fast and smooth gaming experience
App performanceIt consumes less CPU while stabilizing FPS over long gaming sessions
Make multitasking easierEnable the users to run multiple application in ECO mode by reducing CPU by 87% and the use of GPU by 97%
Huge Games libraryAccess to 2M+ applications where you find interesting games and other applications
High on StabilityProvide efficient stability during long gaming sessions
Stable FPSKeeps stable FPS that helps you to play your favourite game with minimum or no FPS dips
100% SecurityOne of the safest emulators, trusted by more than 500 million gamers across the world

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How to download Bluestacks Easy Tool 5?

You can download Bluestacks Easy Tool directly from here. The process is genuinely very simple and takes a few minutes to download. Let’s check the process.

  1. Simply click on the download button at the end of the line: DOWNLOAD.
  2. Run the installers and wait for the complete installation.
  3. Once it gets finished, BlueStacks 5 will automatically launch and you will see its icon on your home screen.

The downloading process takes a few minutes and then you have to move towards the rooting of the BS easy tool.

How to root Bluestacks by using BS Easy Tool (step by step guide):

It is always recommended to use Bluestacks Easy Tool or BlueStacks Tweaker to root BlueStacks Easy Tool. Here in the following steps, you will see the rooting of BlueStacks using Bluestacks Easy Tool.

It is suggested to use the latest version for both.

  1. Once the downloading of the Bluestacks Easy Tool gets completed, extract and install the setup.
  2. Now, run the Bluestacks Easy Tool as an administrator.
  3. Once you open it, you will see various options. Click on “RootEZ”.
  4. Under “Select Original Root.fs”, Select “AutoDetect from Installed Bluestacks” or you can choose the Bluestacks location manually.
  5. Now in “Automatic Process”, select the version, process and the method just as the below screenshot.

Root Bluestacks using BS easy Tool

That’s it, you are done. You have successfully rooted the Bluestacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Can I use Bluestacks without root?

Of course. Bluestacks works as a medium between android applications and windows operating system. Though some users have suggested that it works slowly if using without rooting.

But yes, you can use it without rooting, its speed will also depend upon your computer configuration and speed. So please check out our minimum requirement section of this article for using the BS easy tool smoothly.

2. What are the major advantages of Bluestacks 5?

The four major advantage are as follows:

  • Faster and smoother
  • Designed and optimised perfectly to work in Eco mode
  • Single-click access to multiple instances
  • 2M+ games library 

3. Can Bluestacks easy tool run on any PC?

Well, Bluestacks easy tool is designed to synchronize the Android operating system and window operating system.

If you are using the Mac interface, it might be possible that it doesn’t work with the Mactonish interface. It is suggested to find the relevant tool that suits your computer’s operating system.

4. Is a computer with 2GB RAM suitable to run BlueStacks 5?

Yes, it is perfectly suitable but it will work amazingly if you use the system as per the guidelines shown in the recommended section of this article.

5. What are the key advantages of the Bluestacks 5 over the Bluestacks 4 version?

The developers of Bluestacks 5 have majorly improved in 4 areas, which are listed below:

  • Less RAM usage
  • Faster setup
  • Smooth Multitasking
  • 100% security

6. Which is the best version of Bluestacks?

It is always recommended to use the latest version of any application. In this case, Bluestacks 4 (Beta) version is available for the users

7. What is the file size of Bluestacks 5?

It is approximately 500 MB, Make sure you are connected with WIFI while downloading it.

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Ending the Article:

This is all about Bluestacks Easy Tool or in short BS easy tool. You can download Bluestacks Easy Tool to enhance your gaming experience and enjoy accessing all android applications on your laptop or personal computer.

Guys, there are some other emulator applications present over the internet. It is totally up to you which emulator works best for you.

If you still have any query to download BS easy tool, you can check the FAQs section or ask your query in the comment section. I will try to provide you with the most convenient and suitable solution.

Keep Reading! Good luck!

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