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Bugs Found in Backend Systems of Top 5000 Free Android Apps

NEW YORK: Cybersecurity scientists have identified over 1,600 vulnerabilities from the service ecosystem supporting the best 5,000 free App out there from the Google Play Store.

The vulnerabilities were found from the backend systems which feed advertising and content to smartphone Apps via a community of servers that were stored.

The vulnerabilities, impacting multiple Apps categories, could enable hackers to break into databases which have private information and into consumer’s mobile devices, said the analysis declared to be shown in the 2019 USENIX Security Symposium from the US on Thursday.

“These vulnerabilities affect the servers which are in the cloud, and when an attacker receives on the machine, there are lots of ways they can log into,” explained Brendan Saltaformaggio, Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The investigators were still exploring whether aliens could enter individual mobile devices linked to servers that are vulnerable.

“It is a completely new question whether they can jump out of the host to a user’s device, but our preliminary study on this is quite concerning,” Saltaformaggio added.

In their analysis, the investigators found 983 cases of known vulnerabilities and yet another 655 cases of zero-day vulnerabilities crossing across the applications layers functioning systems, applications solutions, communications modules and internet programs of those Cloud-based systems behind the programs.

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