How to Change Messenger Sound in iOS 10 (Quick Guide)


How to Change Messenger Sound in iOS 10

Today I’m going to share with you How to Change Messenger Sound in iOS 10 (Quick Guide).

More than 1 billion users daily use Facebook Messenger for connecting people around the world through messages, calls and video chats. Not only for connecting friends, but it also allows you to send money, share photos, videos, location, funny stickers and also play games online.

No other SMS app can stand against Messenger developed by Facebook. It’s an evolutionary platform for the people who spend most of their time chatting with friends, family, businesses and others. 

It has almost all the features except one thing i.e you cannot set custom notification sounds for chats and calls in the Facebook Messenger app. But there is a simple trick. Want to know about it.

Well, here in this article we’ll show you how to change Facebook Messenger sound in iOS 10. 

Actually, many people are searching for a way to change Messenger sound in iOS 10. Some also complained about the issue. Therefore, to change Messenger sound in iOS 10, follow the methods described below and use your favourite custom notification sounds.

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How to Change Notification Sound for Messenger in iOS 10:

How to Change Notification Sound for Messenger in iOS 10

To begin the process, launch the Facebook Messenger application on your smartphone and hit on the profile icon to open the settings menu. After that, go to notifications & sounds.

In the next tab you’ll see two options: Notification Sound and Free Call Ringtone. Tap on each to change Messenger sound in iOS 10.

Actually, no two smartphone models are built-in with the same specs and sounds. Messenger also does not offer ways to choose custom notification sounds. What it does is, Messenger just pulls default system tones.

That’s why you see the list of different sound files. These vary from device to device because manufacturers show their uniqueness in every launch. 

As said above, Messenger developed by Facebook is not reliable when it comes to notifications sounds. It doesn’t let you choose a sound file that you downloaded from the web or the default ones uploaded by manufacturers.

In case you’d like to apply any of them, choose a tone and tap on it to hear a preview for an idea of how it sounds. If you like the sound you selected, hit “ok” and leave the page.

To choose others, try alternatives and do the same. Therefore, if someone connects to you when the app is closed, you’ll still hear noise other than the default ones.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can’t actually change the default Facebook Messenger notification sound and call ringtones. Because it controls both messages and alert tones as well.

Therefore, head to the in-app sound option and turn off the notifications. When you do this, it disables sound until you’re using the app. 

Once you close Facebook Messenger, you can still hear notifications and call tones like before. To toggle off the “Show Notifications option”, head to “Manage Notifications” to disable alert tones and ringtones for the Facebook Messenger app.

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How to Change Notification Sound for Messenger in iOS 10 via Settings?

How to Change Notification Sound for Messenger in iOS 10 via Settings

Users all over the world are facing problems with Facebook Messenger notification sounds.

They said that the app is automatically changing the notification sound. Many of them wrote a file name with an unknown code set as the default one even if the file is not installed on the device.

Not all devices, only Android smartphones asking with different OEMs. However, to resolve this issue follow the lines described below.

In iPhone, you can’t change Messenger sound in iOS 10. Even if you adjust sound settings, it doesn’t take any effect on the default Messenger tone “ding” and default Messenger call ringtone.

Therefore, if you don’t want to hear any of the alerts from Facebook Messenger, mute your iPhone. To do it, checkout the process described below on how to disable Messenger sounds in iPhone.

1. First of all, click on your profile icon in the upper left and then tap “Notifications and Sound”.

How to Change Messenger Sound in iOS 10 (1)

2. Up next disable the last two options.

How to Change Messenger Sound in iOS 10

3. You will no longer receive any in-app sounds and alerts. But you still see the Facebook Messenger preview when you don’t use the app.

How to Change Messenger Sound in iOS 10

That’s it, now you won’t hear any notification sounds. In case if you mute your iPhone, you can’t hear the sounds. Likewise to disable the notifications period for the Facebook Messenger app, open settings and visit “Notifications”.

Finally, toggle off sounds. This will only disable notification sounds, but not the ringtone.

For Android, the process is slightly different but can be done easily. Therefore, to fix the Facebook Messenger notifications issues, take a look at the steps detailed below on how to change Facebook Messenger sound.

  1. First, open your device settings and click on “Notifications & Status bar”.
  2. Select Messenger to customize notification sounds for different types of messages.
  3. Lastly, click on chat and calls > ringtone to select a tone to listen to whenever you receive a call or message.

You can also change notification sounds for group chat messages too. Actually, this setting is not available in the Facebook Messenger application. But when someone connects you via message or by call, the selected tone will play.

There is also a separate notification sound setting for stories, call in progress, chat heads and others. To make changes, choose the ringtone option and add your favourite sound.

You can also check preview, if you don’t like the one you selected, go for another and pick the best. Additional options like flashing led lights, vibration features to Messenger may be added in future updates.

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Ending the Article:
Change Messenger sound in iOS 10 in a simple way and get rid of alerts and notification sounds when you’re in the app. If you are irritated with the repeating tones, simply follow this article and get rid of default tones.

The above article on how to change the notification sound for Messenger in iOS 10 and Android is simple and can be done in three steps. In case you face any troubles, connect us through the comment section and we’ll guide you.

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