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CM Browser for PC Download

Today I’m going to show you how to download CM Browser for PC absolutely free.

Do you use an internet browser that comes by default on your mobile? Of course, some may use it and others switch to a new one. Right. If you’re the one who doesn’t like the existing mobile browser.

Then this context is written for you. Don’t surf online for capturing the best browser. 

Here in this article we’ve demonstrated a power packed application called CM Browser which was developed by Cheetah Mobile. It is stable, fast, secure and robust. The best thing in this browser is, it can detect videos and make them downloadable.

Thus, you don’t need any third party video downloaders. Also it can protect and warn you from malicious sites. 

See how wonderful the app is, let’s get into the topic on how to download CM Browser for PC. Sadly, in recent days the app has been removed from the Play Store. Don’t worry, we will show you the way to download CM Browser for PC.

First, you guys have to know about software called an Emulator.

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CM Browser for PC App Details:

App NameCM Browser for PC
Size5 MB
DeveloperCheetah Mobile
Operating SystemWindows 7 and above or Mac
App PermissionsStorage, Location, Microphone, Contacts and SMS

Features of CM Browser for PC:

Generally, what are the features you prefer while selecting a browser? Don’t think for a solution, because CM Browser is loaded with a lot of features that you definitely love once installed. Checkout those astonishing features assembled in CM Browser.

  • Smart Download:

If you’re surfing across web pages, smart download detects video content instantly from almost every site and provides a download option at the address bar, simply click on the icon and save videos you want with just a single tap.

Thus, you don’t need other third party apps to download videos online.

  • Ad-Blocker:

Wherever you’re in the world of the internet, ads will never leave the sites you visit. Want to get rid of them, enable ad-blocker and say bye to ads.

This feature in CM Browser works effectively in blocking annoying ads, pop-ups, banners etc. Additionally, this also allows web pages to load faster with less data.

  • Protection for Downloads:

If you download videos, apk files, documents whatever from online. The browser will do a background check for malware and scan the files you downloaded to keep your device more secure.

  • Language Translator:

It converts the default language of a website into the language you selected. Select over 40+ available languages and browse everything in your mother tongue.

  • Bookmarks:

Don’t lose valuable matter, bookmark and personalize the pages you visit in CM Browser.

  • Search Engine:

Don’t stick to the default search engine every time, try others too. CM Browser allows you to choose search engines like Yahoo, Duck duck go, Bing etc. 

  • Night Mode:

The most awaited feature dark mode is readily available in CM Browser. It can dim a bright web page into a dark one, enable this feature and your eyes will never strain again. 

  • Threat Warnings and Enhanced Security:

Sometimes the sites you visit may contain malware and viruses in the form of links, stable popups or they redirect to suspicious sites. CM Browser had a solution for this.

Yes, it warns you before visiting fraudulent sites, informs you about fraudulent links and protects your way of browsing. Don’t worry about privacy, passwords and personal details. Nothing will breach out of its security layers.

  • Others:

Give a professional look to your CM Browser with additional features like speed dial, text and font adjustments. Switch between tabs easily and smoothly. It doesn’t fill your storage space. A low end device is necessary to run CM Browser. 

With all these hands-on features assembled in CM Browser, don’t be stuck with other primitive browsers.  Discover a whole new lot of things and experience every detail like never before.

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What is an Emulator?

It is software used to run Android or iOS mobile apps on PCs. Follow the points below to know the procedure of CM Browser download for PC using some popular emulators.

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How to Download CM Browser for Windows using BlueStacks:

CM Browser for Windows using BlueStacks

It is a famous emulator that can handle mobile apps and games on PCs hassle free. With an attractive user-friendly interface and smart controls, one can experience every app on PC better.

Checkout these points to download and install CM Browser for Windows using BlueStacks.

  1. To download CM Browser PC, take a diversion to the official site of BlueStacks from here: Download.
  2. Proceed with the download button on  the homepage of site
  3. An installer file with format “.exe” will save on your device
  4. Find the file, select it and hit enter to begin the installation process.
  5. When done, follow the on screen directives and finish setup.
  6. Use this secure link to download and install the apk file of CM Browser
  7. The installed app will be visible to you in ‘My Apps’. 
  8. Now, double click on the icon to launch the application

That’s it, start browsing in a safe and secure way with an unstoppable speed. Switch  to another method mentioned below about CM Browser app download for PC using Nox Player. 

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How to Download CM Browser for PC using Nox Player:

CM Browser for Windows using BlueStacks for PC using Nox Player

Nox is a perfect emulator developed to bear loads of high end games and apps lag free. You can also choose either portrait or landscape mode to experience like a mobile or full screen desktop.

Take a look on the procedure detailed below about CM Browser for PC download using Nox Player.

  1. Visit the official site of Nox Player and click on the download button: Download.
  2. A file is added to the downloads folder, dive to the tab and let it finish the process
  3. Now, move the cursor to that file and hit enter to begin the installation of Nox Player
  4. Run the setup and login your Google account or do it later
  5. Use the link mentioned above to download the apk file of CM Browser
  6. When the file is downloaded, select the file and press enter to install the app
  7. Move to the My Apps section, you’ll see the CM Browser app icon
  8. Launch the browser and experience a new way of retrieving information through the world wide web.

From the above guide, we hope that you got some knowledge about CM Browser app download for PC using top ranked emulators. Continue the rest of the paragraphs to know more about a handful of features of CM Browser for PC and details of the app.

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Alternatives to CM Browser for PC:

Alternatives to CM Browser for PC

1. Phoenix BrowserManage files saved on your device, read news, browse privately, watch videos and even download them instantly and lots more are optimised in just 12 MB. It’s a multi utility application developed by Verizontal Technology.

Browse unlimited websites, stream movies, videos with lesser data. Built-in video player allows you to play all the videos on your device. Create shortcuts for quick access.

Block offensive ads with ad-blocker, switch between tabs easily, enable desktop mode for a clear view, also protect your eyes using dark nice and turn on sync to store everything in the cloud.

See how crazy the browser is. The app has become very popular and has received 100M+ downloads with over 4.4 ratings.

2. Pure Web Browser – Like the above, it is also a very light browser packed with many built-in features like ad-blocker, video downloader, night mode, translator etc. Customize your homepage with various colourful themes.

The interface is user-friendly. No worries about privacy and security, the app doesn’t collect your data. Browse safely and fast without annoying ads. Import bookmarks and history to cloud simply by enabling sync.

Take screenshots easily with a shortcut and do more by installing Pure Web Browser. With over 500k+ downloads and 4.0 ratings this has becoming popular.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does the CM Browser block ads?

Yes, head to settings and enable ad blocker to get rid of offensive ads, pop-up ads etc. However no browser will completely remove apps.

2. How to download videos directly?

To download videos directly from the browser, the option will be visible to you in the address bar. Click it and download.

3. How to solve troubleshoot issues while browsing?

Once switch on airplane mode and try or else reset network settings.

4. How to download and install BlueStacks?

Visit the official site by clicking on the link provided above and hit the download button in the homepage of BlueStacks. When done, select the file and press enter to begin the installation.

5. How to change browser view to full screen mode in Nox Player?

Head to Nox settings and select portrait or landscape to view in full screen or maximize the screen.

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Ending the Article:

Discover the new way of browsing with CM Browser with enhanced privacy and security. Protect your sensitive information, bookmarks and others by syncing to the cloud.

Enable ad blocker to get rid out of forcing ads, pop ups and banner ads and many are included in CM Browser. Try it once and experience the browser.

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