Crash Your Friend WhatsApp Account by sending a single message

Crash Friends WhatsApp Account

We all know that WhatsApp is the largest social messaging App in the world with more than a Billion registered users and the number is growing a rapid pace. Today in this post I’m gonna share a really cool trick with all of you from which you would be able to crash your Friends Whatsapp account within few clicks and trust me guys this trick is really easy to use. This trick is applicable by just sending a message to the victim.

A single message send by you can crash your friends WhatsApp by a really cool website called Pastebin, which is a great website and it will let you to easily crash your friend WhatsApp. I’ve shared lot of WhatsApp tricks before but this one is great an as per the website is concerned it’s considered best for the Job and is rated well on Internet. Well it seems very easy to get the job done but you need to be concentrated because it’s a risky job so don’t let your friend know about this. Let’s get started. Highly Recommended – How you can Make WhatsApp Always Online.

Below I’ve shared the steps to follow to Crash Your Friends WhatsApp Account.

Steps to Crash Friends WhatsApp Account-

1. First of all, you have to open Pastebin and copy the containing characters [Code] – Click here to Redirect.

2. Select all characters, copy, select a conversation and paste. It could be a private conversation or in a group.

3. Message is been sent and all you have to do is Await for the outcome. Now you would be able to Crash your Friends WhatsApp Account

4. That’s it you are done. You have successfully crashed Your Friends WhatsApp Account.

This was the simplest 4 step guide to Crash Friends WhatsApp Account. Hope you like it.


So, hence was the post to Crash Friends WhatsApp Account. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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