How to Create Fake Last Seen Time on WhatsApp in Android

create fake last seen time on whatsapp

Create fake last seen time on WhatsApp

I believe that WhatsApp is one of the best creations of the modern world. It is Application which has changed our lives forever and for very good reason, but we need to swallow one thing that it hasn’t done anything yet to maintain our privacy.

WhatsApp last seen is the unique and very useful feature, but at the same time, it disturbs your privacy which you need to hide sometimes from your friends or family. Surely we as human beings don’t like being noticed every time.

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You may know about the loopholes of original WhatsApp, but to counter that, there are some modded Applications which works better than WhatsApp and are really faster than the original one.

If we are talking about modded version, we surely need to mention GBWhatsApp which is the best modded version of WhatsApp. By using this Application, you can create your own fake last seen to maintain your privacy.

This method can also be used smartly to prank your friends, troubling them would be easy and damn fun. GBWhatsApp is commendable for the bunch of exciting features and simple UI same as WhatsApp. All the features of GBWhatsApp and the steps to create fake last seen are mentioned below.

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 Salient Features of GBWhatsApp –

This App comes with many features, but we have listed key features of this App. Have a look.

1. A customizable WhatsApp where you can access a lot of features as compared to original WhatsApp

2. Ability to select the part you want to copy from the text rather copying whole text and send it to people in your contact.

3. You can directly watch status in the chat screen from GBWhatsApp. You don’t need to click inside every time.

4. You can hide contact profile pictures, this is awesome.

5. Built-in theme downloader. Download cool themes online and apply it. It has tons of free themes in its market.

6. It’s Antiban so, no tension of getting a ban.

7. The UI and all the special features included in this App are damn easy to use.

..and more more.

create fake last seen time on whatsapp

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 Below I have shared the complete tutorial to create fake last seen time on WhatsApp.

Steps to create fake last seen time on WhatsApp –

1. First of all, take the backup of your WhatsApp messages from settings > Chats > Chats Backup.

2. Then, download the latest version of GBWhatsApp.

3. Now uninstall the present WhatsApp from your Android smartphone and install the GBWhatsApp.

4. Afterward, enter your mobile number and verify it with the OTP.

create fake last seen time on whatsapp

5. While the process is going on it will ask you to restore your messages. Just restore your messages, it may take few minutes.

6. Now open the options and click on Privacy.

7. Then click on the first option which is Hide Online Status. Now the GBWhatsApp will restart.

create fake last seen time on whatsapp

8. That’s it you are done. Now you are done. GBWhatsApp will show fake time.

For Ex – If you click on Hide Online Status at 3:11 on 1/29/2017 then it will mark this time-stamp even though you are online.

9. Again do the same process to show your real last seen to others.

This method is very beneficial especially when your exams or weekly tests are leading. Create fake last seen time on WhatsApp and make your family, relatives believe that you are studying 🙂

I believe, the method is quite appealing to youngsters and can’t be used for illegal purposes or any kind of nonsense. I request to my fellow readers that the article focusing on fake last seen on WhatsApp is created and shared with all you guys for knowledge purpose.

Is GBWhatsApp is a trustworthy Application?

Trust is a factor which should be given importance and never should be ignored. If you are concerned, about the trust factor related to GBWhatsApp than your concern is right.

Any Application shouldn’t be preferred just by features, trust and security are also very important in the age of cyber crime.

GBWhatsApp is being the best alternative for WhatsApp for a long time and created a huge fan base not just because of stunning features but being liable and trustworthy when it comes to the security of your information. It is also ban free so, while using it, you should not have second thought regarding its security.

But, trust me guys comparing GBWhatsapp and original Whatsapp will be foolish because for security no one can even think to compete. That’s quite obvious because WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook a long ago.

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Ending the Article –

I feel this is a fantastic method to create fake last seen time on WhatsApp is something new. As I mentioned above GBWhatsApp has a lot more other features to give at least one try.

Applying the whole method will be really easy for you if you follow the above-mentioned steps properly, having said that, GBWhatsApp is an Application which is built by Omar and one of the most legit reasons for you to use GBWhatsApp is that it is completely ban free.

So, hence was the post to create fake last seen time on WhatsApp in Android by using GBWhatsApp. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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