How To Create Fake WhatsApp Account Using A Fake Number

WhatsApp tricks are flooding on the Internet. We have also shared lots of WhatsApp tricks and most of are simply loved by all my readers. Though, I thought to bring this one.

Before disclosing the topic I would like to share that most of the WhatsApp tricks you will find on the Internet get faded away after sometime, but this one is simply evergreen.

Without further due actually I’m going to teach you that how you can use Fake WhatsApp Account using A fake number.

I’m sure you will love the concept of this article, and this trick has a use for fooling your friends. That can be a prank your friends had never witnessed. Surely, they will beg you reveal the secret and that movement can be very fun.

They will be surprised and amazed and the same time.

Fake Whatsapp account using a fake number

Use Fake WhatsApp Account Using A Fake Number

A lot of people were asking me for this trick so, finally, I’m sharing this method from all of you. As the title suggests from this trick, you would be able to create and use a fake WhatsApp account using a fake WhatsApp number.

Recently I have posted Download WhatsApp Plus Apk Antiban For Android Latest Version and How To Edit Your WhatsApp Sent & Received Messages which got positive reviews from you and that’s why I am posting this trick.

Why is it helpful?

I have posted some of the greatest valuable tricks for WhatsApp, and they’re also very fun but, this one is mainly made for pranks and fooling people. If you use it wisely you time will quickly pass.

After mastering this trick, you won’t have to be dependent on those old school prank methods to fool your friends.

How to create Fake Whatsapp account using a fake number –

Below I’ve shared the methods you need to follow to create a fake WhatsApp account by using a fake number.

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Method 1:

In this method, we gonna use an App called Primo from which all this is going to be possible.

Enjoy your own custom number for texting, calling and social networking Apps like WhatsApp, Hike, WeChat, Instagram etc as well.

Turn your Android tablet into a phone by using App. It also gives you new points when you refer your friends, which can be redeemed later as voice calling and voice mail credits.

This App is developed by Primo.me and it is rated 4.1 stars on Google Playstore. It supports Android 4.1 and up.

Features –

1. You can do voice over 200+ countries in the world including US, UK, Canada etc.

2. Receiving calls and messages is free in Primo just like WhatsApp.

3. Sending text messages is free for lifetime by using any Android device.

4. Free International calling – when you will sign up with your mobile number it will give your 625 minutes of free calling credits.

And Much More…

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Steps to create fake Whatsapp account using a fake number by using Nextplus App –

1. Firstly, Download & Install Primo App on your Android smartphone.

2. Open it and enter your mobile number then click on “Next”.

3. Now choose a secure password and again click “Next”.

4. Within few seconds your account will be created, and it will redirect you to its homepage.

5. Click on options and go to “Rewards” section.

6. Now press the “Add Email Address” option, there you have to Email ID and verify it.

7. After verifying the Email address, you can check your new fake phone number in the options [located at the bottom of the screen].

8. Then, open your WhatsApp Account and create a new account by using your new Nextplus number.

9. You will receive an OTP on Nextplus from WhatsApp. Use that OTP to verify the account. If you are not getting any OTP message on your Primo App, then click on “Call Me” option and you will get the OTP code via call.

10. That’s it you are done, you have successfully created fake WhatsApp account using a fake number.

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Method 2:

In this method, we are going to this task by using an App called Talk2. The installation and use of this App are very easy, so that you won’t have any problem regarding that.

This App will work on both Rooted and Non – Rooted phones. This App is developed by Voyager Innovations, Inc and it is rated 3.9 stars on Google Playstore.

There is another App called Voxox which is made for the same purpose, but not only Talk2 is better than that but, WhatsApp has blocked Voxox.

The only disadvantage of this is App is that it cost you to buy the fake number.

Features –

1. Gives you a Philippines number.

2. Provides free SMS monthly.

3. Offers 20 free SMS as the signup bonus.

4. Enjoy unlimited chat between Talk2 users.

5. Easy to use features.

And Many More…

Steps to create fake WhatsApp account using a fake number by using Talk2 App –

1. First of all, Download & Install Talk2 App.

2. Open the App and verify your number.

3. Now, Talk2 will give you a new number. Note it down. It will also give you 100 Free SMS.

Fake Whatsapp account using a fake number

4. Use that number to create a new account in WhatsApp.

5. That’s it guys you’re done. Now, enjoy WhatsApp with the fake number.

Fake Whatsapp account using a fake number

Note – You have to pay to the above Apps in order to get the fake virtual number.

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Ending the Article –

At the end of it, I must assure that both the methods which are shared above are completely working and surely you won’t face any problem while applying them.

Talk2 Application is one of the very best options available for this method but if you are facing problems with Talk2, App then you can try Primo or TextMe UP App. If you face any problems in any of the above steps, then comment below.

So, hence was the post to create fake WhatsApp account using a fake number and prank your friends. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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