Difference Between Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com and Outlook.com


Difference Between Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com and Outlook.com

Today I’m going to share with you the Difference Between Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com and Outlook.com.

In this commercial world, one of the best ways of communication is email. It is a very common medium and a professional way that is mostly used for business purposes. Today, we’ve several ways to communicate, but the most popular one is email.

It is accessible to everyone and free to use. From people to businessmen, almost everyone uses email as a primary source for jobs and to grow brands. 

You can send a message to anyone all over the world just by sending him an email, it is the most effective proven way to send or receive information about data or personal stuff very securely.

That’s why landing on email instead of other ways of communication gives you a professional vibe. Day by day everything is changing. Email is also not an exception.

When we talk about Hotmail, it was one of the world’s first email services that became the turning point of email services. From the beginning of Hotmail to its change to Outlook was a great journey.

When you try reaching Hotmail, you’ll be redirected to the Outlook sign-in page. Because it was rebranded to Outlook. 

When Microsoft was acquired lots of changes have been made in all these years. Webmail services like Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com and Outlook.com are actually similar to one another.

Here in this post, we’ve detailed everything about the differences between Hotmail, MSN, Live & Outlook. Continue reading to clarify all your doubts regarding these services.

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Difference Between Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com & Outlook.com:

Difference Between Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com & Outlook.com

Sometimes we get confused between Hotmail.com, Live.com. Msn.com and Outlook.com. We browse many websites to get the exact differences between them.

Actually, all those are of the same webmail service and are rebranding names of Hotmail. In this article, we will discuss every aspect of Hotmail, Msn.com, Live.com and Outlook.com.



Hotmail was one of the world’s first email services. It was first founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in California and was launched on 4th July 1996, the United States independence day. They were the then famous software developers.

When it was first launched, Hotmail was one of the best web services around the globe. It used to provide free email accounts that were easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Now it is acquired by giant software companies. Hotmail has been designed by HTML (hypertext markup language) and it provides free email services. Moreover, Hotmail users can also make use of other Microsoft services from the Hotmail interface.

Sometimes you can see distracting big Grafix ads while using Hotmail. Hotmail always sticks to the traditional folders to separate and organize their email. It only allows only 10MB files for attachments.

If you want to send an extra big file, you have to split your file into parts.

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Msn Hotmail:

Msn Hotmail

The giant software company Microsoft purchased Hotmail for $400 million and merged it into Microsoft’s internet services. Since Microsoft was not satisfied with the basic features of Hotmail.

In the initial years, Microsoft used to struggle a lot with Hotmail. The main reason for changing the basic features of Hotmail was its limited performance and quality. Later, it started changing the features of Hotmail. Then Hotmail started evolving day by day. 

To make it a more user-friendly web service, Microsoft rebranded it as MSN(Microsoft Network). After that, it started to be more acceptable to the users. In the first few years, this new interface of Hotmail started trending.

People used to accept this web service for business purposes and commercial uses. Later Microsoft added a lot of other services like Microsoft passport that is now known as Microsoft account, MSN Messenger and MSN spaces.

This rebranding didn’t last for a long time, the MSN Hotmail was again rebranded as Windows Live Hotmail.

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Windows Live Hotmail:

Windows Live Hotmail

The rebranding process again took place when Microsoft changed the brand MSN Hotmail to Windows Live Hotmail in 2005-2006. Later, Windows Live Hotmail became another trending web service among all the users.

For the first time Microsoft decided to rename this web service as Windows Live Mail, but this time the name “Hotmail” has gained popularity and branding. The name “Hotmail” was also a well-known name all over the world.

That’s why the Giant company Microsoft decided to rebrand its name as Microsoft Windows Hotmail.

Microsoft added a lot of premium features in Windows Live Hotmail such as speed, storage, user-friendly interface, user experience, categories, instant action and scheduled sweep etc.

After adding all of these new features, Hotmail’s new brand started getting popular among its users. Most interestingly after rebranding MSN, Hotmail started focusing on different kinds of online services.

Microsoft knows that in the future days’ people will try to get everything online. To make it online, Microsoft added a lot of premium features in Windows Live Hotmail such as news, weather report, sport news, entertainment news etc. all are available on msn.com.

Though these new features increased the brand value of Windows Live Hotmail but this rebranding didn’t last so many days. Instead of that Outlook.com came into the scene.

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What is Outlook?

What is Outlook

Again Microsoft rebrands Windows Live Hotmail as Outlook.com in 2012. This time the name Hotmail completely changed into an exclusive brand named Outlook and it is continuing till date.

In a word, it is a completely changed web service. More specifically, Outlook is an email software program that helps you to receive and send messages from anyone in the world. It also enables you to store the name and numbers of your contacts.

Outlook is the most updated branding of Hotmail that we are using today and it is an integral part of our daily lives.

Nowadays, almost everyone has started using this tool. It offers a lot of functions to its users. Apart from that, you can also take notes, schedule your time, browse the internet, manage your calendar, tasks and so on.

Almost every commercial business relies upon Outlook and almost thousands of versions of it are now being used in the corporate world. This works as your manager and you can completely trust. Outlook has a great role in email marketing.

After getting rebranded into outlook.com, it has become more valuable to all business owners. Be it any small business or entrepreneurship, everyone depends upon outlook.com.

It will manage everything you need. Outlook also helps you to keep track of your personal or business information in all convenient locations.

So you have seen the process of how Hotmail is evolving day by day. From Hotmail to MSN Hotmail and then Windows Live Hotmail and now outlook.com is the great evolution journey that every human being faces.

In the future Outlook might be changed into another new web service. This evolution is very important to add value to business services. These are all about Hotmail, MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Outlook.com.

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Here is the Clear Difference Between Hotmail and outlook.com:

Here is the Clear Difference Between Hotmail and outlook.com

  • Product:

Hotmail was one of the world’s first email services. Hotmail was first founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in California. Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1977. After that Microsoft started changing the services of Hotmail and became one of the most relied-on web services called Outlook.com.

You may say that Outlook is the upgraded version of Hotmail. Microsoft has brought a lot of changes to Outlook and it has become a full-fledged email program.

  • Services:

The services that Hotmail and Outlook provide are almost the same because they both are email-related programs. Hotmail has been an old web service program. But unlike Hotmail, Outlook offers a lot of premium updated services to the users.

In a word, Outlook is more than a web service program because you will get a variety of online content in it. Starting from the weather report to the news of different countries, Outlook manages everything neatly.

In Hotmail, you won’t get a variety of services that outlook provides to the users. If you look for any virtual assistant, Outlook will work as your manager.

In the future, Outlook will be more updated and become user-friendly and most people definitely rely upon outlook.com.

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Comparison Between Hotmail and Outlook:

S.No Hotmail Outlook
1 It is a free web-based email service of Microsoft. It is an email program of Microsoft.
2 It was one of the world’s first email services. In 1977, the giant Microsoft company bought Hotmail. After that, Microsoft started rebranding and renaming Hotmail. Outlook is the upgraded and updated version of Microsoft.
3 Hotmail was a web-based suite of email services by Microsoft. It is an enterprise-grade Email program.
4 It is just a web-based email service. It is more than a tool for a web program. It also focuses on online content such as news, weather conditions, entertainment etc.
5 Anyone can access it virtually on his device with a web browser. It is accessible as a part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite.

This is all about the differences between Outlook and Hotmail. Hope you are very clear about Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com & Outlook.com.

But when we go deep into it, a lot of questions will arise in our minds. To get a profound view regarding Outlook.com, we have to be clear about more related topics regarding Outlook. So, continue reading if you want to get more concepts about Outlook.com.

There is a slight difference between Outlook.com, Outlook, and Outlook mail. Though they sound the same, still some points make them different from each other. Sometimes we get confused between these three.

But here in this article, we also clear our concept about Outlook, Outlook.com and Outlook mail.

The name “Outlook” stands for a brand that consists of everything about email. Outlook is a mail client service of the Microsoft Office suite. Outlook.com is a free-based updated Hotmail email account and Outlook is a mail client service on the Web App.

In a word, outlook and outlook.com are completely two different things. It gets irritating when people refer to Outlook as Outlook.com. Mainly Outlook is a software program and also a part of Microsoft Office that you can install on your device.

The main service of outlook is to download your messages to the computer. It is like a personal information manager that handles calendars, to-do lists etc.

You can also extend outlook via add-ons and macros and if we talk about outlook.com, it is a website on your browser such as Edge, Firefox, Chrome and so on.

It is an updated version of Hotmail.com, Outlook.com and is mainly used to access existing Hotmail Email accounts. Now you can see that Outlook.com and outlook are neither same nor are they related to each other.

Let’s take a look at another webmail service called Outlook express. Outlook Express is a program that you can download on your computer. It came with Internet Explorer version 6 and earlier and it was included on most Windows installations like Windows Vista.

It is also used as an Internet newsreader since it accessed Usenets newsgroup and other older Internet news servers. Outlook express was banned by Microsoft years ago and now it is not included on Windows versions beginning with vista.

Even Outlook Express won’t run on Windows 7 and later. Now, it is all clear about Outlook, Outlook.com, and Outlook Express. Let’s checkout discussion about Web email clients and desktop email clients.

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Web Email Client:

Web Email Client

A website email client is a piece of software that we installed on our computer. When you log in to your email account, you use a website email client. It is used to download our email from the server to our computer and from there you can read and send email to anyone you want.

Let’s take an example, if you want to log in to your email account on Outlook.com and to do that, you don’t need any additional software. This Web Email Client will work instead of any specific software program.

If you have your device and proper network connection, you can have easy access to your email account. Simply, when you use your email account, web email clients work as a software program.

There are a lot of web email clients that you can use to log in to your email such as Zimbra, Xuheki, Atmail, AfterLogic, Mailer, Claros in Touch, Postaci etc. It’s your choice what email client you will use to get access to your email account.

Remember, Outlook has been the best email client since the 90’s for large and small-scale businesses. The reason for being the best email client is outlook. It has a very easy and user-friendly interface and Outlook has the best premium advanced features unlike others.

That’s why everyone uses outlook as the best email client as per their choice. You also have some alternatives of Outlook such as EM client, Mailbird, Postbox, Bluemail, Spark etc.

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Desktop Email Client:

Desktop Email Client

The desktop email client is a program that allows its users to access their email without having the stress of login in or login out from the email servers. Through POP3 and IMAP addressing they are linked to your email account.

The best part is, if you want to access your email account offline, a desktop email client will help you in that case. If you’d like to set up your desktop email client, you have to follow certain rules.

To do it, click on the tool in the top menu. Then tap on the email account or email tab. After that click on the new email account and then new. This is how you have to set up a desktop email client. These desktop email clients can handle your email account with ISPs and non-webmail services.

Note that Microsoft’s email client is called Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook is available on devices like android, IOS, Mac etc. Whatever device you have, access Microsoft Outlook easily. These are the two types of clients needed for Outlook and Outlook.com.

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Ending the Article:

These are the differences between Hotmail, MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Outlook. Day by day technology is evolving. In the next few years, Outlook might be changed to something else.

But the main services that these software programs provide are quite the same. In a word, Hotmail and Outlook are the same but they work differently and Outlook is the upgraded version of Hotmail.

Nowadays, we all use Outlook because it is more than just an email program since it is interfering with online web content. If you use Outlook, you don’t need an assistant with you. It will manage all of your work.

Hotmail was just an email program. Since there were a lot of loopholes in Hotmail, Microsoft has added a lot of new features on Outlook.

Outlook is getting more popular because of its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use. People are more addicted to Outlook than any other email program. So, this is all about Hotmail, MSN Hotmail, Windows Live and Hotmail.

You have got every subtle concept about these programs. If you like the content, bookmark our page and share it with your friends. If you have any queries or doubts, reach us through the comment section below.

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