Do Live Wallpapers Drain Battery on Android?


do live wallpapers drain battery

Android comes with a lot of more options and features than other OS. Customization and Android have a long lasting relationship. Android gives their user power to tweak their OS in their own way, to make considerable amount of changes suiting their needs.

Some people go deep and try to have a tight control over their OS and some people tend to do the basic stuff and only render with the wallpapers, icons, and launchers.

Talking about live wallpapers, I’ve come across people on internet claiming that live wallpapers drains your battery, and for sometime I thought that can be true, like any other thing inside your phone, a live wallpapers must be also consuming a lot of battery as it demands constant action from your phone’s processor.

But, having said that, I didn’t had a solid source to trust, and there was very little material available about this topic on Internet.

It is true that bright images are said to have more burden on the phone’s processor to drain the battery rapidly.

If you’re wondering about the effects of the color possessed by your wallpaper, than I can say, that on the display front, color doesn’t make much difference, weather its dark or bright, the effects are the same, unless your phone have an AMOLED display.

After doing a lot of research and digging through other power user’s experiences & my own experiments. I came to know a really interesting things about battery consumption and live wallpapers.

Comparing the live wallpapers we have today with the ones we had a few years ago, the quality of the live wallpapers have improved drastically, earlier they used be more distinctive than pleasant, which is thankfully changed. The live wallpapers we have right now, well most of them are more advance and well coded.

So, I would say that Live wallpapers do consume your phone’s battery, but we need to understand that it doesn’t consume considerable amount of your battery that it should worry you.

All live wallpapers renders with your phone’s CPU so a small deduction in battery life is completely normal.

The popular live wallpaper like DarkPix consumes even less than 3% of your phone’s total battery life.

However, there are few wallpapers which can give significant amount of punishment to your battery life. For tracking of your battery life you can also go to Settings >> Battery >> Battery use. Here you can track how much battery the live wallpaper App is draining.

If its less than %4-%5 than you can consider it safe.

So, by concluding my point, I would say you can use live wallpapers without having any second thoughts in your mind about the battery life.

Just go through the reviews before installing any live wallpaper to minimize or avoid any unnecessary effects.

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Ending the Article:

Thus, were my thoughts and views on live wallpapers battery consumption. I hope you find the post helpful. Comment down in the comment box to tell us how you felt about it.

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