Download Google Camera Go APK Mod with HDR feature (GCAM Go Mod Apk)



Google has been following a very successful trend in the past couple of years of creating Go Apps. It all started when cheaper Android Go devices started flooding the market with almost all the features and perks of an Android phone with limited hardware capabilities.

Google launched Go version of Apps which followed the same trend launching lite versions of complex Apps with same set of features with some limitations.

One of such Apps is Gcam Go which is a lite version of Gcam available exclusively only in pixel phones. Now, here in this article we’re going to discuss how you can download and use Google Gcam go in any Android device.


GCam Go Mod

Gcam Go is a lighter version of the original Gcam App which can be used in mostly all the Android devices. It first appeared in Nokia 1.3 which was a Android Go device.

It will be smaller in size and more adaptive to your phone, but expect to have less customization. It will also work in selective lower end devices, only thing needed to taken care is that it should be above Android 8 Oreo.

The biggest perk you will get in the Gcam Mod apk App which is not available in the original Gcam go App is the HDR mode.

In order to make this App smaller and light Gcam Go App doesn’t features HDR mode, but thanks to Parrot043, a well-known Google camera developer who developed the mod App with additional HDR mode for the appreciation from all its users.

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Download Gcam Mod Apk:

Now, talking the Gcam Mod interface we can say the interface is very simple and lite for usage. It doesn’t have anything complicated when it comes to design.

The overall design of Gcam Go mod Apk is different from original Gcam App. The interface is divided into four different sections, they being Video, Photo, Portrait, and Translate. All the sections have different functions to do.

The video mode shows how long videos can be recorded depending on the remaining space of to your device. And in the photo mode you can see how many photos you can click as per the remaining space.

There’s also an option called extra mode which is just another name of HDR mode, access it for better quality photos and videos.

Gcam Go mod Apk weighs less than 10 MB but still preforms well. It will support in mostly all the Android phones and as mentioned previously you have to compromise a bit for features and customization.

The features that can’t be accessed are Astrophotography and Nigh Shift. However, no compromised have to made in terms of good quality photos and videos and as is aid before HDR mode is also accessible.

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Steps to Install Gcam Go Mod Apk:

Step 1: First of all, click here to download the App.

Alternate Download Link

Step 2: After downloading, minimize the page and check the “unknown sources” option to allow the App in your device.

enable unknown sources

Step 3: Now, click on the install button and Gcam go mod Apk will be installed in your device and open the app and grant all the app permissions to enjoy the App.

We’re done here. You can start clicking photos without any further due.

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Ending the Article:

Thus, were my thoughts on Gcam go mod apk App. I hope you find it helpful. kindly comment your views about the article in the comment section.

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