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download twitter videos

Download Twitter Videos In Few Clicks

Twitter is the best place to share your humorous thoughts and knowledge, but it has the worst limit of 140 characters. So, in that limit expressing your thoughts becomes a bit difficult.

And Twitter doesn’t seem very interested in increasing that limit anytime soon. But we need something cemented to express our opinion with full freedom.

To tackle that issue people always try to publish videos because of its way for more convenient than tweeting. So, you may think that the problem is solved by uploading videos is the solution to everything.

But, that’s where the things become more complicated because if you will think a bit deeper than you will realize that videos on Twitter can’t be downloaded. All you can do is watch them online.

That’s another problem because watching videos online is not always possible. It’s the same problem people face with YouTube. It’s not possible every time to watch videos online. I know that most of the people prefer watching videos online, but downloading is more convenient.

People also like to go live on Twitter when they are attending any seminar or concert. At that time, this trick can be useful to download those videos.

So, what can be done to jump over that hurdle? Well, that’s a million dollar question. But here in this article going to provide the full tutorial from which you can master the easiest method to download twitter videos On Your Android, iPhone & PC.

So, stick around, whatever is coming is really fascinating.

How To Download Twitter Videos On Your Android, iPhone & PC –

Here I’m going to mention 3 different methods which will be shaped in simple steps to Download Twitter videos on your Android, iPhone and PC.

Method to Download Twitter Videos On PC:

Downloading Twitter videos was never easy, but today I have come up with a website called 9xBuddy. This site lets you download any video from any video streaming site.

download twitter videos

You don’t need any technical skills to use this 9xBuddy, and it supports all the popular networks like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Steps –

1. First of all, open Twitter in your web browser and choose the video you want to download.

2. Now click on the “options” arrow, select “Copy link to tweet” and copy the link.

download twitter videos

3. Open 9xbuddy.com, paste the link in the rectangular box and hit on the “Download” button.

download twitter videos

4. It will take few seconds to complete the process of extracting. After that, it will show you 3 different qualities of the same video.

download twitter videos

5. Click the “Download Now” button of the quality you like.

6. That’s it, enjoy the video on your PC.

Method to Download Twitter Videos On Android:

In this method, I am not going to use any site, but I am going to use an App called +download. It is a quite popular App for video downloading.

+download is developed by RosTeam and it is rated 4.5 stars on Google Playstore. This App also lets you download videos from Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.

It runs on Android 4.1 and later and doesn’t require Root access.

Steps –

1. Download & Install +Download App in your Android smartphone.

2. Open Twitter, choose the video you want to download.

3. Click “options” that 3 vertical dots and press the “Copy link tweet” button.

download twitter videos

4. Then open the +Download App and click the  button.

download twitter videos

5. Hence, it’s done, the video will be downloaded in your storage.

Method to Download Twitter Videos On iPhone:

We all know that iPhone comes with many limitations as well as features.

Steps –

1. Firstly, Open Twitter in your web browser, choose any of your favorite video which you want to download then click on “Options” and tap the “Copy link to tweet” option.download twitter videos

2. Now, open a website named VideoGrabber. This site works same as 9Xbuddy, and even you can say that it has more features than 9xbuddy.

3. You will see a box on the VideoGrabber website, paste the copied link into the box and click on “Download”.download twitter videos

4. After the link is pasted, select the quality in which you want to download the video, and that’s it you are done. Thus, the downloading of the video will be started.

Some detailed information related to VideoGrabber –

download twitter videos

VideoGrabber is a reliable website, and it is the best twitter video downloader available on the internet. It offers a variety of features other than just downloading Twitter videos.

It is very easy to use and initiative. It’s not just an online video downloader, but it can also work as a screen recorder, video converter, and a well-organized search engine.

VideoGrabber doesn’t limits to download Twitter videos only. Almost any video across the Internet can be downloaded through VideoGrabber.

It lets you download videos from many different networks like YouTube, Daily Motion, and Tubechop and many others. The count of supported sites are more than 1000.

As I mentioned earlier, VideoGrabber is also an efficient Screen recorder, So, you can use for screen recording of your computer and mobile phones, it can be used for recording different tutorials like gaming, knowledge and video editing. The recorded video can be saved as a format of a screenshot or a video.

It also lets you effortlessly convert any audio or video format with zero quality loss. It supports devices like PSP, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Overall, VideoGrabber is a full-fledged website which is feature-rich and surely deserves a try.

Ending the Article –

At the end of the article, I have to say that now, using the above-mentioned tutorial you can save Twitter videos without any problem. And you can blindly trust on all the websites, 9xbuddy, +Download, and VideoGrabber to do the task effortlessly.

And more importantly, all the sites are fully secured from any kind of viruses and malware. So, without wasting any time start to download Twitter videos.

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