How to Earn Money as a Virtual English Teacher


How to Earn Money as a Virtual English Teacher

Today I’m going to share with you How to Earn Money as a Virtual English Teacher.

Our world has truly shifted in the past few decades. Jobs that were once devoted to person-to-person contact are being accomplished completely through online formats. Among the most prevalent online job opportunities is an online English teacher.

Online English teachers can enjoy the freedoms of travel and scheduling their own lessons with the ability to continue making money from anywhere.

Although teaching has always been a remarkably rewarding career choice, online English teachers can find it even more rewarding. Here are just a few ways you can earn money as a virtual English teacher.

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Sell Teaching Materials:

Sell Teaching Materials

Teachers are unique in their approach to teaching, but one thing most online teachers have in common is their overall creative nature. You have to be creative in how you address students and in the materials you provide them for learning purposes.

Standardized teaching tools are great, but many teachers have used their expertise to create materials and sell them online. Online teachers can sell their materials through various online teaching forums or on social media sites depending on their digital expertise. 

Many teachers choose to set up entire websites devoted to selling their teaching materials to others in the industry as a way of making a little extra money.

If your materials are good enough and helpful to enough teachers, you may find this avenue as an excellent passive income stream especially if you are able to bring in more teachers to sell their materials.

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Provide Your Own Online Course:

Provide Your Own Online Course

Not only can you promote and distribute your own teaching materials, but you can actually produce complete online English courses yourself.

All it takes is a little consideration for your audience and the ability to market your course to the right person, and you can begin bringing in big money as an online English teacher. Online courses are more attractive to students that prefer independent learning opportunities.

Students that are self-starters can benefit from using a course rather than investing in virtual classrooms and for an additional revenue stream, providing your own online course can only expand your horizons.

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Bid on Jobs on PrePly:

Bid on Jobs on PrePly

Freelancing is by far the most common and easiest way to earn money as an online English teacher. This option allows you to bid on jobs posted by students.

Students choose the teacher they want to work with. Then negotiation for schedule and rate of pay can commence. Preply is among the top-rated online English teaching platform. 

Freelance teaching through avenues such as PrePly allows you to manage the needs of your students in accordance with your scheduling needs as well.

You can teach any time of the day according to what works best for you and the student. No matter what time of the day you choose to teach, you can find students on PrePly as it is a global-based online teaching platform.

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Coach Other Teachers:

Coach Other Teachers

Experience teaching English online comes to those who invest in quality teaching, to begin with, and every teacher must continue their personal education from somewhere.

For experienced online English teachers, it is only natural to look for ways to invest in their chosen industry. Instructing or coaching other English teachers is an excellent way to do this. 

TEFL coaching allows you to help others working on their TEFL certification. Provide your expertise through online avenues such as Zoom to assist other future online English teachers.

The pool of potential clients in this particular area of expertise can be a little small, but with more and more people turning to virtual teaching options, the pool is growing each year.

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Set Up Your Own YouTube Channel:

Set Up Your Own YouTube Channel

Possibly the biggest online resource for virtual English teachers is YouTube. Teachers regularly pull materials from the site to help students get more out of the lesson.

Providing high-quality content on YouTube may not seem profitable as YouTube videos are essentially free, but the benefit of exploiting this avenue and providing excellent content is the ability to positively impact the industry. 

Teachers tend to gravitate toward the same YouTube channels when they find one they enjoy using, so your reputation as a virtual teacher will only grow from YouTube videos.

It might not seem like a significant revenue stream, but when you can positively impact your reputation, you will be able to use that achievement for your online profile to bring in more students. 

The best way to make money and teach English online is to expand your horizons to various virtual teaching avenues. The notion that a teacher should just teach students is simply not true.

There are more ways to make a positive impact on the online teaching industry while connecting with both students and other teachers. Use your abilities to their true potential by teaching students, making materials, providing coaching opportunities and more.

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