How To Edit Webpage on Android : Without Root ?

edit webpage on android

Edit webpage on Android

You can find hundreds of pranks and Apps on the Internet for tweaky stuff to prank and jealous your friends. You might have also found great stuff online to do that job, but today I am going to show you something which is the king of all the lame pranks you have been doing all your life. This prank tool which I’m going to show you today will blow your mind. Kindly read the whole article for better understanding.

Have you ever heard about editing webpages? How to edit webpage on Android? Yes its possible, you can edit any webpage according to your need. You can change any articles, blogs, and chats being within the website and changes are done locally. You can edit webpage on Android like written and posted articles to make your friends confuse and a lot more.

But how are you going to do all that? To do that task and that also quite efficiently we are going to use an App called Edit Webpage. The App is unique, and one of it’s kind, does the unthinkable and surprises you all the time, especially after getting a sneak peak of the power of Edit Webpage to change anything. So no more silly WhatsApp and Facebook pranks we have got something really awesome to shake the prank world forever.

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Some quick tweaking examples –

The tweaking can go beyond crazy, and there’s no limit to creativity when it comes edit webpage on Android. Below there are some prime examples of which things can be changed for good.

  • Changing prices on E-Commerce sites.
  • Editing chats.
  • Editing Wikipedia articles ( Put your name in the title of the Wiki article to make everyone confused).
  • Editing articles and blogs.

All these ideas came to my mind, but you can do an unlimited number of tweaks by using the creativity of your brain.

Some salient features of Edit Webpage –

  • Lightweight & easy to use.
  • Editing or altering almost every webpage is possible.
  • Alter chats, articles, blogs, search results, editing prices on E-Commerce sites on the go without any hassle.
  • No alternate App exists for the same task. It’s unique and best at what it does.

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Let’s have a look at the step of the tutorial to use the App for tweaking and altering webpage content. Here are the steps.

Steps on how to edit webpage on Android-

1. First of all, Download & Install the Edit Webpage App in your Android smartphone.

2. Now, simply open the App, and you will see Google as the default webpage.

3. You will see an edit icon in the top right corner, which is going to do the trick for us.

Edit webapge apk

4. You can type any desired URL at the URL tab, and the website will open. Then you can do your editing, and when it’s done you can save the page locally, yes locally by clicking on the edit icon again. You won’t be make any changes in the main server.


5. That’s all. This way you can edit any webpage to make your friends go crazy.

Overall, the steps are very easy to follow. I don’t think you will any problems while doing the whole process.

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Why Edit Webpage is the ultimate prank tool –

Edit webapge apk

Edit Webpage App does something which is unique and unthinkable. It takes the pranking world to new heights because the alteration and edits done on Edit Webpage are so hard to figure out. You can edit almost anything and can make it change your own way which from my experience can be very funny.

And, you can also notice that these edit and alternation concept is very new and most of the people still don’t know anything about it or even anything like this even exists. So, you can become a rockstar in your group or your family by using the App in the right way. So, now, I believe it’s easy to say that is is the ultimate pranking tool which every prankster in the world should have on his/her smartphone.

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After the launch of the App, it became an instant success and many duplicates were also revolving around the market, but we all know that no other thing can be as good as The Original, thus, this App is still at the top even after facing severe competition from the competitors.

Video Tutorial –


I want to urge everyone that this App is made for fun purposes and HackerzTrickz team won’t support any illegal or unethical activity by the regards of this App. The article was made for the information point of view. We don’t have any intentions to hurt anyone by any means through this article.

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Ending the Article –

At the verge of finishing this article, all I want to say is that Edit Webpage deserves at least one try from your side. I have personally used this App, and I haven’t faced any problem to perform tweaks. So, don’t have any second thoughts and make your crazy prankster mind do some tweaking.

Hence, was the article on Edit Webpage on Android. I hope you liked the article. Kindly comment your reviews in the comment box.

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