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Fake Android Apps: Is Google Playstore Serious About It?

Many Photography, Gaming and Media Apps turned to be fake with adware installed in it

Many Playstore users have mistakenly downloaded fraudulent apps which slow down their devices and drain their batteries to hell. Also makes your using experience sh*t.

Researchers in the cybersecurity firm discovered 85% of photography and gaming Apps which were full of spyware on the Google Playstore. These fraudulent programs are downloaded over 8 million times into consumer’s tablets and smartphones.

Trend Micro has released a full record of those imitation apps but a number of the most well-known ones were Super Selfie, Cos Camera, Pop Camera and Line Puzzle.

Mobile hazard researcher at Trend Micro, Ecular Xu clarified “how the App avoided getting caught by the Playstore team”saying:

“We discovered another illustration of adware’s potential real-life on Google Playstore which is AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH. Aside from displaying ads that are tough to shut, it uses unique practices to prevent detection through consumer behaviour and time-based triggers.”

Adware apps:

Among the methods that the spyware programs found by Trend Micro utilized to prevent detection was supposed to make a shortcut to the program on a device’s home screen 30 minutes following the App was installed. This assisted the programs to be visible while additionally prevents Android users from uninstalling or stopping them.

When researched those Fake Apps were portraying they roles perfectly so the user never doubts in it. But they also used to bomb full-screen ads which were nearly not possible to close.

Even though those fake Apps are removed by the Play Store, many users have downloaded these Apps and they have to remove it as soon as possible. In case, you have also downloaded any of them then you can easily remove them by the use of 360 Total security.

Source – TechRadar

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