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AC3 not supported mx player

If you are using an MX player on your android mobile phone. There is a great possibility that many times you have faced the error ac3 not supported in MX player or “This audio format (AC3) is not supported“. If you are facing these errors, you have landed on the right page because I will assist you in rectifying this issue with some simple steps.

So keep reading and learn how to rectify ac3 not supported in MX player error while watching some video stuff.

As we all know, the MX player is one of the most used and one of the best video players for smartphone and android mobile, but this type of error restricts your enjoyment of watching movies or videos.

In this situation, you get stuck and are left with only two options:- either stop watching the movie or switch to another video player. 

This situation leaves you wondering how to play ac3 in MX player, or What is the solution to MX player ac3 audio support

Go ahead to get the answer.

A lot of MX video player users have asked me to help them out from this situation so that they can continue getting uninterrupted movie-watching experience on their smartphone.

Before going ahead, let’s see why this error pops up? And the technicalities of MX player with ac3 audio support.

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Why is ac3 not supported in MX player error occurs?

Each and every application and software update itself periodically for providing a better operating experience to the users.

Similarly, due to some license update issues, the MX player’s official team has removed some of its audio codec files like AC3, MLP, and DTS in its recent updates.

This action tends to create a situation in which the users who have an older version might have seen ac3 not supported in MX player error

What happens when ac3 not supported in MX player error pop up occurs?

In this situation, the audio file (AC3) does not work. The users can see the video without any problem but with no audio. Yes, only the audio file will not support your video.

Now, what should you do? Some might suggest that delete the video and download it again or some might suggest uninstalling the MX player and reinstalling it, or some might say use the other application but wait, do not leave reading here. 

In this post, you will get the complete solution for fixing ac3 not supported in MX player error. Keep reading!

What is the AC3 file?

It tends to “Audio codec 3”. It is a Dolby digital audio format, which allows for up to 6 channels in the output. Nowadays, it is used in HDTV broadcast, DVDs, Blu-ray and game consoles.

  • AC3 is a files extension for audio files used commonly in DVDs format.
  • It increases fidelity over its previous sound with an individual soundtrack for each of the 6 speakers.
  • It is a 16-bit sampling at a 48-kilohertz rate and compressed by up to 12 times creating it for a total bit rate of 384kbps.
  • It is used for producing full surround sound with the support of devices like a DVD player, which makes a connection with Dolby Digital supporting the home theatre.

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What is a codec? How can it be downloaded for fixing ac3 not supported in MX player error?

Codec is a piece of software or algorithm, which performs encoding or decoding of a digital signal for transformation over a data network. It is basically for both audio or video.

What is Codec in MX Player

Guide to fix the error ac3 not supported in MX player:

There are thousands of platforms where you can get the codec file for an MX player but it can also be downloaded manually. let’s check out the steps to get it on your mobile phone.

First of all, you must know which codec file will support your MX player version to fix the MX player ac3 audio not supported error. To know this, go to the about section of MX player.

Step 1: From here you will get the information about your codec file. Simply download it from a reliable platform or use the below download links.

Information about Codec MX Player

  • In the section highlighted in the above image, you can also see whether your latest codec file version has updated or not

Step 2: To upload the codec file manually, open the MX player and go to the setting. 

MX Player Setting

Step 3: Here you will find an option called “Decoder”. 

Decoder in MX Player

Step 4: Click on the “Custom codec” option shown in the below images

Custom Codex MX Player

Step 5: You will get an option to upload your downloaded codec file store in your phone’s internal memory.

Add custom codex in MX Player

Step 6: Now open the MX player again, it will automatically fetch the codec file.

The app will ask you for confirmation, just tap the ok button and you are done.

What if the app doesn’t detect the codec file and you still get the MX player ac3 audio problem. This situation will lead you to think about how to use an MX player with ac3 audio support. The answer is, you have not added the correct zip file. 

If you have downloaded the correct version of codec matching your MX player, your mobile application will start automatically after making the required changes.

But if the codec file version is not correct, you will see the error again MX player ac3 audio not supported. so kindly download the correct version of the codec file.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  • Why is MX player ac3 audio not supported?

In most cases, the reason you are getting this error message that MX player ac3 audio not supported is that the MX player installed in your android device does not support the existing codec version. Once you download the correct version, this problem will be rectified.

  • Which version of the MX player supports AC3?

AC3 file was officially removed by the MX player a very long time ago. But you can download it manually and use the AC3 audio file in any version of MX Player. 

  • Which codec version is best for MX Player?

The main purpose of a codec file is to compress and decompress the audio and video files. The following versions of codec file are supported in MX player:

  1. Arm v7-Neon.
  2. Arm v7-Tegra3.
  3. Arm v7-Tegra2.
  4. Arm v6 VFP.
  5. Arm v6.
  6. Arm v5TE.
  7. x86 (commonly used for desktop)
  8. MIPS and many more
  • Which media player supports the AC3 file?

These are the mainstream media player in the market, which easily support AC3 file:

  1. MX Player
  2. AC3 Player
  3. VLC Player for Android
  4. KMPlayer
  5. BS Player
  6. Player Xtreme Media Player
  7. Xplayer

The list may contain various names, as the market is bombarded with these kinds of media players.

  • How do I fix the MX player ac3 audio problem?

You need to add custom codecs > for that you need to download the correct version codec file to enable MX player ac3 audio support > after downloading it, reopen the MX player > the device will automatically detect the downloaded codec file.

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Ending the Article:

Video players sometimes show an error if any of the media files are missing or not supported by the application.

But in this digital world, someone will be posting somewhere for fixing these kinds of errors similarly that I have provided the solution for fixing this error “ac3 not supported in MX player

That is all, you can now play the video with sound using an MX player.

Stay tuned with us for essential technology-based information like this. Feel free to provide your feedback and share this article with others so that they can fix the error ac3 not supported in MX player If they are facing the same situation.


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