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Flipkart, Amazon India Or Snapdeal which is better?

   Flipkart and Snapdeal have raced to the top of the Indian eCommerce heap quickly. But the two companies have followed different routes to reach the position they are in today.

As per the valuation is concerned Flipakart is major player in the Indian E-commerce market it is valued about $15 billion. snapdeal is the second largest E commerce firm in Indian market.

Amazon India is at the third spot. These three firms are the gripping the E commerce market.

But as per customer satisfaction is concerned the most commendable role is played by Amazon worldwide. It is the global leader in the E commerce worldwide. What local companies can’t even think is done by Amazon in past years.

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Amazon has proven to be the most rugged and adaptable company. It was one of the fewest startups to survive when the tech bubble burst, beat Apple to dominate e book industry, and is now beating Microsoft and Google at Web Infrastructure as most new startups opt for AWS; not to mention that people didn’t quite feel comfortable buying stuff online and Amazon was surrounded by a lot of controversy and boycotting as a service that made people lazy and crushed local businesses, and yet Amazon survived.

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