100% Working Free Paramount Plus Accounts: May 2022


    100% Working Free Paramount Plus Accounts

    Today I’m going to share with you 100% Working Free Paramount Plus Accounts.

    Say hello to the new entertainment world where everything is possible when connected to the internet. Previously, people were only limited to a couple of shows streamed at a particular time, and that too with lots of irritating commercial ads interrupting in-between. 

    But now, everyone is able to watch any of the shows at any time without any hindrances. This drastic change has made a huge impact on the daily lifestyle.

    On one hand, users are saving their valuable time and on the other hand, some are unbound to select any engrossing show in the ocean of premium content.

    Yes, what you heard is right. We are talking about the OTT platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, etc.

    Wait, we forgot about Paramount Plus, the stand-alone video streaming service loaded with more than 30,000 episodes and movies from multiple eminent channels such as BET, CBS, Comedy Centrals, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Paramount Pictures, Breaking news, Kids, and Family Programming and many others.

    Now, it will give you a shock if you get acquired with the pricing and plans this platform offers. It only costs you $9.99 if you opt for an ad-free subscription. Wait, it has a basic plan too that charges only $4.99 per month.

    The only drawback you face with the latter one is that it is an ad-supported plan and you might get disturbed while enjoying your favourite shows.

    Seems like still, you are not satisfied with the price. Well, in this post we’ve provided a fistful of free Paramount Plus accounts and passwords that you might consider while creating an account on this platform.

    Also, we will acquire you with several prominent pieces of information regarding this video-streaming platform. So, keep on reading to get familiar with this alluring information.

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    What is Paramount Plus?

    What is Paramount Plus

    Paramount Plus is a paid on-demand video streaming platform owned and operated by ViacomCBS Streaming. It offers innumerable premium content at a low budget. All you have to do is to search for the show you want to enjoy.

    Paramount will unfold that show at once in front of you. No matter if you are an Android user or an iOS user, Paramount Plus is compatible with every device available in the market.

    To get access to all these alluring benefits provided by Paramount Plus, you have to purchase a subscription plan. Though the charge is pretty affordable, it might seem a bit high to all the students and non-working persons out there.

    But if you use one of the Paramount Plus free accounts provided in this article, you will get to enjoy all of the above-discussed features without sparing a single dollar.

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    Paramount Plus – What Does It Offer to Watch?

    Paramount Plus - What Does It Offer to Watch

    Those who are already subscribed to this platform will be acquired with all the premium content it offers. But if you are a new user, you will be shocked by knowing the availability of the content in Paramount Plus.

    Yes, unlike other video-streaming platforms available in the market, Paramount Plus offers more than 30,000+ episodes and movies from BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, and much more.

    Here in this segment, we’ve provided detailed information regarding the content available in Paramount Plus. So, don’t forget to read if you want to get relished by its premium services.

    • Originals

    In order to make the Paramount fan more captivated by this platform, it has added plenty of hits such as The Good Fight, Why Women Killed, No Activity, etc.

    Not only that, but with Paramount premium you can also stream other blockbuster series like Guilty Party, The Harper House, iCarly, Behind the Music, Evil, Queenpins, Infinite, and much more.

    Moreover, there are lots of other originals too that will be launched in the future. So, to get fun by watching this premium content, download this application and use the Paramount Plus free account and password given in this article.

    • Sports

    Who doesn’t love to watch sports and games? Premium Plus has triggered this point and launched 1000 live sporting events per year. Furthermore, there are regular-season games, playoffs, championships, and more that attract the sport-lovers most.

    Also, Get access to other popular gaming events such as The Masters, NCAA Division, 1 Men’s Basketball Championship, PGA Tour, SEC on CBS, Combate Global MMA, and so on.

    Paramount Plus has also taken care of all the soccer lovers by providing UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa Conference League. Note that Paramount Plus is the only platform in the US that provides English language coverage in every soccer league.

    • News

    We all love to stay up to date with the daily news in the world. Paramount Plus will provide you with that opportunity too. With convenient journalism, the live news stream will keep you upgraded with current news in the US.

    Moreover, other premium news contents like 60 minutes +, Seth Doane, WES Lowery are also available in Paramount Plus Subscription. In a word, the premium plan on this platform is handy in every direction.

    So, without any delay, pick one among the lists of premium Plus accounts and enjoy these supreme features.

    • Kids and Families

    Don’t think that Paramount Plus is all about originals, sports, and news-related content. It has also launched a special section for kids and families where you will find almost 7000+ episodes and movies.

    It includes Clifford the Big Red Dog, The J Team, Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years, Gugrats, Star Trek: Prodigy, The Fairly OddParents, and many more.

    • Reality and Music

    For the music lover, there is another special section where you will get to listen to songs from any genre.

    Mostly, MTV Raps and Unplugged, Queen of the Universe, and other premium music concerts and reality shows like The Real World are also available on this platform.

    So, if you are someone who loves to listen to music or enjoy reality shows, Paramount Plus is the better option for you.

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    How To Get Paramount Plus For Free or At a Cheap Price:

    How To Get Paramount Plus For Free or At a Cheap Price

    Can’t afford the price for a Paramount Plus subscription? Well, it happens when you are a non-working person or a student.

    But what’s the solution now? Don’t worry, there are a few tried and tested ways that we have hand-picked here to help you get a free Paramount Plus Account without sparing a single penny from your pocket. Excited? Keep on reading.

    1. Using AccountBot:

    Who doesn’t know about AccountBot? Basically, it’s a website that offers a premium subscription plan for various popular video-streaming platforms at a low budget.  Fortunately, Paramount Plus is also in the category.

    You won’t believe that the price will decrease to $2.99 per month if you purchase the plan through this website. All you have to do is to follow these step-by-step methods to have a clear idea of how to claim this deal using AccountBot.

    1. First things first, visit the official page of AccountBot and create an account if you don’t have any.
    2. Next, you will be redirected to a new page where you have to input your credentials like your Email address and Password. 
    3. Once the account is created, click on the “Explore” button to see the availability of the video-streaming platforms on this website. Look for Paramount Plus and click on the icon if it appears. 
    4. Now, opt for the plan that best suits you by comparing the discounted price with the actual one. 
    5. After selecting the plan, tap on the payment option. 
    6. AccountBot offers lots of payment options like Debit, Credit Card, Apple pay, PayPal etc. Choose any of them and pay for the subscription.
    7. Once the payment is done, you will get a confirmation mail where all the login details are mentioned.

    That’s it. You are now able to access free Paramount Plus Accounts and passwords at a low price.

    1. Using Free Trial:

    When you first sign up on this platform, it offers a seven-day free trial to all the new consumers. But remember that you will be able to access the same privileges that are available in the paid version.

    So, if you are new to Paramount Plus, don’t forget to get benefitted from this facility offered by it.

    1. Using Amazon Prime Subscription:

    Do you know that you can obtain free Paramount Plus Accounts and passwords if you have an Amazon Prime subscription? Yes, all you have to do is to input all the login details of this platform and get to enjoy a 30 day free trial of Paramount Plus.

    Do you have an Amazon Prime subscription? Don’t worry, you may try the free trial offered by this platform. Note that you have to cancel your plans once the deadline is over. Otherwise, you will end up paying for the subscription.

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    Paramount Vs Paramount Plus:

    Paramount Vs Paramount Plus

    This is the most common confusion that every Paramount user might have googled once in his life. To give you a clear idea about these platforms, we’ve collected every detail regarding Paramount and Paramount Plus.

    It sounds similar but they are not the same. Yes, though they provide similar content, the features offered by each are different. The former one requires a TV subscription while the second one is a stand-alone video streaming platform.

    Moreover, you can’t interchange their subscriptions too. Now, it’s upon you to decide which platform will suit you the best as per your device choice.

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    Free Paramount Plus Accounts and Passwords List:

    Free Paramount Plus Accounts and Passwords List

    Earlier in this post, we have discussed several methods that will come in handy if you want to obtain a Paramount Plus Premium account for free. But don’t want to go through all those hassles?

    Fine, here in this section we have provided a number of Paramount Plus premium accounts for free. These accounts will help you get access to all the premium features offered by Paramount Plus.

    You will hardly find any issue while using these accounts on Paramount Plus. So, have a look at the below-mentioned list and choose one that suits you best.

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    Paramount Plus Modded Accounts and Passwords:

    Paramount Plus Modded Accounts and Passwords

    Like other online OTT platforms available in the market, Paramount Plus has also modded versions that offer more premium benefits than the authentic one.

    So, if you are a mod-lover, this segment is for you since here we have provided a long list of Paramount Plus modded accounts and passwords that you may use while creating an account on the modded versions.

    These accounts will definitely help you to access all the appealing benefits of Paramount Plus. So, without wasting time, quickly have a look at them and find one as per your choice.

    Email Password
    [email protected] 033097ack
    acsonny[email protected] Supp0rt!
    [email protected] uqpok885
    [email protected] stupid10
    [email protected] flaming
    [email protected] bamarox121212
    [email protected] sooners1
    [email protected] Blackrose_6001
    [email protected] br01valo
    [email protected] jnrh2034

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    Hacked Paramount Plus Accounts and Passwords:

    Hacked Paramount Plus Accounts and Passwords

    Are you the one who browses multiple websites for a hacked Paramount Plus account? Well then, you are at the right place. Here is a long list of hacked Paramount Plus premium accounts and passwords that you may check out.

    And if you find one as per your requirement, then use that while creating an account on this platform. Paramount Plus premium hack accounts listed here are sponsored ones. So, decide and pick one for yourself.

    Email Password
    [email protected] dragoon5
    [email protected] 906bubbles
    [email protected] Seph1roth
    [email protected] flipper29
    [email protected] Abhinaya97
    [email protected] kelly1
    [email protected] asasas12
    [email protected] Armaged0n
    [email protected] C3l3byavi3!
    [email protected] shuttle1

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    Legit Paramount Plus Premium Accounts and Passwords:

    Legit Paramount Plus Premium Accounts and Passwords

    As there are lots of free Paramount Plus premium accounts available in the market. But are they real? What do you think? Definitely not. There are lots of such accounts that are provided by scammers to hack people.

    Once you use those accounts on Paramount Plus, your information might get scammed. That’s why differentiating between the legit and fake ones is a tricky task. But don’t worry, we make the job easier for you by providing a few legit Paramount Plus premium accounts and passwords.

    These accounts are 100% legit and trustworthy. Also, there is no third-party involvement. So, without wasting time. Use these accounts to access the premium benefits offered by Paramount Plus.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What is Paramount Plus?

    Paramount Plus is a paid US-based on-demand video streaming platform owned and operated by ViacomCBS Streaming that lets users watch a variety of content in multiple genres. It offers innumerable premium content at a low budget.

    All you have to do is to search for the show you want to enjoy. Paramount will unfold that show at once in front of you.

    2. What Is Included in Paramount Plus?

    Paramount Plus offers more than 30,000+ episodes and movies from different platforms like BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nick Jr, etc. Also, get to relish lots of other content like plus originals, Live Sports, Breaking News, Kids, and Family Programming, and so on. 

    3. What Is the Cost of Paramount Plus?

    Paramount Plus offers two types of subscription plans to the user. The basic one costs you around $4.99 per month.

    But it’s full of commercial ads that might be a hindrance to you. On the other hand, the premium plan charges you $9.99 and this one is ad-free. Now, the choice is all yours.

    4. Is Paramount Plus Free with Prime?

    Yes, if you opt for any subscription plan on Amazon Prime, you will get to enjoy a 30-day free trial through the prime membership.

    So, go for it. Even if you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, you may enjoy the free trial of this platform too. But don’t forget to cancel the plan before the time is over.

    5. How to Get Paramount Plus for Free?

    There are lots of ways that will let you enjoy Paramount Plus for free without spending a single penny. In this post, we have mentioned a handful of free Paramount accounts and passwords that you can use to access all the premium services offered by this platform.

    6. What Is the Difference Between Paramount and Paramount Plus?

    There is no such difference in the availability of content provided by these two platforms. The first one is a traditional cable channel that needs a live TV subscription. On the other hand, Paramount Plus is a stand-alone video streaming platform.

    7. Is Paramount Plus Free?

    No, Paramount Plus is a paid service. You have to spend a few dollars on it. For an ad-free plan, you have to spend $9.99 and for the basic plan, you have to spend $4.99 per month.

    But if you don’t want to invest money, then pick one from the given free Paramount Plus Accounts and Passwords and enjoy services free of cost.

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    Ending the Article:

    We have provided every single piece of information regarding Paramount Plus. Now, if you are someone who searches for “free Paramount accounts that work”, this post is just for you.

    Select one account from the huge list and enjoy the premium service of Paramount Plus. But we recommend you to stay conscious while choosing an account as per yourself. Moreover, trust the accounts provided in the above lists since they are fully legitimate.

    We hope no more confusion is left regarding this topic. Now, it’s your duty to share this post with your friends if you find it helpful.

    Also, bookmark our page for more updates. For any queries, don’t forget to reach us through the comment section below.

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