Best 10 Free Sports Streaming Sites: Watch Live Sport for Free


    Best 10 Free Sports Streaming Sites

    Today I’m going to show you Best 10 Free Sports Streaming Sites, Watch Live Sport for Free.

    Today, everything went online and we too stick to the screens of mobiles and laptops for streaming all types of media. When it comes to sports, people have their own choices in watching only desired sports channels.

    Some use televisions and the rest of the internet lovers stream their favorite sports on mobiles, tablets or laptops. However, streaming sports online officially isn’t that easy.

    Because such platforms won’t let you stream sports without accepting payments or subscriptions. 

    But if you go unofficially, there are several free sports streaming sites that let you stream any of your favourite sports without restrictions and payments. Tens of Millions of sports lovers worldwide daily watch sports online for free.

    Therefore, to help you watch sports online free, here in this post we’ve hand-picked the top 10 best free sports streaming sites available in September 2021 which let you watch sports free online without any restrictions.

    Continue reading and pick the best free sports stream site that best suits all your requirements.

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    What are Free Sports Streaming Sites:

    What are Free Sports Streaming Sites

    As discussed above, free sports streaming sites allow sports users to watch any of their favorite sports matches or live online at no cost.

    Mostly, sports corporations come up with their own streaming platforms to telecast the matches for paid, while some third parties let you watch live sports free. However, you may encounter ads and pop-ups when streaming. 

    Some of the following free sports streaming sites allow you to watch almost all types of sports matches and tournaments.

    A few only stream dedicated sports matches. Therefore, choose and pick the best free sports streaming sites based on your interests. The lists of sports you can watch on these free sports streaming sites are:

    • Baseball
    • Boxing
    • Golf
    • Motorsports
    • Rugby
    • Hockey
    • Tennis
    • MLB
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Cycling
    • WWE
    • Volleyball
    • Racing
    • Handball
    • Badminton
    • TV Channels
    • TV Show
    • Soccer and many more

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    Top 10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites Available:

    The list of free sports streaming sites detailed below will also live stream sports in HD and are compatible with almost all devices including Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, PCs, tablets, mobiles and many more.

    Interestingly, the free streaming sports sites listed below don’t ask you to sign up or register. Just visit the website, select your sport and watch sports online free seamlessly.

    The major advantage with these sites is, watch free sports as well as watch live sports free anytime and anywhere in the world from any of the available devices.

    1. FootyBite:


    One of the popular and best free sports streaming sites of 2021 that majorly focus on football matches all over the world. If you’re a soccer addict, FootyBite best suits you to view live football matches and highlights in HD quality.

    The website also covers other sports such as basketball, hockey, cycling, NBA and baseball etc. It’s a user-friendly and clean interface, minimal ads and reliable links are FootBite’s unique features compared to other free sports streaming sites.

    The best thing is, no pop-ups will generate and you’ll never be redirected to an external website. Additionally, you can also check the calendar within the site to watch upcoming matches. 

    To know about the latest information on football events from the major leagues, visit the FootyNews section. FootyBite covers a huge catalog of matches every week and updates streaming links everyday so that you won’t miss a match anytime you visit the webpage.

    Therefore, if you’re the one who loves football or any other, try FootyBite to watch sports free online in high definition. No sign-up or registration is required. Just visit the website by clicking on the link below.

    Over 4 lakh+ sports lovers monthly visit FootyBite to watch sports online free.

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    2. CrackStreams:


    Enjoy the live streams of the biggest and latest sporting events of all time without buffering. CrackStreams provides tens of hundreds of live streams in various categories like American Football (Both NFL and XFL), Basketball, WWE, Boxing, MMA/UFC and NBA etc.

    When it comes to links, the website updates one day before the event. Till then, streaming links won’t be available.

    In order to access the content, click on the big buttons or dive to the bottom of the page and use quick links. You can also find CrackStreams in Reddit as r/mmastreams/, r/nbastreams, r/nflstreams, r/boxingstreams etc.

    The interface of CrackStreams is straight-forward and easy to use. The best thing is, the site never asks for any of your information to give access to the content. No sign-up or registration is required. Just visit the website and choose your favourite one to watch live sports for free.

    Ads and redirecting pop-ups are a part of the website, but sports lovers never leave using CrackStreams. With over 1.2 Million monthly visitors, the website has become one of the best free sports streaming sites to watch live sports free online. You can check the website from the link.

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    3. LiveTV:


    Follow numerous sports events and live stream sports videos, live scores, sports news and other sports related multimedia in high definition right on your smartphone. If you’re a sports guy, no matter what, LiveTV is the one that allows you to watch free sports online.

    The website almost covers all games such as basketball, tennis, US football, volleyball, hockey and soccer etc. Browse over 500 channels and stay up to date on sporting events worldwide.

    From local to international, LiveTV never lets you miss anything about the matches, tournaments, scores and news. You can also filter the content for easy navigation.

    LiveTV won’t charge you anything to watch sports. Like the above free sports streaming sites, you don’t need to enter any of your details to watch live sports free. Simply visit the site and find your sport.

    The site maintains links up-to-date. However, banner ads and some pop-ups will appear on the site, because streaming links available in this website are hosted. So be patient and close then continue.

    An interesting feature in LiveTV is messaging channels where fans talk about sports. The site also notifies you about upcoming events a few days earlier. Well-arranged content and user-friendly interface are one of its pros.

    LiVeTV has more than 35,000+ visitors and is more popular in European Countries like France, Germany, Italy etc. Use the link and redirect to LiveTV.

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    4. CricHD:


    As the name suggests, CricHD mainly focuses on cricket. If you’re a fan of cricket or watching cricket is one of your hobbies, it is the unique website that you’ll have to visit in 2021.

    It is well known for its clean interface and wide range of live streams from various channels such as Sky Sports, Bein Sports, BT Sports, OSN Sports, Star Sports, Ten Sports and many more.

    Not only cricket, but you can also watch football, rugby, tennis, Boxing, Golf and Wrestling matches in high quality. But in the category of cricket, CricHD is the leading platform for watching live cricket matches online. 

    You can stream International, Domestic, T20 League, BPL, APL, IPL, CPL, PSL, Big Bash League, Natwest T20 Blast, Canada T20 Blast, Abu Dhabi T10 League and all kinds of T20 Leagues live cricket matches in 1080p resolution.

    This is one of the reasons that made CricHD popular over the years. The website doesn’t provide any spammy links and never asks you for login or subscription plans. Like the free sports streaming sites, visit CricHD by tapping on the link below. during live cricket matches and choose the match you’d like to watch.

    If you see any ads, skip them and proceed to enjoy live cricket matches like never before. Over 90000+ cricket fans monthly visit CricHD for streaming live matches in high quality.

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    5. VIPRow Sports:

    VIPRow Sports

    It is yet another great free sports stream website that provides huge categories of sports including Football/Soccer, Wrestling, Racing, Basketball, Baseball, WWE, Boxing, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Formula 1 and many more.

    The website doesn’t host any streams as it is just a free crawler streamed by third parties with rights. If you prefer unique platforms to watch everything in one place, VIPRow Sports is the one that best suits all your requirements.

    Tens of hundreds of sports videos are available on the site and are compatible with almost all devices such as phones, tablets and PCs. The best thing is, you can also upload your own sports footage too. Its interface looks clean, user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

    Access it on any of the web browsers you’ve installed on your device. This free sports live stream website is popular among people who jailbreak their Firestick or Android TV boxes. To watch live sports free, visit the website through the link below and choose the category.

    After that talk on the icon select the one that you’d like to watch. Although ads will be displayed as well as a few pop-ups may redirect you to other external sites, close or enable ad blocker and proceed to watch live sports free without any sign-ups.

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    6. Stream2Watch:


    Enjoy watching tens of thousands of live streams of sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, NFL, Golf, Hockey, Tennis and other sports without any hassles. Adaptive videos with a multi-language audio option will ensure a unique live streaming experience for every sport you watch.

    The great thing is, for each match, game, or tournament  Stream2Watch provides several working links. Therefore, if you face any error with one link, switch to another working link. Backup streams are also available for every single broadcast.

    This free sports streaming site is compatible with all browsers and devices. No sign-ups, subscriptions, accounts are needed. From National to international sports, watch sports free online anywhere and anytime. 

    Stream2Watch is like a portal that provides links to other websites including Reddit, CrackStreams, YouTube, Twitch etc. The website doesn’t host or upload any streams.

    It offers a good experience for viewers but annoying ads and trickery pop-ups is the only drawback with Stream2Watch. Whatever you’d like to watch, find everything on the homepage, choose your sport, read the information and watch sports online free. 

    You’ll get the details about the availability of content in different video formats like HD, 1080p, Full HD, etc. You will also find multiple mirrors of the same match to download or stream.

    All in all Stream2Watch has received a great response from sports fans worldwide. At present, there are 5,20,000+ monthly visitors for Stream2Watch. Use the link and redirect to the website.

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    7. VIP League:

    VIP League

    One of the oldest and best free sports streaming sites continuing its popularity from a decade ago. If you’d like to live stream any sports in good quality, try VIP League to watch live sports free.

    No matter the category, the website is packed with all sports including fighting, formula 1, MotoGP, darts, racing, motor sports, cycling and a lot. Once you visit VIP League with the link mentioned below, you’ll find everything in the homepage.

    Simply choose the sport you’d like to watch and hit the icon. Choose the match based on time and experience it on your mobile. Unfortunately, VIP League is banned by the ISP and government in several countries. If you face any issues with the site, use a VIP network to unlock the site.

    As said above, the website looks almost similar to VIPRow along with layout and categories. Like all the free sports streaming sites we discussed above, VIP League also never asks you for sign-ups or subscription plans.

    When it comes to ads and pop-ups, a few will generate while streaming sports. It is the only drawback with VIP League. The interface is clean, user-friendly and easy to use.

    Moreover, it also displays scheduled matches of all sports. You can check them by selecting the desired sport. Visit the site via the link below and watch live sports free without any payments. The monthly visitors for VIP League is 1,48,000+. 

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    8. 123TV:


    With a clean and attractive interface, 123TV  is one of the best free sports streaming sites that captured a place of almost 30,000+ users worldwide. When it comes to sports categories, 123TV offers a lot and is well known for entertainment and news services.

    You can access this popular free live sports streaming website on any web browser and internet connected devices. The site is loaded with hundreds of channels across various categories for live streaming.

    The list includes TV series, sports, news and many others. You’ll find everything on its homepage. To view the live all you have to do is, just choose the channel and tap on the poster. The live will start automatically without pressing the play button. 

    Browse over 10 sports related streams. Also watch Top Streams, Latest Streams, Football, News, Cartoons, an Animal planet within the site.

    Its interface looks awesome, clean and simple compared to above mentioned free sports streaming sites. Like every website, 123TV also never asks for your login details. So what are you waiting for, hit the link and visit the website.

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    9. Watch ESPN:

    Watch ESPN

    As a sports fan you might know about ESPN. This incredible free sports live stream website is more than all of the above. ESPN lets you stream live sports, game Twitter replays, video highlights and also award winning movies and documents.

    You can even access featured ESPN programming online. Moreover, it is designed for broadcasting almost all types of sports channels. Unfortunately, Watch ESPN is not available in all countries. Presently the website is only available in Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

    If you’re living in Asia or Russia, you’ve to sign in first in order to access the content in Watch ESPN. Stream over 1000s of live sports events every year including College football, basketball and many others.

    If you’re unable to access Watch ESPN in your country, use a VPN and try. Otherwise it will ask you to sign in. 

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    10. Sony LIV:

    Sony LIV

    For the users of Indian, Sony LIV from Sony Entertainment is one of the best free sports streaming sites for watching popular TV shows, Sports, Movies in one place. If quality matters to you, then Sony LIV is the one-stop destination for the live action world of sports.

    No matter about your favourite sport, this platform offers various streams such as Cricket, NFL, Copa América, The FA Cup, Italian Serie A, NBA, The Masters, UEFA, La Liga, EPL, WWE, FIFA World Cup, The Rugby Championship, PGA Championship and many more. 

    Unfortunately, it is not available in don’t some areas, enable a VPN network and enjoy streaming sports in this world’s most popular entertaining service. It’s a freemium service, most of the content available in it is free to watch.

    To get rid of ads, subscribe to any of the packs to get a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience and access to huge content. To view this popular entertaining platform, just hit the link below and you’ll automatically step into Sony’s official website.

    Note: All the free sports streaming sites discussed above display ads and generate pop-ups. Therefore, we recommend you use a VPN service and any antivirus software to protect yourself from website operators, hackers and your ISP. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How to Watch Free Sports Online Without Sign-In?

    To watch sports free online, you can simply visit any of the free sports streaming sites discussed above. Every website listed above will never ask you to sign-up. 

    2. Is It Safe to Watch Live Sports Free Online?

    Actually, it is illegal to watch sports free online. Anyways, the free sports streaming sites mentioned above are safe and secure. For enhanced security, you can use a VPN and antivirus software to protect yourself from unknown eyes.

    3. What Types of Sports Are Available to Live Stream?

    Each website streams particular line streams of sports. From cricket to international games the above free sports streaming sites cover almost all sports worldwide including formula 1, racing, motor sports and fighting.

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    Ending the Article:

    These are the 10 best free sports streaming sites of 2021 that allows you to watch sports online free without asking for any of your details. Also, no sign-ups, subscriptions, accounts are needed.

    The wait is over, now you can watch live sports free anywhere and anytime in the world. Hope you have found some best free sports streaming sites. Not only these but there are also many websites outside.

    If you’re using any better websites, let us know about them in the comment section below.

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