Games play with Us gaming culture extends beyond Amusement

“The podcast is about how video games fit in the larger fabric of the civilization, and the way in which they grab ideas which exist in ordinary social discourse, and the way that games affect that dialog,” says Yeo.

“And it is something which I needed to do for quite a while, since I feel that the discussions about video games as an art form are extremely intriguing, and it is not something which gets researched that frequently. We discuss games in ways they are not frequently talked about, and it is a pity because games are incredibly interesting as a sort of amusement, and that which we find interesting is quite revealing to where we are as a society.”

“Gaming civilization has been a ground zero for the remainder of our culture. Things have a tendency to occur there , and I believe this is because it is such a passionate group of individuals, who live their own lives online and the social distances online. So inspecting looking at what is happening there and maybe that’s, is really intriguing to me”

In 1 episode specializing in games exploring character, she played with a virtual reality game which allows the player experience life as a tree.

“The sport is actually beautiful. You begin as a sapling, you develop, and socialize with buds, then you find a flame starting in the space, and that passion starts to disperse and come towards you. And it is a very profoundly impactful look at matters just like bushfires and climate modification. And I believe we view those discussions frequently start in matches in an interactive manner since it is made by those that are attempting to communicate an experience instead of tell a story occasionally. Games let you do this in a manner that other mediums may battle with.”

Yeo points into the imagination of Florence and the current struck Untitled Goose Game as illustrations.

“Whenever I look at Australian indies, I am always taken aback by the amount of imagination and wackiness and enthusiasm that is there… It is like all of the gift is here, we only want the support and funding.”

“Games are gaining that validity of becoming an entertainment medium along with a cultural item instead of simply something ridiculous and fun that children and nerds playwith. And I think that it’s very important to reframe them as the business moves forward, since it is a massive business which may be quite rewarding for Australia.”

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