Gaming the (Library) System

Ahead of Jenn Bartlett, head of adult and reference services in Manchester (Conn.) Public Library (MPL), traveled to Gen Con, the biggest tabletop-gaming conference in North America at 2014, her colleagues joked,“Oh, you are just going to play with Monopoly daily!”

Rather, that excursion efficiently kickstarted the library’s board game set. Bartlett came up with three complimentary games; now MPL’s cache, largely comprising public and publisher contributions, is currently at 275 and counting. It is the most significant library board game set in the country, she stated.

Since that time, her private collection has grown to over 350 board matches. Her all-time favored? “What is fantastic about it,” she states,”is that it is based on novels!”

Bartlett, who’s @boardgame. Librarian on Instagram, leads testimonials to BoardGameGeek, showcases goods to an average of 16,000 audiences on the Dice Tower YouTube station, and, obviously, hosts a board game set at MPL.

“Board games set us together in a table with people we care for. We are having fun and we are studying,” Bartlett says. “People will visit their regional game shop, and they are not necessarily the most welcoming or populous areas. That is why libraries are all wonderful, we’re those things”

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