How To Get The Amazing Facebook Flat Design on Google Chrome

facebook flat design

Get Facebook flat design on Google Chrome

Hey Guys, Are you bored with the old boring Facebook design? If yes then this article is just for you. We all use Facebook everyday but its too boring to use Facebook with the same UI everytime.

It is true that Facebook is working hard to improve its features. Recently Facebook launched Instant Articles which loads up 10x faster than mobile web and its works awesome. But Facebook should also work on their design as it is old now.

Nowadays all developers are adapting Material UI on their product, but it seems that Facebook isn’t interested in that, I think Facebook is planning something cool by developing its new design.

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facebook flat design

But we can’t wait till the official change of graphic by Facebook. Therefore, I have mentioned an awesome extension below from which you can enjoy the Facebook in brand new flat UI, or we can call it as FlatBook.

Well, we going to do that by using an extension called FlatBook which can turn the old Facebook UI into the Flat UI. It is developed by Roftentik and it is rated 4 stars on Chrome Web Store.

This extension doesn’t only change the graphics, but it also shows who visited your Facebook profile recently. The only drawback about this extension is that it does not work on a smartphone as it is available as .crx type. Hence, you can only use it in your computer or laptop’s Google Chrome browser.

Below I have shared the features of Flatbook.

Salient Features of Flatbook –

There are loads of features provided by its developer, but I am mentioning some of the key features of it.

1. Stunning design and interface.

2. Block Facebook Ads. So you can use it without any interruptions.

3. Use Facebook as faster than ever.

4. Offers you a left panel from which you can access all its features.

5. Quick access to 1500+ video channels.

And Much More…

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Requirements –

Below I have shared the steps to install Facebook flat design on Google Chrome.

Steps to use Facebook flat design on Google Chrome –

1. First of all, Download and Install Flatbook Extension on your Google Chrome from above-mentioned link.

facebook flat design

2. Click on “Add to Chrome” option. A popup will appear simply click on “Add Extension.”

facebook flat design

3. That’s it you are done. The Facebook flat design extension has been successfully installed in your browser.

4. Just open your Facebook account you can see that the graphics have been changed to brand new Flat UI.

facebook flat design

As I have mentioned before in the article that this extension also shows you who visited your Facebook Profile. Below I have shared the steps to know who visited your Facebook profile.

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How to know who visited your Facebook profile –

1. Firstly, open your Facebook account in the Flat UI mode.

2. Now click on the Goggle button named as “Profile Visitors” which is located in the left panel.

facebook flat design

3. A new menu will appear showing you the profile pic of your friends who probably have visited your profile recently.

4. Click on “Go to Profile” to know more about them.

Steps to uninstall Flatbook from Google Chrome –

1. Click on small Grey Facebook icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Now simply click on “Remove from Chrome” option.

facebook flat design

3. Then click on “Remove” and the extension will be removed from your browser.

Video Tutorial –

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Why using Flatbook is need of the hour?

As mentioned earlier, that Facebook is working quite aggressively to improve its features but they don’t look concerned about the design at all. We need new interface with new themes and colors which can restore the original feel as well as can also get something new to the old and boring Facebook look.

Some of you would also say that the current Facebook’s look is awesome and you already love it and don’t want to have any change with it.

Well, guys, the topic of this article is factual and not opinionated. Everyone has their opinions, and I do respect it. The article is based on my views about the Facebook design and if you’re related with it then, you can definitely take some help from this article.

Ending the Article –

I am using Flatbook extension from while now, and trust me It has impressed me a lot. This was the reason before posting this article.

The main aim of the article was the spread the awareness of the Facebook flat design to give you the fresh new experience of using Facebook. That’s it guys enjoy the Flat UI and let us know your experience in the comment box.

So, hence was the post to install Facebook flat design on Google Chrome. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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