How To Get A Lot Of Subscribers On YouTube Free 2020 [Updated]


get lot of subscribers on youtube

Get lots of subscribers on YouTube – YouTube is the biggest platform for video sharing.

In 2014 YouTube said 300 hours of new videos are uploaded every minute.

Many YouTube channels are earning a lot of money from YouTube.

You can also promote your products on YouTube to get extra sales or create a YouTube channel to represent your business online.

It is an easy task to create a YouTube channel, but it is very difficult to get views on your videos.

If you have many subscribers on your YouTube channel, then you can easily get more views on your videos. There are many YouTubers who are spending a significant amount of money to get unlimited subscribes on YouTube.

There are many methods to get subscribers on YouTube, but most of them are paid or require the survey to complete. I have also shared How to Download YouTube videos in your Smartphone.

Ways to get lot of subscribers on YouTube –

1. Produce Standard Content –

Content is king! You should not compromise on content, as its lifts your channel to new heights.

If you create standard quality content to your viewers which are unique, informative, entertaining and full of creativity, then this is sure that you can build a large subscribers base within few months.

Whatever your product is regardless your niche should be up to the mark.

get lot of subscribers on youtube

YouTube is filled with content driven videos almost every topic of making has a video on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean that you should lose hope.

Remember guys if your content is good then no viewers will leave your channel without subscribing it.

Don’t try to rehash your content from elsewhere or from any other channel, try to build something on your own.

The thing or topic which you like should be well scripted and well pictured, so people would find easy to connect with your videos.

The only thing which will help you to get lot of subscribers on YouTube is Quality content, so it is better to invest your much time in your content. Well rehearsed quality content is the key to increase Youtube subscribers.

2. Frequent Uploads –

Regular uploads are very important for your channel.

Your subscriber subscribes your channel because they love and admire your work as well, they want to see you doing work frequently.

Build a proper schedule of uploading videos.

Don’t let your subscribers wait for so long or don’t even try to upload daily. All I mean to say is that if you want to build a relationship with your viewers, then you should be in constant touch with your audience.

Consistency is the key here, for building reputation between your subscribers you have to be very prominent and punctual in terms of uploading your content and that also in a scheduled manner.

3. Promoting your Content to different platforms –

We are living in the world which is very social media sabby.

Each and everyone these days are on social media, so you need to be present at all the social media platforms to maintain a relationship with your subscribers and to gain more popularity as a brand.

Share your content at every big Social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest and many more.

get lot of subscribers on youtube

Paid Ads on Facebook and Google can frequently be used to reach more people.

If you’re on budget, then paid ads can be very useful for you.

Gaining popularity on different social media platforms can play a major part for your channel.

Remember every social media platform is right for your promotions, so don’t underestimate the power of them.

4. Interaction with your audience on a regular basis –

Daily communication with your regular fan base can make the product more efficient for them.

You will be able to mold yourself on the basis of reviews of your loyal subscribers. Especially interaction on social media can play a vital role.

My personal opinion on connecting people on Facebook was excellent to build a fan base on Facebook and interact with them.

Their comments on your videos show the helpful reviews, use them, utilize them, and it can bring your epic results.

5. YouTube SEO [ Plus Point ] –

YouTube search engine is smart enough to find out which video should rank and which to not.

As being the second biggest search engine, it has some ranking factors which you have to follow to make your video rank on 1st position.

The YouTube SEO includes Meta description, proper usage of focus keyword, meta tags, user experience i.e comments, like and dislikes, average view duration etc. You can find out more at Backlinko’s YouTube SEO Guide.

get lot of subscribers on youtube

6. Encouraging your audience to subscribe –

The most essential and important thing when it comes to building subscribers base is that you should urge your audience to like and subscribe your channel.

Requesting them to do at the end of the every video is the key.

Your request should be unique in its own way that people should feel that click on that on holy “red button” is the must.

get lot of subscribers on youtube

Some of the common ways is a personal request from you only. Other than that you can also try a bottom mark on the lower of the video, linking the link in the description can also be done.

Or Adding end cards and annotations at the end of the videos.

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7. Maintain uniqueness with your video titles –

People are attracted with your videos by their titles, and it should be catchy enough that the viewer should feel that something is interesting in this video, then and then only you can generate more views.

As an audience, I don’t know what a video is all about. So the title should be related to your content with a creative approach.

get lot of subscribers on youtube

Adding Focus keywords like amazing, huge, proven, instant can grab attention for viewers quickly and can be useful for your videos to get more subscribers on YouTube.

Emotional words and phrases catch attention and attract clicks.

8. Be Original –

Last but not the least, being original is the epic success mantra if you’re not original and just rehashing the content from somewhere else then it won’t work, you won’t be able to build a large and sustainable subscribers base.

You need to be honest with your audience before entertaining them.

Whatever your idea is to project it in such manner that your audience should love it can give you a thumbs up at every video.

get lot of subscribers on youtube

Every successful person in this world is original at expressing his ideas. So, please I suggest you guys be ORIGINAL.

9. Increase subscriber in one click –

There are many websites which pretend to give you many subscribers, but they all are a waste of time.

So today I have bought a website from which you can easily get lot of subscribers on YouTube for free.

This website is 100% legit, so you don’t have to worry about getting a ban on your YouTube account.

We are going to do this by a site called SubMeNow. It is the best site for to get lot of subscribers on YouTube, likes & views.

It saves your time and promotes your channel by doing giving real subscribers. So below I have shared the method to get lot of subscribers on YouTube for free.

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Steps to use SubMeNow –

1. First of all, open the SubMeNow site – Click here to Redirect.

2. Now click on “Subscribe Me Now” button.

get lot of subscribers on youtube

3. Then a new page will appear for asking your permission to access your Google account. Just give the access to SubMeNow.

4. After that find the box of subscribers plan and choose the Free+ plan by clicking on Subscribe Me Now button.

get lot of subscribers on youtube

5. Now it will begin the process of giving you the subscribers.

get lot of subscribers on youtube

6. That’s it you are done. Within few hours you will get upto 20 subscribers or least 10.

7. Repeat the above process after 24 hours to get more subscribers.

get lot of subscribers on youtube

Note – Do not unsubscribe the channel subscribed by SubMeNow or else your SubMeNow account will be ban forever.

Quick Tips –

1. Do promotions of your old videos if you are running out of ideas.

2. Create attractive covers for better CTR.

3. Create memes and funny photos relevant to your niche and put a watermark of your channel link at the bottom, trust me it works best.

4. If you have no ideas for your new video then asks your viewers for some ideas by using Google Forms or publishing a post about it on your Facebook page or Twitter handle.

5. And finally, keep patience, do your best and wait for the rest. Believe in your work and never lose faith/hope.

If you follow these steps properly then definitely one day you will get lot of subscribers on YouTube and the success will be yours.

Hence, these were the most 9 most useful methods to get lot of subscribers on YouTube.

Ending the Article –

More and more people are jumping to YouTube to show their passion to the world with a desire to earn money with it. Thus, I thought this is the perfect hour to publish an article clearing the whole picture to increase subscriber So, my reader can help themselves with it.

The article will surely help you guys to understand the nature of YouTube. To make it profitable for you. Follow the above given steps carefully to make the most out of YouTube, and you will definitely succeed and will have lead to a great patch to get unlimited subscribers on YouTube.

So, hence was the post to get lot of subscribers on YouTube. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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    • No, it will not affect your Adsense account and yes if your videos will get real views then you will earn money from Adsense


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