9 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Talk to Lonely Men (Get Paid to Chat, Text and Flirt)


9 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Talk to Lonely Men

Today I’m going to share with you 9 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Talk to Lonely Men.

How much time do you spend chatting with friends, relatives and others? Minutes, hours or days. Just kidding. Generally, we all chat to express our words right. Well, in the world of the internet there are tons of platforms that provide services for connecting people.

But what if I say that you can get paid to talk to lonely men in the US, UK and even the rest of the world. If you love chatting, prepare yourselves to get paid to talk to lonely people. 

In the world of the rising population, there are lonely people who look for someone to listen to their words. Companies and social media sites also hire such individuals to keep their businesses active.

If we consider Amazon, it hires online chat representatives and pays them for chatting online. So that they cater to the customers inquiries and help build trust and care between customer and company. 

Therefore, if you guys want to get paid to talk to lonely men, we’ve listed some best companies where you will get paid to talk to men online. Actually, these are of two types.

  1. Being paid for talking to people and,
  2. Being paid for legitimate jobs that involve texting.

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What You Need to Get Paid to Talk to Guys Online for Money:

What You Need to Get Paid to Talk to Guys Online for Money

In order to get paid to talk to guys online, you don’t need multiple things. Just check that you’ve high-speed internet and a smartphone or laptop. That’s enough to talk to lonely guys for money. 

List of Best Companies Where you’ll Get Paid to Talk to Lonely Men:

1. Premium.Chat


One of the best sources to get paid to talk to lonely people. It’s the ultimate platform to make money on social media and on your website. If you’ve more fans and a large number of followers on social media, Premium.Chat best suits you.

It’s a minute based chatting platform that provides income for every minute when you interact with customers and followers via video calls, voice calls, text etc. Whoever you’re doesn’t matter.

In fact it is perfect for counselors, coaches, advisors, experts, influencers and people who have work experience in tech support agents. 

The great thing is, it allows you to set per minute fees or flat rates manually. The mode of payment is also under the discretion of influencers and advisors. The sign-up process is very easy.

To do it, visit Premium.Chat and provide your credentials. Create a chat widget or profile. Then copy and paste your profile on your website and social media.

After setting minute fees, set your availability and accept or decline requests you receive. You don’t need to install an app, connect securely and chat with people from any device.

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2. Fiverr:


Are you a freelancer? If yes, then Fiverr offers you the option of getting paid to chat. It’s an Israeli online marketplace that provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers all over the world. People buy and sell a variety of digital services offered by freelance contractors.

The services include writing, translation, graphic design, video editing and programming. Start at $5 and go upto thousands of dollars with gig extras. The pricing of gigs depends on how much a seller earns per completed task.

Gigs are basically advertisements for services. You have to buy them. 

To do it, sign up and set up a concert of your own. Then wait for the people interested in buying. It gives 100% privileges to buyers thereby neglecting seller rights.

Once you’ve finished your job, request a refund and to get your money, use PayPal or Payoneer to withdraw.

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3. LiveWorld:


Another best platform to get paid to talk to lonely men. LiveWorld offers you proper compensation for getting paid to chat. It’s a California-based digital agency and software company specializing in social media solutions that help companies build customer relationships.

Engage with interactive content, eye catching images and peer-to-peer conversations. The services offered by LiveWorld are social media consumer engagement services, social media content moderation and others tailored for pharmaceutical businesses.

Software solutions offered by LiveWorld include customer service platforms integrated with social media, messaging, web and mobile chat. All of the employees in this platform are assigned with following duties.

  • Engagement and monitoring
  • Social media content moderation
  • Determining topics and emerging issues

The skills you require to work in LiveWorld are excellent typing and better communication, being capable of multitasking and proper grammar etc. The pay is hourly based.

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4. Chat Operator Jobs:

Chat Operator Jobs

Get paid to talk to lonely men. This is an incredible platform for ladies. Because only ladies are hired by this site for chatting with lonely guys. If you want to make some extra amount, join and work whenever you’re free.

What you heard is true, no time slots are required, work in your free time but make sure that you’ve to reply to a minimum of 75 messages each week.

For every textual reply, the site offers 0.2 USD. In order to work as a chat operator, some basic requirements are necessary to get paid to talk to lonely guys for money.

  • An active PayPal account.
  • Age 25 or above.
  • Availability for replying to a minimum of at least 75 messages every week.

Work from anywhere online either full time or part time. No registration fees and charges. It transfers work data everyday to your panel. No tags and time limits. Work freely and earn nicely.

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5. Just Answer:

Just Answer

Like Chat Operator Jobs, this platform is also the best way to get paid to talk to lonely men online. Just Answer is a Q and A website that connects different sorts of experts from various streams like medical, automotive, veterinary, tech support and a few others.

You have to respond to the questions from professional doctors, mechanics, lawyers, people and many more.

If you’ve good communication skills and highly expertise knowledge, No matter that this platform Just Answer is the go to choice and best suited for people who want to earn much more money within a short span of time.

Just Answer average pay range from 5 USD to 30 USD for each accepted answer.

In order to get the amount, remember that your answers must have professional concepts with good phrases. Moreover, a withdrawal amount of 20 USD must be present in your account.

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6. Asurion:


Do you have any work experience in a call center? Even if you don’t have experience, it doesn’t matter. Asurion employs both part time and full time chat agents to work from their homes.

If you want to earn some extra gig, Asurion is the right choice. Get paid to talk to lonely men online. The average pay you receive in Asurion is approximately 10 USD to 12 USD for an hour.

It is trusted by 300 million worldwide Google, Trustpilot, Amazon etc. Work remotely every day, the minimum age requirement is 16 and above. For teenagers, it is a good earning point. 

The company operated in 14 countries and had 49 offices with 19000 employees serving every area. You can self-create a work schedule by the service of providing employees. So if you want to get paid to talk to lonely people, Asurion is the one that you’ve to try.

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7. Chat Support Representatives in Amazon:

Chat Support Representatives in Amazon

Amazon doesn’t need any introduction. In the list, this platform plays a vital role in hiring people to get paid to talk to lonely men. As an e-commerce company, it requires chat support representatives to answer the day to day queries of individual customers.

So that customers fulfill their shopping experience without any hassles. You know that everyone who works for customer service is focused on solving problems. It’s mission is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. 

The great thing is, if you show outstanding performance, then Amazon will hire you as a permanent employee. Amazon never compromises in providing attractive rates of compensation.

So you’ll get more payment than you imagine. We suggest that the best time to get paid to talk to men is between September and January. Therefore, if you’re interested in working as a chat support representative in the world’s biggest e-commerce giant, apply today and earn more.

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8. The Chat Shop:

The Chat Shop

It is a UK based company that offers live chat support for multiple brands all over the world. If you’re good at typing and love helping people, get paid to chat online with men in Chat Shop.

Everything is online based and your location is not important. Work from home in free time without any time limits and targets. All you need is a good internet connection, a positive personality, fast typing and the best communication skills.

Chat Shop outsources live chat experts to the countries of the UK and US. 

Actually, it hires people for various services such as sales representatives, customer services and technical services. If you’re busy most of the day, work remotely as an agent. But make sure that your working hours should be atleast 20-30 per every week.

On average you’ll get $10 of hourly compensation. To become a chat agent in Chat Shop, finish the typing test by managing 65 words per minute without errors and submit your application.

Later, email your CV and answer the following statements. Once your application has been accepted, you’ll be offered a live chat interview.

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9. Working Solutions:

Working Solutions

Like Chat Shop, It also offers independent contractor, work at home opportunities for people in the United States and Canada.

If you’re good at communication and have work experience in a call center, get in touch with Working Solutions and apply today. It serves the energy, retail, communications, financial, travel and healthcare industries. 

The work can be virtually done in all areas of the world by providing various services such as sales representative, providing customer services and technical services. What you have to do is, connect to the customers and cater to their questions in an efficient way. 

The average pay ranges from $7 to $30 per day. Moreover, every program is paid differently. It’s your capability, make more or less depending on the program and incentives. 

Note: Working Solutions do not accept applicants outside the United States and Canada.

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10. KGB:


It’s a whole new way of running money online. Get paid to talk to lonely people by simply answering the queries raised by people via messaging. KGB is a Russian enriched service provider that offers enhanced information, directory assistance and consumer lending.

It was a private company based in New York City. Over 20 years, it has been providing individuals with information services by building the industry’s leading telecommunication brands. 

In 2010, KGB launched a search engine to individually manage its web reputation. To get paid to lonely men, KGB is offering part-time, occasional, freelance and telecommuting employment opportunities.

Before joining, you have to pass a vetting test for confirmation. The average pay in KGB is $0.10 for every reply and $0.5 for every response you receive from the database.

Unlike others, the payment is directly transferred to your bank account. So you don’t need any PayPal and other third party sources for withdrawals.

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11. Accolade Support:

Accolade Support

If you’ve good conversational skills, then Accolade Support is the one that best suits you. It works with companies to improve their return on investment (ROI). Accolade Support utilizes a network of seasoned marketing professionals across the US to help customers via chat.

Therefore, the only requirement you need is proper communication and typing skills. Independent contractors worldwide offer the services of call centers.

Accolade Support hires from various locations and assigns specific tasks like sales representative, customer services and technical services. 

The work involves taking customer complaints, assisting with technical support issues and selling additional services. So if you’re looking for an opportunity to get paid to chat online with men, try Accolade Support, earn extra income and also improve your technical skills.

The average pay ranges between $10 to $12 per hour of work. No time management, work from anywhere and anytime. 

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12. Live Sales Chat:

Live Sales Chat

It hires independent contractors as chat agents. Live Sales Chat mainly focuses on bringing in skilled people. If you’re interested in catering to their customers, apply today and join in Live Sales Chat.

Your core responsibilities include online chat, email and support tickets. The company offers three different solutions.

  • Customer Support Solution
  • Online Booking Solution and 
  • Online Sales Solution

Each solution provides online agents 24 hours a day to engage customers and answer questions. The team is 100% remote and based in North America. Join and get paid to chat online with men. The average pay for members of the team is around $500 per month.

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13. Presto Experts:

Presto Experts

It is a Q and A platform that hires experts to provide online chat services. Presto Experts help people and businesses in providing answers to their questions. Therefore, if you have high expertise knowledge, sign up and share it with your clients via chat, email or phone.

So that you’ll be paid to talk to lonely people online. Whatever the subject knowledge you have, share it and earn money either as part time or full time. Presto Experts will pay you $2 to $3 per minute.

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14. Liveops:


Make money with virtual call centers by chatting with customers. It hires chat agents from all over the world to provide customer service. The core tasks will be customer service, customer acquisition, revenue maximization and inbound calls etc.

The best thing is it doesn’t just satisfy customer expectations. Moreover, it keeps both customer and company information safe with best-in-class security encryption. So that all your data will be kept safe.

No experience is required, if you are good at communication, join Liveops and make around $10 per hour by chatting and receiving calls from the company. 

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15. American Express:

American Express

One of the leading platforms in providing financial, insurance and travel services to customers. American Express hires customer service agents to take calls, reply to emails and chat online with customers.

The core duties involve providing reservations for travelers and responding to customers inquiries. Moreover, American Express pays you a reasonable amount. If you perform well, you have the chance to earn more.

On average, chat agents will earn upto $15 per hour. To apply for it, simply upload your resume in any format by visiting the official website and they’ll contact you.

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Ending the Article:

Today, work from home has changed the way of our lives. Several online platforms with reasonable payouts are hiring skilled people to solve the questions or customers. All such best sources are listed above.

If you’re looking for a way to help others, join in any of the platforms mentioned above and get paid to talk to lonely men. Work from home, no time limits and exact targets. Check your availability and work full time or part time.

Every minute of your day costs several dollars. Prepare yourselves and make some extra gigs by helping people with your knowledge.

So take a step and connect to the platform that best suits you. If you feel this article is helpful, share it with your friends and bookmark our page.

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