Google Assistant’s New Ambient Mode Officially Released

Google launched a brand new feature called Ambient Mode for Google Assistant to its Android smartphones. Google first talked about Ambient Mode in IFA in September 2019.

The features shows onscreen notifications such as calendar information, weather, alarms, and smart house controls onto your lock screen as soon as your phone or tablet is connected to a charger.

It turns your phone into a real life Jarvis and we are still wondering how does it works.

But did you ever thought one day your android smartphone would not be less than a Jarvis? It really sound pretty awesome. We love you 3000 Google.

However it feels like Ambient Mode can let you know exactly what your next meeting is, when your appointment is, and allow you to switch off the lights from the lock screen when you are going to leave the home.

But if you would like to try out this now, you may need to wait. They still haven’t cleared which smartphones would be getting this update today, but we all know the Pixels devices would be the first one to get the update.

The company also started that the feature would be exclusively available to android devices above 8.0 Oreo, therefore we’re not sire whether it may roll to the previous android versions.

We will let you know in the article once things are cleared by Google officially.

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