Google makes RCS chat Android’s Chief Messaging platform in the United States

Google rolled out its Rich Communication Services (RCS) on Android because its principal texting platform for Android users. Using RCS on Android, you are able to chat more than Wi-Fi or cellular information, send and receive high-resolution photographs and videos, and determine if folks have obtained your newest messages.

Google is really making RCS chat Android’s main messaging platform rolling out accessibility to some Android consumer in the united states. But like many other texting programs, such as iMessage or Signal, it doesn’t offer you end-to-end encryption as an alternative.

Google RCS chat is dependent on your telephone number, so whenever you’re texting with someone who also has it, then it ought to only turn on automatically on your conversation. For RCS, you merely must utilize Android Messages as the default option texting program on your own Android cellphone.

Google Messages is not the default messaging program on many Android apparatus, but if you download it and empower the Chat Characteristics capability, it is possible to experiment using the RCS protocol when messaging different Messages users.

Individuals are able to turn Google RCS conversation by opening the Android Messages program and, when informed, empower the chat attributes. But, Google is doing a slow rollout and many people in the united states will find the newest features by the end of the year.

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