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Google Will Be Rewarding Hackers for Finding Loopholes in Android Apps with 100M+ Downloads

All the famous Apps put countless hours and money on their security. Apps with vulnerability can put user’s personal information at high risk. Previously we have seen users leaked info getting sold on dark web many times.

Some of these Apps received lot of bug bounties resulting into young hackers being millionaires.

New policies launched by Google for its bug bounty programs:

The safety researchers, who’ll report any loopholes within those Apps will probably be rewarded from not just Google but also in the program’s programmers if they run insect management application on the stage called HackerOne.

This brand new measure by Google opens chances for safety researchers to assist countless businesses discover and fix any vulnerability in their Apps.

The vulnerability reported by security investigators will be gathered by Google and filed to Google’s very own malware security tools to make checks and discover all of similar Apps available with associated vulnerabilities.

The  GPSRP (Google Play Security Reward Program) makes these Apps eligible for benefits even when the Apps developers aren’t running any bug bounty programs.

How Will Google Mend the Safety Flaws?

Every time a safety researcher will detect some vulnerability within an App, notifications will be sent to programmers of the Apps such as the in depth insight on safety flaw in their Apps and instructions about the best way best to repair it.

Google Play app programmers utilize App Safety Development (ASI) application for a support to boost its App’s security along with the alarms to program developers concerning the vulnerabilities will be transmitted through Play Console (part of ASI app).

The ASI application has helped over 300,000 programmers to fix over 1,000,000 programs on Google Playstore. This program assisted over 30,000 programmers to fix 75,000 Apps in 2018 alone.

The Apps found with vulnerabilities won’t hurt user’s experience until it is fixed under certain time.

Google rewarded safety researchers with over $265,000 from bounties by its GPSRP, with the boost in reward and scope; over $75,500 were granted at the insect bounties between the months of July and August.

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