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Some hidden features of Google Maps

features of google maps
Google Maps simply have a become a part of our daily lives. With little over a 200 million active users Google maps is simply one of the largest networks on the world. From finding places to routing traffic we’ve done it all from Google Maps. It is a super valuable App offered by Google.You already know some features of Google Maps but in this post I’ve got something you don’t know about Google maps. Below I have mentioned some hidden features of Google Maps that you probably you never know. Highly Recommended – How to create Animation movie in Android device.

Features of Google maps – 

1. While traveling abroad, you can use Google Maps as a free GPS without an international data plan by making use of its hidden offline maps feature.2. You can use this feature by simply zooming to a map area you want offline in the maps app and typing “OK maps” into the search box, and then this data will be available even when you don’t have data connectivity.

3. You’ll know you did it right if you see this dialog box –

features of google maps
4. This works in both the iOS and Android apps. we also suggest “Starring” places of interest since you can’t search or route when offline.5. For routes, take screenshots of searches when you are online and use them as guides.

6. That’s it you’re done.

So, hence was the post on Features of Google maps. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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