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The History and the Best Product of Mojang

best products of mojang

Do you like video games? If you are a video game lover, you must hear about Minecraft and the news around it. Minecraft was developed and then published in 2011, and has become one of the best sandbox type games ever created. It’s an open-world environment, and versatile functionality make this game that truly shines not only in the gaming industry but also in the social media society.

Minecraft is currently the best-selling video game of all time across all platforms. With it’s Minecraft free download and pay for more features, it’s inevitably boosted up its sales. How on earth can this game ever be created? Ever wonder who these amazingly talented creators behind this game are? Here is a brief introduction to the history of the company behind Minecraft.


Minecraft was developed by Mojang AB, one of the Swedish video game companies which reside in Sweden. “Mojang” literally means gadgets in Swedish, and it’s currently headquartered in Stockholm. The company was founded by Markus Persson in 2009, who also participated in the creation of Minecraft. Markus, also known as Notch, has teamed up with another video game designer, Rolf Jansson, and they have initiated the development of an MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game back in 2003, and the game has obtained profits for the then company Mojang Specifications AB, which was founded by both Markus Persson and Rolf Jansson in 2007.

Sometime after that, Markus Persson has agreed with Rolf Jansson to create an individually-owned company, and Markus might keep the Mojang name for his company while Rolf had to change it to another name for his. Thus Mojang AB was created under the leadership of Markus and eventually developed Minecraft.

Mojang AB

Although Mojang AB has been bought by Microsoft in 2014, Mojang still has the freedom to contribute to innovative gaming ideas and possessed the flexibility and culture they used to have, even under Microsoft. Mojang continued to polish Minecraft and increase its visibility by extending the game to different platforms, including Apple’s iOS, Sony’s PlayStation, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows and Xbox, the latest Nintendo’s Switch, and so forth, basically all the gaming platforms and consoles on the market you can find.

Men and women in Mojang still regard themselves as independent game developers and continue to pour their dedication and devotion purely to the game without compromising or sacrificing game content to meet certain requirements that may jeopardize the game itself from the parent company.

Minecraft is not the only game Mojang ever developed. In 2014, Mojang also released Caller’s Bane, originally known as Scrolls, a collection-type card game that requires strategy management. This is a huge departure from Minecraft as Markus Persson and another developed Jakob Porser want to fill the gap of the gaming market at that time to create an innovative card game with a traditional touch.

Although innovative and bold, Caller’s Bane didn’t get the intended sales and reception as expected, and the game itself didn’t attract so many gamers as Minecraft did. Thus, Mojang has decided to stop any further content addition or game-related development in 2016 and decided to shut down the game servers in 2018.

Caller’s Bane

In 2016, Mojang created another game title, Crown and Council, which has been considered as a turn-based strategy game. It’s available for free and was meant to provide entertainment value as well as a certain kind of challenge. However, as the content of the game is limited and not many levels to play through, it has been considered one of the unexceptional and ordinary titles developed by Mojang as Caller’s Bane.

Crown and Council

After not-so-great reception from both games, Mojang has changed its focus back to Minecraft and dedicated to creating more related content and found innovation and creation either in gameplay styles or different genres. In early 2019, Mojang has released Minecraft Earth, a similar style sandbox game as the original Minecraft but intensely focused on augmented reality especially on mobile platforms.

It’s meant to provide mobile phone users an exceptional and unforgettable augmented reality experience while retaining familiarity regarding most of the elements from Minecraft. Moreover, Mojang will release another Minecraft extension project, Minecraft Dungeons, on all major gaming consoles as well as Microsoft Windows in 2020.

This game will instead focus on Action RPG or ARPG as a major playstyle, and it’s also capable of online gaming up to four players at the same time. It has been considered as one of the boldest moves for Mojang to expand the Minecraft universe from a sandbox-style game to an ARPG game. Every Minecraft lover will soon be able to find out what it offers and the impact it may bring for another few months later.

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