How Does FTP Protocol Work Over The Internet?

File Transfer is now is emerged one of the most important means for computing in several years. Uploading and downloading files through the Internet is handy in many ways, and that can do lots of tasks in a couple of minutes.

Those two mediums made exchanging data withing two devices very easy and compatible. You may like to know that how those two mediums works? Those two mediums work through a method called File Transfer Protocol ( FTP ).

FTP is a protocol which s used for exchanging data or we can say for uploading and downloading files from one host to another using any TCP network, mainly Internet.

FTP basically works by the method called Client-Server making the connection between a client and a server. By default, it runs on port 21. Without FTP file advanced file transferring which are doing quite flawlessly in our day to day lives would have been just a dream.

Let’s go a bit deep into FTP. FTP as allows it’s users to authenticate themselves through normal username and passwords. Some server also allows to configure anonymously but depend on the server, but not every server grants that permission. The way is fast, secure and doesn’t have any limitation related to bandwidth.

Prerequisite for using FTP –

  • Any FTP software (client) should be installed on your computer. Some of the famous FTP softwares are FileZilla, Cyberduck, CuteFTP, WinSCP etc.
  • FTP server address. Sometimes the server address like FTP.google.com or it will also be given in numeric form like

What FTP can actually do?

1. Transfer files within computers.

2. List files.

3. Create and Remove directories

How FTP works –

Fixing a network protocol can be one ordeal, we understand. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with detailed insights on how a FTP Protocol works on the internet, and how to fix network protocols, so as to keep you sorted in the face of any crisis.

As FTP works on port 21, it connects to a server through a TCP Internet connection to the same port 21. The connection always remains open for a particular amount of time and thus it is called control session. Then when another connection is opened through the same server is called data-connection.

In between, the authenticating, command and administrating part exchanged between the client and the server is done by Control Session. After that, when any other connection is opened it is called data connection.

The File Transfer Protocols uses two transfer codes – Binary and ASCII.

  • Binary – Its transfer rate is faster than ASCII and has less chance of transmission error. It transmits 8 bits per byte.
  • ASCII – The default mode used by FTP and transmits 7 bpb (bits per byte).

Here is the video explaining how FTP works over the internet –

Ending the Article –

At the end of the article, I need to tell you guys that if in simple words I explain you about FTP then, it is a medium which derives your uploading and downloading to or from Internet. Without the principle of FTP those two things would be impossible and completely unimaginable. But you will read the article carefully and point to point then you will easily understand the whole concept of FTP so good that you even will be able to explain it to others.

So, thus, were our thoughts related to FTP. Kindly comment your reviews and questions in the comment box.

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