How Long Does It Take Google Drive to Process a Video


    How Long Does It Take Google Drive to Process a Video

    Today I’m going to share with you How Long Does It Take Google Drive to Process a Video.

    Are you fed up with the long uploading process of any video on Google Drive and you are searching for the answer that how long does it take google drive to process a video? This article will be very informative for you.

    Google Drive is an application of G suits, which allows the users to store data up to 15 GB for free and the user can purchase more storage from multiple cloud storage plans.

    In this covid pandemic when all offices and business organizations have started a new culture of work from home, the use of Google Drive has risen because of its interesting storage features.

    There are multiple companies where professional workers start uploading all their data like images and videos on Google Drive, which may create a burden on the cloud service of Google.

    The result can be seen in terms of the slower processing time for uploading the video.

    This situation raises a query of how long does it take for google drive to process a video.

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    Why Does a Company or Individual Require Uploading Videos on Google Drive?

    There can be multiple reasons for uploading videos on Google drives. Some of them are listed below:

    • It allows accessing the video file anywhere at any location, just the users need an internet connection.
    • It allows the users to stream the video file online with the help of a built-in media player.
    • No need to keep extra storage devices
    • Can access the video on any device like desktop, laptop and even in android or IOS smartphone.

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    How Long Does Google Drive Take to Process a Video?

    Google photos and Google drives are the two applications from G suits that allow uploading videos. There is no defined time of uploading a video but it depends majorly on three factors.

    • Video file size
    • Internet speed
    • Configuration of the device you are using

    But the crucial factor is file size. Suppose you have to upload a video of 2GB size on Google drive, it will take nearly 1 hour with optimum internet speed.

    Apart from it, the video will require approximately 20 minutes more to process to ensure the quality of display after playback.

    If you want to reduce the time of uploading video on Google drive, you can reduce the video file size or increase the internet speed with the combination of good configuration devices.

    If you want to know more methods of fixing it or how long does it take google drive to process a video? Keep reading this article.

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    What Should Be Done to Fix the Google Drive Processing Video Error?

    Till now you have got an idea how long does it take for Google drive to process a video, but if you want to solve the Google drive processing video error on your own, you can follow any of the following methods:

    Method 1 – Update Browser:

    An old and outdated version of your browser may cause your system to appear Google drive processing video error. Whether you are using Chrome or any other internet browser, you need to update your browser to its latest version.

    Here I am going to demonstrate using Google Chrome, which may improve the error due to which you are reading this article how long does it take Google Drive to process a video?

    1. Open the Chrome browser and click on the menu icon located in the upper right corner.

    How Long Does It Take Google Drive to Process a Video

    2. Click on the help > About Google Chrome.

    How Long Does It Take Google Drive to Process a Video

    3. The browser will automatically start checking the latest update. It is not found updated, the process downloading starts automatically.

    How Long Does It Take Google Drive to Process a Video

    4. Once you get the latest version, you will need to relaunch chrome.

    5. Now login to Google drives and check Google drive processing video error still occurs or not.

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    Method 2 – Clear Browsing Data and Cache Memory:

    Your browsing history is saved in the cache memory, which slows down the running speed of any webpage and it may also be one of the reasons for Google drive processing video.

    The cleaning up process for your browser’s cache memory can be an effective way to solve your problem and restrict you from wasting time on searching how long does it take Google Drive to process a video?

    1. Open Chrome browser > menu icon > more tools > clear browsing data.

    How Long Does It Take Google Drive to Process a Video

    2. Select all the time options in Time range > check cookies and other site data > Cached images files > clear data.

    How Long Does It Take Google Drive to Process a Video

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    Method 3 – Share Videos Via Offline Mode:

    If Google drive is still showing the video processing errors and you are still finding the solution for how long does google drive take to process a video. It would be good to look after another solution like sharing the videos using offline mode.

    1. Connect the device to the other device using a USB cable and share the video

    2. Use any other data backup tools or devices to move the video from one device to another device.

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    Method 4 – Download Videos Via Sharing a Link:

    The other method is to download the video for the time being. Google Drive gives you an option to download the processing video which is showing an error. Follow the step by step process.

    1. Select the processing video.

    2. Right-click on the file > choose share/share icon > create a share link.

    How Long Does It Take Google Drive to Process a Video

    3. Open the sharing link in the new tab, click on the 3 dots on the processing video and you will see the downloading option tab.

    If you follow the above methods, you will never face the google drive processing video error and you will never search for how long does it take google drive to process a video.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What Does Processing a Video Mean?

    If you have been using Google drive for many days, you can relate to it easily. If you are uploading a video, image or any file on Google drive and it takes a few minutes to open and download the video.

    This additional time is taken by a file during uploading known as processing a video or a file.

    2. What Are the Common Causes That Lead to Occur While Uploading a Video on Google Drive?

    • If you have a slow internet connection, it will surely take time to process
    • A single file can be uploaded easily, if you are uploading multiple files together Google verifies all of them and it will affect the uploading speed of the video or any file.
    • If a system is of low configuration, video uploading on a drive may take a long time
    • If the video file size is very large.

    3. How to Avoid the Situation of Waiting for Long While Uploading Videos or Files on Google Drive?

    • Always try to resize the file in a smaller one.
    • Avoid uploading multiple files, too many files may delay the uploading process.
    • If you can’t wait, try to upload in the night before sleeping. or at the time when you are busy with other stuff.
    • Always keep your drivers up to date for smooth functioning.
    • These are some simple yet working solutions for how long does it take google drive to process a video.

    4. What Are the Alternative Applications for Google Drive

    • Dropbox business
    • Sync
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • pCloud
    • Apple cloud for only Mac users

    5. Why Am I Not Able to Play Video on My Google Drive?

    Sometimes it may be the browser that is causing an error. And it can happen due to some hardware computer system.

    Sometimes the reason might be that video is not in the relevant format, because Google drive doesn’t align with the older or less used video formats. It should be in the formats which are commonly used.

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    Ending the Article:

    If you are the one who is working from home in this covid situation and using Google drive for your official work. You might have faced the processing error while uploading the video and this question has come to your mind how long does it take google drive to process a video.

    Providing a solution to your problem, I have tried to cover all the information and details about how long does google drive takes to process a video. If you find this article suitable and worthful, do share it with your community or colleagues who are facing the same error.

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