How to compress 1GB file upto 10MB [ 100% Working ]

compress 1GB file upto 10MB

Compressing a file isn’t a very difficult task today there are so much software available out there to perform this task. The most known softwares for this is WinRar or Win Zip, but the real problem with these softwares is efficiency and they only compress the file upto 10% which is defiantly not enough. But the software We’ve got a software for you guys called KGB Archiver that compress 1GB file upto 10MB.

Compressing a file can be very useful. The common benefit is that you require very less space to save big files, which is very helpful for maintaining your PC/laptop for a long time and keep it speedy. Highly Recommended – How to repair your corrupt memory card.

Below are the Advantages of KGB Archiver software to compress 1GB file upto 10MB.

Advantages of KGB Archiver Software –

1. This software is total free of cost.
2. Small in size [1 MB] and Easy to Use.

3. It can create a password protected compress file.

4. 90% compression rate.

5. Easy to use features.

6. Faster writing.

And Many More…

Steps to compress 1GB file upto 10MB –

1. Download and Install the KGB Archiver – Click here to Download

2. Select and add the files you want to compress.

3. Now select the compression level [We recommend  you to select highest level].

4. The more the compression level is the lesser the size will be of the archive file and higher the  compression time will be.

5. Just click next and start compressing.

So, thus was the full guide to compress 1GB file upto 10MB.


So, hence was the post to compress 1GB file upto 10MB. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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