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How To Copy Saavn Downloaded Songs To Your SD card

copy Saavn downloaded songs

Copy Saavn downloaded songs

At the time of internet boom in India, there is a whole new way of listening favorite songs are emerged, and that is to listen the songs online.

Although getting online to listen to songs sounds as you can find the unlimited supply of songs and video songs at a single place.

But if you analyze it closely then you will find that there are more cons than pros in the new trend.

When it comes to such kind of Application, I believe the most preferable option is SAAVN. But it’s worst feature is that it doesn’t give us the option to save .mp3 to SD card.

It’s pretty obvious that no one will waste their data packs to hear songs online, it doesn’t make any sense the song which you can easily download and play from your phone, why will anybody waste their time to hear it online.

So, the main motive of this post is to make you copy saavn Downloaded songs to your SD card it offline without using any Data. Below are the requirements and steps you need to follow. Highly Recommended  – Outstanding Instagram Captions Which Will Make Your Day (Mega List).

Requirements –

1. Android Smartphone.
1. Saavn App.
2. ES file explorer – Click here to Download now.

Below are the steps you need to follow to copy Saavn downloaded songs to your SD card.

Steps to copy Saavn downloaded songs –

1. First of all, open the saavn App and search for the song which you want to download. See the search option on the action bar [green color bar at the top], use it to search for songs.

2. Download the song. The song will be available in the list. The download arrow indicates song is available for offline mode. So you can save in offline mode. Once you download it in offline mode, the song will turn into a green tick. See above screenshot for having a clear understanding.

3. Once downloaded in offline mode, you can return to home screen of saavn android application and from the menu select offline mode.

4. Play the song from the downloaded songs menu.

5. Use search facility in the ES File explorer application and search for “saavn”.

6. Open folder named as

7. Again open songs folder from the list. You will see a lot of files and you can’t play them. But then there will be a file curr.mp3. For getting this curr.mp3 again search for “curr” in the search area.

8. Copy this curr.mp3 and paste it somewhere in the sd card, say paste it in the folder where you store all your rest of the songs. After pasting it rename the pasted file as copied_curr.mp3 [You might want to rename it to the song you copied].

9. Transfer the song [if you want] to your PC and enjoy it as you have successfully extracted the song that is playing in the saavn right now.

So, thus was the easy guide to copy Saavn downloaded songs.

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Ending the Article –

So at the end of the article, I need to tell you that all the steps which are mentioned above are authentic and very easy to apply. The hack is also evergreen, and it doesn’t seem to expire any time.

In addition, don’t worry about any kind of ban in your subscription to Saavn after applying the method.

So, hence was the post to copy Saavn downloaded songs. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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