How to Earn Money from YouTube (Step by Step Tutorial) With Average Payout


earn money from YouTube

Interested in Earning Money from YouTube?

We all watch YouTube videos and it’s really fun. There are more than a billion daily active users of YouTube but what if YouTube can become your way of making money?

There are lots of people in India and in the rest of the world who are making millions from YouTube.

Earning money from Ads is the primary source of income on YouTube, if you are new into YouTube, then you need to Sign up for Google Adsense in order to show Ads between your videos.

According to the YouTube’s new monetization rule, creators need to have at least 4000 hours of watch time & 1000 subscribers in a Year.

YouTube Stars Who Made the Most Money in 2018 –

YouTuber Generated Revenue
Ryan ToysReview $22m
Jake Paul $21.5m
Dude Perfect $20m
DanTDM $18.5m
Jeffree Star $18m
Data Source – Forbes

? Without Ads?

If your videos are for a particular niche, you could get sponsors for your videos. Then charge $100/month or whatever amount of want to show their product or service in the video.

Not lot of people are doing this which is surprising because the ones who do this make loads more money than people just using rolling ads on YouTube.

Other than selling Ads on your channel, you can also bring some sponsors to your videos to earn extra cash. Sponsorship is the most preferable way to make big bucks, but in the beginning you have to rely on selling Ads because sponsorship deals take a lot of time and subscribers. So first, you have to build a viewership to attract sponsors to your channel.

You can use Famebit to get connected with big & small brands for sponsorship.

Here what Famebit says about sponsorship –

sponsorship for youtube

Another way for generating revenue apart from Sponsors or Ads is Shorting links. We have written a full fledged article on earning money by shorting links. If shorting links is fire then your YouTube channel can work like gasoline for you.

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Before heading towards earning part you need to get started with your first YouTube channel, below we have shared the way to create your YouTube channel:

? Steps to make a YouTube channel –

1. Create a YouTube channel –

First of all, you need a Gmail account to create your own YouTube channel. Create a Gmail account or when you have already an account, log into it! Create a YouTube channel. I have found out few points for you! Try them –

2. Choose a good Channel Name (regarding your content) –

Be creative, don’t copy other’s ideas! Choose a great name for your channel. No tool can suggest you a good channel name except your brain. Use the creative mind that God has gifted you!

3. Create a good DP + Channel Art –

Design an excellent DP for your YouTube channel as well as for your YouTube cover. It is the most important thing. You can use tools like Photoshop or Canva for this task.

4. Choose your Topic/Niche –

In which niche, you’re interested? You can create a channel on any topic. Like if you know about blogging, you can start a channel about Blogging tutorials/tips.

Similarly, If you know about health tips, you can start a channel about Health tips, and so on! I have seen some Photoshop experts who are earning great by just uploading random Photoshop tutorials on YouTube.

After you’ve completed the whole process, we are going to learn the main topic how to Approve AdSense on YouTube channel and earn money.

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Below I have shared the way to earn money from YouTube.

Approve your channel with Adsense and start earning money from YouTube –

Simply, go to your channel. Log into your account and proceed to the channel from which you want to Earn Money with Adsense.

Then, go to status and features or follow the link – Click here to Redirect.

1. Here, you’ll see Monetization option. Click on “Enable” and Enable it.

2. Now, a new window will appear. Click on “Enable my Account“.

3. As you click on enable my Account, a popup will appear regarding policies and terms. Tick them all and then move forward to “I accept”.

4. After that, another popup will appear, click on “Got it”.

Now, you have submitted the request for YouTube Adsense approval. After the process of approval, you’ll receive an email regarding your account approval.

approve youtube for ads

Now, the main thing how to put Ads in Your video?

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How to add Ads in your YouTube videos –

1. If you have completed all steps, then upload your first YouTube video.

2. Now, go to your Videos. Select the video on which you want to put ads.

3. You will see three options. Select “Monetization” tab. Click on “Monetize with ads” and Save changes.

4. Now, open your video in a new browser window.

  • Ads will start showing on your video. That’s It. You have successfully uploaded your video with Ads. In this way, you can add Ads and earn money with YouTube.
As of now there are 6 types of Ads available in YouTube – Display Ads, Skippable Ads, Non Skippable Ads, Overlay Ads, Sponsored Cards, Shoppable Ads.
youtube advertising formats

? Average Earning on Views –

With 5000 views, a monetized YouTube channel can generate between $2 to $5. In average, between 0.50 to 1 dollars per 1000 views for the average beginning channel. The successful channels might earn $4 to $6.5 per 1000 views. CPC (cost per click) depends on the country from which you are getting most of your viewership.

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So, hence was the post to earn money from YouTube. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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  2. Thank you very much bro ur website n u are my favorite
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  3. but how to gate credit to our bank account..?
    i mean google ad se jo rupees earn huye he vo kese milega actual money..??
    bank account detail kha send krne ki

    • After you complete your first 10 dollar it will ask you to enter your Address and bank account details.

    • Shubham Loved your Blog, I have gone through with all details..very good information. I have come to know that if someone clicking in our adds, CPR increasing above 20 its not good, in such cases we have to stop it true? please give correct information. I am going to start my cooking channel in 2 weeks, if someone deliberately clicking in our Adds then? Can we monitize our video ? Can we click on the adds showing in our video? Thank you Shubham bro, please reply

    • Hey Mini,

      Thanks for your appreciations.

      Yes, CTR above 8% is risky and Adsense mark us as suspicious but in YouTube you wont get more than 5% CTR so there is no risk. You can start your cooking channel and you don’t have to worry about anything.

      Best of luck for your YouTube career.

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