Lithium-Ion Batteries: Phone Batteries That Last Longer

After Professor Akira Yoshino had been creating a brand new battery technology within his lab in the early 1980s.

“At the moment, we believed it mainly will be utilized in 8mm video cameras,” he laughs.

These days you’re more than just a few feet apart out of a lithium battery, since they power cellular phones and all types of other electronic equipment, from toothbrushes to electric scooters, majority of the electrical products are powered by Lithium batteries.

In recognition of the achievement, Prof Yoshino was granted that the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

But despite advancements, the most innovative lithium-ion batteries may only save a small percent of the ability of a comparable weight of gas or jet fuel.

And that’s controlling ambitions for even lighter and smaller devices, and even more ambitious projects like electrical powered aviation.

Strong Progress:

Batteries will need to create progress, admits Prof Yoshino, however fortunately “there is a good deal of interesting approaches”.

Solid state batteries can save 50 percent more energy compared to lithium ion, says Douglas Campbell, chief executive of Solid Power, a Colorado college spin-off.

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