How To Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening WhatsApp

read whatsapp messages without opening whatsapp

Read WhatsApp messages without going online

Hey guys today we are back with amazing WhatsApp trick from which you would be able to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp. You can read his/her message without appearing online on WhatsApp, as well as with internet connection enabled. Many times we don’t want our contact to know that we have read the messages. But everything ruined by the blue tick feature and you lose your priority.

Don’t you worry guys as we have found out a way to tackle this and the method is very simple and will be overtaken by a very popular App.

Shh No Last Seen or Read By using the App, you can hide blue ticks and last seen from your friends. You will get a notification by the App as soon you will receive any notification from your contact, and the best part is that the contact doesn’t have any idea about it. This method of hiding blue ticks and last seen from your friends can be very useful to prank them and have fun with them and make them crazy, shock them with this amazing App.

And, finally, the name of the long awaited App is SHH WhatsApp. Also, this App has been featured on popular sites like Xataka, Computer Hoy, Android Libre and much more.

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Features of Shh WhatsApp –

I will mention some of the best features of Shh WhatsApp, so, you can have a clear idea about the things the Application can do.

1. No need to remove the internet connection or to be in offline mode. You can hide your status without that too.

2. Ban free.

3. Very easy to use. You won’t find it difficult to access multiple features.

4. You can check photos, videos and audio clips as well. Isn’t that cool!

And Many More…

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Below are the steps to follow to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp.

Steps to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp

1. First of all, Download & Install Shh WhatsApp App in your Android smartphone.

2. Open the App and click on “I got it”.

read whatsapp messages without opening whatsapp

3. Then click on “I understand”.

read whatsapp messages without opening whatsapp

4. Now click on “Enable Accessibility” and turn on SSH WhatsApp in accessibility.

read whatsapp messages without opening whatsapp

5. Select the privacy to whom you want to get notifications for chats, Groups or Both.

read whatsapp messages without opening whatsapp

6. You are almost done, whenever your friend will message, you will automatically get a notification on Shh WhatsApp. You can read that message on the wall of that App.

read whatsapp messages without opening whatsapp
7. That’s it you’re done. Hence, now you would be easily able to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp.

This was simplest 6 step guide to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp. Hope you like it.

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Why you should prefer Shh WhatsApp –

I admit that there are lots and hacks and tweaks related to WhatsApp are easily available on the Internet, but most of them are unstable and have their expiry date. But, as per this tweak is concerned which we are going to apply by using Shh WhatsApp doesn’t have any expiry, and this trick will not stop working anytime soon. And the Application is also trustworthy.

The people who are bit confused and holding themselves from this Application and this trick, I would like to tell all you guys that App and tick is shared here only for ethical purpose and shouldn’t and couldn’t be used for any legal offense. For all the pranksters out there the Application will be a blessing to make fun of your friends and pull their leg.

Ending the Article –

Finally, I have to say that the article is meant to help you to have some fun with your friends and know some deep down secrets related to WhatsApp. And as far Shh WhatsApp is concerned as I told you earlier the Application works smooth and it’s trustworthy.

It won’t make any complaints, and the work will be done quite smoothly.

So, hence was the post to be able to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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