How to repair your corrupt memory card and pendrive

repair corrupt memory card

Smartphones are the most important part of our daily life, from an early morning alarm clock to your music player, from your task manager to your gaming partner, your smartphone does everything for you. But smartphones are just a piece of junk without a memory card, yeah I admit that today smartphones have GBs of inbuilt storage and thus it decreases the importance of memory cards. But what when your inbuilt storage space runs out? You’ll need your memory card or pendrive right. But memory cards and pendrive also have some limitations. They get corrupt after sometimes.

Corrupt memory cards and pendrive are a serious problem after a memory card gets corrupt it just doesn’t stop working but also deletes our personal stuff from it. So guys I have got an awesome trick from which you would be able to repair corrupt memory card and pendrive. Highly Recommended –  – How To Get Free Paytm Cash / Mobikwik Cash & Recharge on Android.

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1. How to repair corrupted memory card.

2. How to repair corrupted memory card not detected.

3. Repair corrupted memory card.

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Below are the steps you need to follow to repair corrupt memory card.

Steps to repair corrupt memory card/pendrive-

1. Insert the corrupted memory card into a card reader, and then connect the card reader to the computer.

2. Open RUN on your computer [To open CMD].

3. After opening RUN type in “CMD” in the provided text box.

4. Then type format drive name: [For example – format i:]

5. It will asks you to press enter. Then Press Enter.

6. If it ask you [Y/N] then press [Y] and press enter.

7. Formatting process will take upto 10-15 Minutes.

Thus was the full guide to repair corrupt memory card/pendrive. Hope you liked it.

After the process of formatting, your memory card will be as fine as before.

So, hence was the post to repair corrupt memory card/pendrive. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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