How to send any type of file in WhatsApp [Easily]

Send any type of file in WhatsApp

42 Billion messages are being shared in a day in WhatsApp, with over a Billion registered users WhatsApp is now become the best way to connect with people, but there are still some drawbacks in WhatsApp. One of them is that you can’t send Apps and games to your friends. In this post I’ve got a cool trick from which you would be able to send any type of file in WhatsApp very easily.

In this post I’m gonna mention about an app called WFS from which you would be able to send any type of file in WhatsApp. Highly Recommended – How to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp.


Features of WFS WA Sender –

1. Any kind of file can be send through WFS. You can send any type of file, like pdf, apk, doc, avi, doc, txt, exe, etc.

2. WhatsApp has file sending capacity of just 16 MB but WFS allows you send files of over 160 MB.

3. Send photos without any loss in quality.

4. Easy to use features.

5. Requires Android 4.0 or up.

And Many More…

Screenshots –

Untitled design

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Steps to send any type of file in WhatsApp – 

First of all, Download & Install WFS WA Sender – Click here to Download.

For Sender –

1.  Choose the file you want to send by clicking on the blue “Select File” button.

2. WFS will now divide and pack your file inside audio files. For example, if the size of selected file is 100 MB, the file will be divided into 5 parts of 20 MB each and these 5 parts will be hidden inside 5 audio files.

3.  Next, you’ll be taken to WhatsApp.  Here, choose the person whom you want to send the file. All the files created in step 2 will be sent.

For Receiver –

1. Be sure that the receiver should also have installed this App. Download all the audio files sent by the sender using the WhatsApp

2. Open WFS app and go to the “Unextracted” tab. Here you will see the list of all the received files(un-extracted) along with the total number of parts.

3.  Click on the file you want to extract. Extraction process will now begin.

4. After extraction process completes, swipe right, to the “Extracted” tab and click on refresh button to see the file you just extracted.

5. On “Extracted” page you can click on the file to open it, or long press to delete it.

6. That’s it you are done, so by using WFS WA Sender you can easily send any type of file in WhatsApp.


So, hence was the post to send any type of file in WhatsApp. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

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